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RIM Splitting Off Beta Zone for Business Into New Sub-Site

Beta Zone

I am not sure what the main purpose of this split is but RIM claims it is necessary. RIM sent out an email to many beta zone participants saying that they are creating a new sub-site called BlackBerry Beta Zone for Business specifically for business software and services. These programs were already in the regular all encompassing beta zone but RIM seems to want to focus them.

The two sites will soon be:

Here is the email RIM sent out:

BlackBerry Beta Zone has grown significantly since its launch nearly three years ago and we are pleased to inform you that it will be evolving soon to better suit both consumers and business members who participate regularly in BlackBerry beta programs. BlackBerry Beta Zone will soon have a brand new sub-site, BlackBerry Beta Zone for Business, focusing on beta programs for business software and services. BlackBerry Beta Zone for Business will offer:

  • Business specific beta programs and content
  • An improved mobile browsing experience
  • Updated community features

The update is expected to occur in the coming weeks and requires no action on your part. While logged into BlackBerry Beta Zone for Business, you will be able to access all your business beta programs on behalf of your organization. Your existing BlackBerry Beta Zone account remains valid for consumer beta programs as well.

After the update, the URLs for BlackBerry Beta Zone will be as follows:

Once logged in to either site, switching between business and consumer is simple, seamless, and will not require another login.

We are very excited for the changes coming to BlackBerry Beta Zone and we look forward to your continued participation in BlackBerry beta programs.

Should you have any questions, please reply or contact us at [email protected].

Best regards,

BlackBerry Beta Programs

Thanks ofutur for the tip!

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  1. i really hope this signals a trend in the upcoming separation of enterprise (BES/Java/Security/NoAppStore/SimpleHardware) and consumer (Java phased out/QNX/Lots of Apps/Connectivity).

    I know I am very critical of RIM lately but I absolutely love Java-BBOS – FOR BUSINESS ONLY! Its not a consumer friendly OS. Storm1/2, Curve 85XX were a catastrophe in the hands of consumers, causing a massive exodus to other platforms after a 2-3y contract.

    Keep both Java and QNX, just separate them and market them completely differently.

  2. good idea! Well contained strategy. A way to keep a good hold on enterprise segment.

  3. RIM could have honestly kept it to keeping to one domain portal for simplicity and have two options for logins (Business and consumer)!

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