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We got Angry Birds Space, but what’s coming Monday?

I didn’t read in to this, as we got the ‘huge’ news that Angry Birds Space is now available to use PlayBook owners, but I got an email from a colleague who noticed Jeppsson is hinting towards something big on Monday.  Now that we know it isnt Angry Birds Space, what are we hoping for?

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  1. Perhaps Tomb Raider? That was previewed at a DevCon a while ago I think…

  2. Here’s what gets me. Yes todays was AB:S. But really? The head of gaming for RIM is trying to let people know about new games. And she is getting slammed on Twitter because it was AB:S. Sheesh. As a long time BlackBerry user, this has always been the case. People are NEVER happy. It’s NEVER good enough. It’s embarrassing to hear this from people.

    • Well to be fair AB:S isn’t good enough.

    • You have hit the nail on the head..
      you can please some of the people some of the time, but never all of the people all of the time..

      get real people, life is too short ..

    • +1000….you should see the response over on CrackBerry. Almost makes me want to stop going to the site with all the bit**ing and complaining going on over there. it’s truly depressing to see that’s what kind of “fans” we have!
      Long Live The RIMpire!!!

      • So people should be excited about getting AB:S when there are so many more important Apps, and even better games for that matter, still needed for the Playbook?

        She brought this on herself by trying to make this sound like such a big deal. If they had just simply released it and just made a general announcement that it was available there wouldn’t be all this back lash.

        • Well…yes and no..Again..she is the Head of Gaming for RIM. So that’s all she should ever really tweet about. I’m not saying AB:S is exciting…maybe the exciting part was the lowered price? 🙂

      • I see you are not registered, join here, it’s a much better site than Crackberry.

    • Ummm…. Anders is a man, not a woman.

    • Agreed. Killjoys. AB is important to Playbook whether you are interested in the game or not. The head of gaming tweets and gets slammed because a GAME (and a hot game at that) is released? I was on Crackberry and couldn’t stomach what I was reading. It’s pathetic and embarrasing.

      I bought AB:S and will support Rovio as Rovio is supporting PB. It’s also a terrific app and plays superbly on the PB.

  3. How about Angry Birds for the BlackBerry phones!

  4. Hopefully it’s Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. That game was domed over 6mos ago and DevCon. So where is it?

  5. As someone put on CB:

    “No, I hear it’s a new game called Angry Skype/Netflix Subscribers. But, instead of pigs as targets, there’s just this boyish looking German guy. Sounds like fun.”

    LMAO! Love it!

  6. I’d love to get “Cut the rope Experiments”.

  7. I wound’t mind some Infinity Blade myself…

  8. Netflix please App Gods!!!!

    • Netflix is a POS company with no good movies. The easiest way to get over netflix is to become a subscriber and realize that everything you search for is NOT available.

      • So true Kiddo!! I did a trial membership and found nothing I was looking for, just old stuff… boring… I got more recent stuff by going to my local channels’ websites and watching missed episodes there and it’s free! 🙂

        If I want the latest movies I can just rip them into the PB from my computer.

        • I have to agree netflix doesn’t have good content, but is not really their fault the movie companies don’t want to either work with them or make them wait longer. But I don’t see why people get all worked up about it. That was her job and a ton of people complained about angry birds not launching on the PlayBook now here it is.

      • Preach it!

  9. Why are people in such an uproar about Netflix? Personally, I think their selection sucks. It would be nice if the Video Store that came with OS 2.0 has some sort of subscription model where we could stream new releases etc for $10 or $15 a month. Honestly, I’d rather see Blockbuster/Dish Network jump on board the PlayBook train much more than I would Netflix.

    • Because Netflix is more important to the ecosystem then AB:S.

      • I disagree as the PlayBook has a native video store that fills a void in the ecosystem.

        • How does a pay-per-view video service(and an outrageously priced one at that) fill the void of a unlimited streaming for a low monthly price video service?


          • I agree. Netflix has crappy movies. If you were paying attention, they recently missed out on a lot of new movies. I have Netflix, but I don’t use the streaming service. My ipad and itouch have Skype and Netflix, don’t use either.

          • James, you missed my original comment ‘It would be nice if the Video Store that came with OS 2.0 has some sort of subscription model where we could stream new releases etc for $10 or $15 a month.” Honestly, I don’t think the rental charge of $3.99 is overly expensive considering Hulu and others charge the same (or more). I agree that buying the electronic copy for $19.99 is expensive, but I’d rather buy the physical DVD vs buying the electronic version (and it is also cheaper).

            • I watched a good movie on the Blackberry video Store that I would nto have picked otherwise. I think they have a good selection. I agree that a monthy fee with unlimited choice would be better and I’d likey pay 9.99 or 14.99

              The only thing I was surprised about was that I could not start playing the movie shortly after download, maybe it was my connection but I thought when I saw the demo the movie was started pretty soon after download began, I didn’t fine that. I had to wait 40 min before watching.

            • I think that the BlackBerry Video Store has a lot of potential if they would just lower the prices and offer monthly subscriptions.

  10. BBM ?

  11. For the people that love the AB franchise this probably is huge. Now I do enjoy playing some games in my down time occasionally but a real treat for me would be more business applications and some refinements to the OS we have now.

  12. I am with MnHockeycoach getting Dish Network/Blockbuster on board. They have their app for a lot of others, not PB. I am all set hardware wise. Lets Go Dish!!

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