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PlayBook Owners in for a Surprise?

An interesting tweet just came across my timeline.

@ajeppsson – Charge your #playbook! Get a full night of rest! Something wonderful is about to happen! Be sure to check #AppWorld tomorrow 🙂

It seems Anders Jeppsson who is the Head of Gaming category at RIM wants to let us know something exciting is coming.  No one knows what it is, it could be Angry Birds Space which we saw do a disappearing act, or maybe something else.    Let us know below what you think it could be or what you would like to see.

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  1. yessss angry birds space !!!!

  2. yes I guess that’s it. Yawn.

  3. Angry Birds Space?


    Rather have Netflix and/or Skype.

  4. i love how eveyone says its AB Space.
    I threw that there as the obvious.
    I would hope it is something better

    if it is AB Space, its a sad day for us.

  5. Skype and Netflix….then everyone can shut up 🙂

  6. Skype is nous gamelles!

  7. I have no idea what it may be. Skype? Doubt it. Angry Birds? That’s not really a BIG surprise, at least to me it’s not anyway. Netflix? That would probably be worthy of a little hype, although doesn’t really appeal to me either. It’ll be interesting to see if it truly is worthy of the hype. Isn’t it tomorrow already somewhere on the planet?

  8. I hope its a puppy

  9. ANYBODY who is crazy for angry birds is a loser and should go buy an ipad. Seriously! Get a brain!

  10. Its not hard to guess since everyone is saying its just the Latest new game from the Angry Bird series

  11. I wish it was a Diablo 3 beta client! 🙂

  12. I know what it isn’t !!!! Its not netflix or skype!!! Why cause he’s the “gaming” guy…. Common sense should rule here

  13. If it is really just AB Space then that’s just sad.

  14. My first thought was Skype when I read the tweet, until i heard he was the head of the gaming division 🙁

    angry birds space = super boring
    hope they wouldn’t hype something like that so much.

    • PB does need to have all the AB games, just so no one can say they don’t have it, but I really don’t think it’s a big deal.

      What I hope is it’s App World made with cascades, but I doubt it.

      • I agree. I don’t see it as “wonderful” as the tweet said. PB needs the big games and apps, but most of those I wouldn’t use. Like Netflix and Skype. The more “popular” titles that land on the PB, the more people will want or lean to it.

  15. I couldve had a V-8.

  16. People need to be content, if it is really AB space then it makes Playbook OS a better proposition than the Windows Phone OS. Skype and Netflix are playing the corporate politics..with video store in place and amazon video and mspotmovies offering services via browser one can buy and rent movies illegitimately at affordable prices and I don’t understand why such a hue and cry about Netflix.

  17. Open up the appworld for the BB users of the world. This is my wish which I don’t see it happening as RIM has left its users to the mercy of the wireless operators.

  18. If it’s the 50% off EA games thingy, then RIM is burying itself once more by under-delivering. If it’s BBM, then it would be great news 🙂

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