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Viira GTD App v4.0 Released With Updated UI and Better Integration

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KartaMobile has once again upped the bar with their popular GTD (Getting Things Done) app Viira with an update to v4.0. This new update brings a brand new interface and integrates even closer with the native apps. You can now set multiple contexts, contact tasks view next actions, memo tasks, and a new dashboard. The full change log includes:

  • Contact tasks. You can now organize your communications, tasks and commitments with your contacts – and add a touch of CRM to your GTD system. Creating a task based on a contact is easy – just select a contact in your Contacts application and select Create Viira Task from the menu. Contact tasks maintain a link to the original contact making it easy to call, email and follow-up.
  • Next Actions View. Next Actions are a core concept in Getting Things Done and Viira helps you manage those with ease. The new Next Actions view displays all tasks that have been marked as next actions.  To help you focus on what is actionable first, next actions also appear specially marked and are automatically displayed at the top of any list.
  • Multiple contexs. Any Viira task can now be tagged with multiple contexts – as many as you want. This powerful feature will allow you to file and organize a task in multiple filing “buckets” and make it easier to find the task when it’s time to find the next action that needs to be completed.
  • Memo tasks. Incorporate existing notes to your GTD system by creating tasks based on your notes and memos. Once created, a memo task will hold a link to the original memo making it easy to view it by clicking on View Memo.
  • Dashboard. The Viira dashboard is your new organization control center and provides you with one-click access to the major areas within Viira.
  • Email Tasks integration. Email tasks created with Viira 4 maintain a link to the original email making it easy to view the email as well as to reply and forward it.
  • Two-way task sync. Viira now syncs with your native Tasks app: every task created in Viira gets added to your native tasks and any task entered in your Tasks app is added to your Viira In-Basket for further assignment. You can now sync your tasks to any cloud sync provider such as Google Tasks.
  • Data export/import to/from SD Card. We have made it easier to backup your Viira data or move it to a new or replacement BlackBerry device. Starting with Viira 4 you can importa and export all your Viira data to and from your SD Card. The new feature is accessible from the Settings screen.
  • And more! We have added a number of other productivity and convenience enhancements. For example, completed tasks now automatically get moved at the bottom of any task lists while task marked as next actions always go to the top.

Check out the full announcement here. Viira v4.0 is available from App World or from their website with a 14 day trial for you to kick the tires. Owners of Viira 2 and 3 can grab the update for $19.99.

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  1. For those looking for a cheaper alternative, check the new Wise Tasks (
    GTD + BlackBerry in a simple and effective way!

  2. I wish these apps offered a secure remote backup feature, just like in TodoMatrix.

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