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Updated: RIM Behind “Wake Up” Protest at Sydney Apple Store? Countdown to BlackBerry 10 Launch?

Update: TheZMan pointed out that the JavaScript code for the page actually points to 6 May 2012 14:59:59 but does not specify a timezone. That is in about 6 days which has me wondering. Keep in mind this has still not been verified to be coming from RIM.

 Wake Up

Yesterday one of our tipsters pointed out to me that some sources were speculating that RIM may be behind an interesting form of “marketing.” In all the craziness around BlackBerry World I missed the news that a bus parked outside a Sydney Apple store and protested asking customers to “Wake Up.” It was a creative form of advertising but most assumed it was done by Samsung as guerrilla marketing for their Samsung Galaxy S III phone until Samsung denied it to SlashGear.

Check out the Wake Up Teaser page here ( that is counting down to a little past noon on July 2nd.

Now MacWorld AU is thinking that it may be RIM behind the staged marketing protest. They found what seems to be RIM’s Australian Doubleclick account number is the page source code for the WakeUp site. They also say that Blunty, the blogger who happened to be at the store during the event, has also done work for RIM in the past leading up to the PlayBook launch. Even the all black outfits and signs seem to fit with RIM’s previous style. This is all speculation for now but who knows and it is fun to speculate.

Last but not least MacWorld received an anonymous tip saying that BlackBerry OS 10 is set to launch on July 2nd at 12:30PM PDT. This is with the Wake Up timer counting down to that date on Monday. If you did not see the Wake Up protest check it out below:

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  1. I don’t understand marketing campaigns that don’t link to a product or company obviously

  2. July 2nd? I doubt it. It would be WAY awesome if it did! (Assuming all critical and wanted freatures and abilities are already baked seemlessly in)

  3. Garbage…… July 2nd? We’re 6 months away from any device launch but RIM would launch the OS July 2nd. Apple fans have all there extra cash going to there heads.

  4. It is an ad campaign that is odd enough to build some buzz if they keep doing it at other locations. If RIM is behind it, then at least they are trying something new when it comes to marketing. I’m not sure it will work, but it is interesting.

  5. In the code the timer actually points to

    var D1 = new Date(“6 May 2012 14:59:59”);

  6. You know it worked when Macworld is talking about it and trying to put it down as embarrassing… as if their ad for the iPad 3 isn’t lame when all it talks about is the screen!? LOL…

    Guerilla marketing at its best. It leaves people wondering what is going on and who’s behind it and the speculation. Especially if it’s from a company that dosen’t do this kind of campaign.

    It’s not much different then people gathering in a public place and breaking out into a choreograph dance and then leaving afterwards.

    Think about this, Samsung denied it, Apple can’t figure out who it is neither does any of the other Android based phones… then somebody notice a Rim blogger guy there shooting this whole thing… 15 seconds of press and a mentioned on every single blog website… best media exposure for the least amount of money! LOL.

  7. Brutally rubbish reporting! Ouch! Wonder who this fella works for? He failed to miss the point: who is behind this? Obviously he does know and made a point to be at the Apple store to record and post this garbage. RIM is above this — I’m sure they won’t poke fun at Apple or anyone else right now, and they have a good moral conscience.

    Of course, RIM is under new “management” but I seriously doubt if Mikey L would support such a campaign. To boot, July 2nd is too early for BB10.

    The organized protest/demonstration was captured and was purposely made to look like an amateur video.

    It is more likely Samsung is behind this as they have had a feud with Apple on licensing. Samsung may deny it, but they have more reason than any to do this.

    My one reservation is that Samsung is making money with each iPhone. Let’s not forget that most of the hardware in an iPhone is designed and built by Samsung.

  8. it would be brilliant advertising if RIM had competitive hardware to propose. Samsung does. PB is great but a bit long in the tooth…. its been a year+

  9. RIM or not it is brilliant. It is a take off of the Apple 1984 commercial where everyone is a zombie until the screen is smashed.

    Well as I’ve said before Apple has become a parody of that very add. What exactly will the new mac look like?? You can’t know for sure, btu you better beleive it’ll be silver with black keys!!!!

    Wake up Apple zombies, wake up!

    • LOL Exactly Kiddo! Also every blogger/website claims that Rim is dead in the water and that they’re “asleep” at the wheel. I think it’s great tongue in cheek here. 🙂

      Just think, the iPhone4S didn’t give you much except Siri which had hiccups out of the US. The new iPad only gives you a better screen and I think LTE although that’s never been stated… so where’s the innovation??

      Finally Rim will have the software which will put it above what’s out there in the market and hopefully hardware that’ll match. Although that Alpha device is kinda growing on me. LOL 🙂

  10. innovation? cloud, siri, resolution, graphics power, polished hardware and software. Ipad3 was evolution, not about revolution.

    if its really RIM behind ‘Wake up’, even if its not the case, I like it. Its provocative and direct.

    Now i bet Apple will stage a protest in front of a BB store with banners saying ‘Keep sleeping’.


  11. I also find it ironic that Apple fans immediately jump to the conclusion it’s Rim in that article… makes you wonder why they need to pick on Rim? How can they feel threaten by a company they’re claiming is asleep at the wheel??

    Apple, why need to point your finger at any one particular company if you are the superior company??

    In this case, Rim’s usual silence actually works in feed speculation. Go Rim! 🙂 LOL.

  12. Ok – I just checked out the vid above …. that bloke’s got a hybrid Aus accent, perhaps English underlay.

    As to the event ….. black clad folk popping out of a bus in George St, Sydney, during working hours and carrying signs saying ‘Wake up’ ….. mmm ….. not the norm, lol!!!

    RIM isn’t a ‘familiar’ name in the press here …. and I’m not sure it has a big market share of personal users, so at this point I think it’s extraordinary if it were RIM behind the campaign!

  13. When I say ‘English underlay’ re the accent …. I mean as in the country of origin of the male, or spent a lot of time there.

  14. Ok – check out this link to Wake up Sydney ….. maybe this is what that campaign was about …. and doing it outside of the Apple store got the desired attention:

    A Kindness Revolution.

    Kindness towards ourselves, each other and the natural world
    Our mission is simple: to wake up the best part of your self – your kindness, courage & inner well-being.

    We’re also fostering a large & friendly community committed to supporting each other to live with more genuine happiness.

    For starters, you can order your free kindness cards and join 1000’s of Sydneysiders who are anonymously doing kind things for others…the feeling is magical!

    We also hold entertaining and inspirational live events that blend uplifting speakers + films + meditation + musicians – all about inspiring you to live your best life.

    You’ll also meet a nice bunch of people over a drink or two! We seek to keep the content fresh, playful, inclusive and highly relevant to your personal life.

    Click here to read an article about the kindness cards. Our big vision is for Sydney to become the kindness capital of the world

  15. Here’s another vid – re Kindness Gift cards. this bloke has a true blue Aus accent:

  16. Here’s another You Tube link. I note that there appear to be Buddhist and perhaps other religious people in this vid …. don’t know who’s actually behind this mob:

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