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PlayBook OS Takes Current & Development Tablet Browser Crown at


We have told you quite a few times that RIM is really pushing for making the PlayBook browser a desktop class Browser. Bill pointed out to us that now has both the PlayBook OS 2.0 and OS 2.1 taking the top spots for tablet browsers in both the current and beta/development categories. It has a heavy lead in both categories. RIM is now working on improving the ancilliary features of the browser so hopefully it keeps on getting better!

Check out the stats here. Its also interesting to note that RIM is making some great headway in pushing their WebKit port back upstream so that development is even faster.

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  1. We actually did an interview with the RIM Developer Relations team about their HTML5 support and other web development issues. Check it out here:

  2. That’s great and all, but customers are looking for much more than the top web browser when they decide what tablet/smartphone to buy.

  3. Yes, but a good start I think we won’t know the future of RIM until we see cascades.

  4. A great HTML browser and development support is key to attracting the next generation of applications: more and more solutions including video, gaming, and client/server applications will need HTML5 to be viable in the future.

    Having great supporting scores in the current rankings gives developers creating Open platforms a great tool to get started which benefits both themselves and RIM, of course.

    Customers will benefit from having a device which developers have used to create their applications and which is nearly “guaranteed” to run the most agressive HTML5 applications.

    Even ADOBE has given way to the HTML5 wave and it’s a simple matter of time before that inertia pushes aside other less capable devices and browsers.

    So – perhaps it’s not a “consumer thing” at the moment but it certainly helps the developers (which will eventually benefit the rest of the ecosystem).

  5. I was doing some further research on this, tonight. This article says it better than I did:

  6. So far PlayBook’s browser is doing good, but not good enough if compare to iOS webkit in term of quality/strength/smoothness in rendering graphic.

    However, RIM’s webkit does provide much more stuff than the others, you can do almost everything with it from basic displaying text to advanced 3D/Audio/Video capabilities.

    What I wish is:

    1. RIM’s webkit will be much stronger and smoother in rendering graphic, at least it should be as smooth as iPad 2 and i believe it will when it’s armed with better built of webkit and 2×1.5Ghz CPU. He he he

    2. Better big files handling, more sample code of HTML5 Canvas 2D, remember not 3D, it’s 2D which is ruling the world of game since it’s simpler in term of game play, easily addicted, in term of coding, faster in learning, faster development and faster to be successful with least effort and cost.

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