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Win an IOU For a BlackBerry 10 Device From BerryReview and ContactMonkey!


Everyone in BlackBerry nation is excited for next weeks second annual BlackBerry World event (formerly WES) and what RIM is doing with BlackBerry 10 and in honor of this, we at BerryReview – in partnership with ContactMonkey – have a special treat for our lucky readers. In lieu of RIM’s pending BlackBerry 10 announcement next week, ContactMonkey is sponsoring a giveaway on BerryReview for a BlackBerry 10 Device IOU.

If you are unaware of ContactMonkey, it’s a cloud-based service that makes it easy to share contact information, and it’s not an app, so it will work with all major devices i.e. BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, and of course iOS) as well as most major Web address books including Yahoo, Gmail, Windows live, Salesforce, Highrise, Goldmine and Zoho.

To learn more about ContactMonkey check out their website.

Now for the contest:

ContactMonkey is giving you a chance to win a BlackBerry 10 device IOU.

The device is scheduled to be released this coming fall.


WHAT YOU NEED TO DO FROM TODAY UNTIL MAY 6TH at 11:59PM EST: sign up for your FREE CONTACTMONKEY account and also for a (if you don’t already have a login) and leave a comment on this post.

To sign up for a free ContactMonkey account for business click here or personal use here. Don’t forget to sign up for BerryReview before leaving your comment.

So here is what you need to know about the rules:

  • The contest is sponsored and run by ContactMonkey and is open to residents of Canada and United States only.
  • To be entered to win you must sign up for a free ContactMonkey account for Business or Personal use and leave a comment on this article while logged into BerryReview before May 6th 2012 at 11:59PM.
  • You must be registered and logged in to BerryReview when leaving comments for them to be included in the contest.
  • The winner will be selected and contacted by ContactMonkey after the contest ends. Arrangements will be made to award the BlackBerry 10 device after it launches.
  • BerryReview & ContactMonkey reserve the right to alter or terminate the contest at any time.
  • Official rules and conditions apply

*Please note the above image is a rendering of what a BlackBerry 10 device may possibly look like and is being used for demonstration purposes only. Device shipped will probably not be exactly as seen above*

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  1. BR – count me in!!!

  2. count me in! my contactmonkey page is

  3. My heart nearly exploded.. I had to read this twice… I have been dreaming about BB10 since I was but mere a techn0-t0t … It would make my life…. Literally… <3 such amazing articles and offers always :) and so giving just before BerryReview hits the big 05 in June ... Always doing it BIG!

  4. Sounds great, looking forward to bb10

  5. Im soooo looking forward to winning!

  6. Count me in

  7. Good or Bad..this will be the phone of the year for sure. I’m betting on good!

  8. me too!

  9. yes, BR you guys rock. am in

  10. Not worldwide?? Gee, you guys sound just like RIM and their apps… :p

  11. Great offerr. Thanks. The service looks interesting , as well.

  12. Please let me win! I never win anything! I would LOVE a BlackBerry 10 phone! Thank you.

  13. Very cool contest. Very cool website. Amazing phone!

  14. I’ve been using contactmonkey for a few months now, great service! And I love the fact that I can track how many downloads my contact card gets. The only thing better would be to use it on my new BB10 device!

  15. I am ready to move on up to BB 10 – Pick me PLEASE!!! A dream come true! :)

  16. I’d just decided I was going to upgrade to the new Blackberry 10 when I stumbled across this contest! This.Is.Awesome!

    I’ve signed up for ContactMonkey, and look forward to comments from friends and family about what they think. I think it’s a pretty novel approach!

  17. Been thinking of switching back to a BB phone to go with my PlayBook. A BB10 phone would be perfect.

  18. Woot! Now this is an amazing contest!. Super excited for BlackBerry 10 to come out. Still hoping that the qwerty device looks something like my BlackBerry TK Victory concept ( Thank you BerryReview and ContactMonkey. I wish I knew about ContactMonkey sooner, their service looks great.
    @digitalhomeboy •

  19. Blackberry for life..BB10 FTW

  20. DAMN AND BLAST!!!!

    It’s not open to moi!!!

    I live in Australia – and I can use both Berry Review and Contact Monkey so why shouldn’t I be eligible to be a winner?????

  21. Been waiting for 10os, would love to win one……………Please…………………… :)

  22. Heck yeah yo!! I’m down for some BB10 love!! Thanks BR and CM!

  23. I am dying for these OS10 Phones!

  24. Finally BB10 is reality. I want it

  25. We love blackberry. Blackberry 10 wait!. i want

  26. Make sure you’re tweeting out that you’ve signed up for ContactMonkey!

  27. I would love to win a new bb10 phone!!

  28. I’m in! In it to win it!

  29. life is better with a blackberry, life is better with a blackberry, life’s better with a blackberry

    hope it remains the same with the new OS 10 devices…

  30. Can’t go to Orlando — would love an IOU for a device!

  31. oohhh! A brand new BB10 Device for me!? I would like to receive this. ContactMonkey Activate!

  32. BB10 is what I spent my life dreaming about…. I typically wouldn’t purchase an all touch… But I am soooo curious… It’s the OS I want and need… Would love to win me one of these :). Thanks contactmonkey and berryreview

  33. I want to win one, Cause it has been the my most anticipated phone!!!!!

  34. Would love to be the lucky winner! Count on me!!! :)

  35. Blackberry…. because I’m cool like that :-)
    (Not disrepect to the other devices. I just know better.)

  36. Hell yeah! BB10 can’t wait, good luck everyone
    *fingers crossed*

  37. Contacts are my life: LinkedIn, Plaxo, Xobni, Outlook, BlackBerry – I’ve tried them all and am always looking for something to keep them organised.

    Of course… keeping them stored on a BB10 device would be super!

  38. I’m ready for my phone now…

  39. “sigh” yet another NA only contest.

  40. GIVE ME .

  41. BB10 is going to be a sick operating system!!! Count me in.

    My contact monkey card is:

  42. Let’s try this again…

    I’m finally eligible for a BB upgrade, but I’m holding out for BB10.

  43. This is nice. I can use a IOU for a BB10…I am crossing my fingers

  44. Entered for a Fun ride…BB10

  45. Oh! The things I could do with a BB10 phone.

  46. Hope I win this! Ps. Contact monkey is dope!

  47. Hope I win this! Ps. Contact monkey is dope!

  48. Thank you ContactMonkey & BR for this great opportunity!!

    Good luck to all…

  49. Awesome contest. I just signed up for a personal contest. I hope I can win.

  50. Can’t wait to get my hands on a new BB10 device. my BB right now I think has a gremlin in it.
    Best way to get a hold of me is

  51. I want this device!!!

  52. This would be something awesome to win.. Leaving comment and then going into contactmonkey to get an account there too… Thanks for the awesome contests..

  53. This is a GREAT giveaway! And, what a great product from ContactMonkey! I have never used ContactMonkey, but just signed up for my new account and I am very pleased to be introduced to this great innovation! I can already think of a TON of ways to use my new Contact card. Thanks for the giveaway and for the introduction to ContactMonkey!

    HOPE I WIN!!! :-)

  54. Im grateful for the article.Really looking forward to read more. Cool.

  55. I would love to raise the bar by walking into work w/ a new BB10 – talk about phone envy!

  56. Consider me entered!! What a great contest!

  57. Done and done! I need that phone!!


  58. Great contest for a great site! Thank you for giving me this oppurtunity. BlackBerry for LIFE!

  59. I would love to win one

  60. Can’t wait to win Blackberry10 phone!! rooting for blackberry…!!

  61. OK you got me.. signed up for both accounts, who can refuse…

  62. Signed up, thanks.

  63. This is great. Thanks for the contest!

  64. Sign up compete. . .Great contest. . .good luck folks!!!

  65. And the winner is….. hopefully me :)

    loving contact monkey, and definitely BB and BB10 😉

  66. Cannot wait for a new BB10 Device. Thanks ContactMonkey and BerryReview.

  67. Ive been following BB updates,love,love ,love the sneak at BB10! this contest is icing on the cake! would die for a mini playbook!!
    Using contact monkey to help keep track of a wide circle of people reaching out to me

  68. Thanks for this opportunity!

  69. I want one!!! Surprised more folks haven’t signed up!

  70. How I wish I leave in the US to enter this contest,anyway been using contact monkey for quite sometimes and its very helpful

  71. Fingers crossed! Thanks BR

  72. Would love to win this.


  74. Count Me in!! BB 10 is going to be sweet!!

  75. All signed up!! Pappa needs a new BB10 Phone!!! Thx guys!!
    Long Live The RIMpire!!!

  76. I’d love to get my hands on a BB10 unit…please!

  77. Looking forward to BB10 & liking what I see on ContactMonkey… Thanks, BR!

  78. The previews are really impressive so far … it’ll be interesting to see what other surprises will show up in the new BlackBerry phones!

  79. BB10 !!!!!!!!

  80. I’m such a BB junkie! This looks awesome! And Contact Monkey! super cool idea! I can’t wait to get it rolling!

  81. Registered and ready to go

  82. Have my ContactMonkey now. Just need my BB10 device to share in style with both speed and reliability.

  83. ContactMonkey is a very cool way to share info’s :) it would be great to have a BB10, because I just love Blackberry

  84. ContactMonkey account: check!
    Registered on BerryReview: check check!
    Post a comment: check check check!

    Hope I win. When BB10 launches, I’ll still have 2 years left on my current contract and winning means I’ll be able to avoid the expensive upgrade fees!!! If I don’t win… (such a sad thought)… you can be sure I’ll be picking one up on launch day as I did for my Storm, PlayBook and Torch 9860…

  85. Signing in and ready to pick up my IOU. Thank you BR & ContactMonkey-great services BOTH!

  86. Just signed up and the fingers are crossed. My card here:

  87. I signed up for everything!! Chk out the details

    I can not wait for these BB10 devices…

    Time Travel Photos … .. .

  88. Can’t wait to get my hands on the new Blackberry!

  89. Mmm… BB10. Hope one with a physical keyboard is announced soon after launch.

  90. It would be lovely to win a BB 10 phone!

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