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PlayBook OS Now Available

IMG_00000040RIM just announced the release of OS for the BlackBerry PlayBook, the OS we reported  that was in carrier testing a few days back. The new OS brings the following updates:

The BlackBerry PlayBook OS v2.0.1.358 contains many updates including:

  • Browser enhancements to address performance with some websites
  • Improvements to support Android apps
  • Optimizations to Video Chat, PIM and BlackBerry Bridge applications
  • And much more!

User should see a notification to update or simply go to options and click on software updates. The Update is about 355 MB for me, so it is a substantial download.

Via: Inside BlackBerry Blog

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  1. boom goes the dynamite

  2. Awesome. Hope this fixes my browser crashing issue. I’m very curious to see if I can tell a difference in Android app performance.

  3. Look forward to downloading. Hoping fo even faster web browsing for sure!

  4. Blackberry sucks. Im so fed up im going to mac again

  5. HUGE UPDATE…………………Android Apps now remember information that you input even after re-booting.
    For example, before everytime I restarted my PlayBook I had to re-input my twitter credentials into the Android twitter client. Now after a reboot it keeps me logged in!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don’t have to accept terms and conditions for apps like latitude than run in the android player.
    Seems like they spent a lot of time to make sure the android app experience is getting better.

    Browser also seems to require less resources = increased stability.

    Nice Work RIM!

  6. Browser stability fixes were very, very needed. Surprised the existing OS2 stayed live for as long as it did…

  7. The update ducked 1 gb from playbook storage. The install displayed 360 mb. Did install created backup or something. Where 600 gb did go. Ihave 16 gb playbook and I mind of counting gbs

  8. Can anyone confirm if this update prevents side-loading of apps on the playbook using DDPB?

  9. Sorry to say. My playbook is worse after the update and I’m not kidding one little bit. I never had browser issues and now my email and calendar are noticeably worse, app world is noticeably worse and my new york times app is nuked. How interest heck did they think they should put this out?

    To make the email app worse come on RIM. I’m totally disgusted.

    • You should try rebooting. This seems to clear up the lagging issues for most people

    • I have rebooted 3 times and everything is flying now, cept for nyt android app

      • Sometimes we look more closely at things after the update, but I really think mail, calendar and App World are worse.

        The android apps do work better (still no NYT), but why the trades off and why are all 3 worse RIM apps!

        I’ve come to the conclusion that RIM had great Java programmers but Java OS sucked, but RIM has little experience in Air Apps. STOP WRITING APPS IN AIR!!!!! Write native apps!!!!!! All AIR APPS SUCK. Yes I am Angry!

        • I am having a different experience. I see no difference in mail/calender/appworld

        • Agreed, AIR is best for games. Most apps built with AIR are either pretty and slow or ugly (Flex UI).


          RIM didn’t have a choice… It was the only graphical layer that QNX had that they could make available to devs quickly and they did a pretty good job with the PIM suite.

          Let’s hope they won’t wait for BB10 before releasing updated apps for the PlayBook…

          • Hi

            Do you understand why when I open the mail App it seems to load the email? If there is an icon that says I have new mail, why isn’t all my mail there when the app opens. Why do we get the spinning wheel?

            Maybe it’s all mott from what I’ve been reading with BB10 all apps will be native and so should run better, but what is it about Air that mean you have to wait to load stuff???

  10. The new update blows away all your books in “Book Reader” App…so…you basically can’t read epub books in Playbook until they update the reader software.

    • The “Book Reader” App is my favorite, and a lot of other folks as well. Until Igor can get it fixed, I’ll have to wait (happened with OS 2.0 as well) . Doesn’t RIM check at least the most common apps before they release an update? Or at least give the developers an updated SDK to work with prior to release?

  11. So far I do have issues with This site used to be my home Page. And when i was opening browser it did crash after few navigations. When I changed home Page to avoid seems like problem is gone. Any particular Site that you navigate often?emails I have constant issue with yahoo and aol accounts asking to enter password. Other than that nothing changed to better or worse

  12. Finally screen stability for me and connection stability. When it use to go on standby it shuts off my wi-fi connection (never did that until 2.0) now it doesn’t! Yay! Also my screen comes on immediately with a swipe. Previously I’d get a grey screen or a reverse negative screen and I had to push the power button to get the screen to work. Getting all my messages. Kobo pages load properly, was having some glitchy loading before, I get half of one page and half of another, wasn’t sure if it was Kobo or not, seemed more like a visual issue.

    Zinio app is still glitchy. But I think that’s Zinio and not PB.

    Bridge seems just fine. I don’t store my contacts on my PB, they all live in my BB so can’t say if there’s any issues with contacts same with my calendar info.

  13. It’s nice to see that some of the issues with WebWorks introduced in v2.0 were fixed, but unlike what was promised by Michael Clewley, devs did not get a chance to test this new version before GA.

  14. I have two big problems:

    1) I can’t install, update or purchase anything on App World. All attempts fail with a cryptic error message. On Settings, the BB ID section tells me I don’t have Wifi. Which I do, all applications that require Internet connection work fine.

    This update doesn’t fix that, although it’s a common problem.

    2) In fact, my Wifi connection is very unstable with the PlayBook. It drops many times every day, I want to pull my hair out. Just the PlayBook. My notebook and blackberry phone hang on all day.

    This update doesn’t fix that, although it’s a frequent complaint.

    The browser? Well, the browser seems fine except it’s sure to crash whenever I try to save an image, on any site. This problem began when I upgraded from OS 1 to 2. This latest update doesn’t fix that either. Of course I don’t suppose anyone at RIM goes through the trouble of actually TESTING anything.

    Gosh, what an embarrassing display of incompetence.

  15. Notice Android apps not only load faster but run smoother. A couple of games I downloaded are much better now. Didn’t notice much else with the browser, I still see room for improvement there. I wonder if what’s needed is a 1.5 GHz processor also!

    • I think browser performance is fine. For example, it loads the front page in 3 seconds.

      I hope no one is trying to measure performance against That site will bring just about any hardware/software to its knees.

  16. Since this latest update my turn off tab has completely disappeared. Any ideas?

  17. Sorry. I meant my turn off /standby icon.

    • That button was broken. They removed it instead of fixing it. But you can tap the battery meter icon on the upper right corner. All the shutdown, suspend, restart options are there.

  18. “The new update blows away all your books in “Book Reader” App…so…you basically can’t read epub books in Playbook until they update the reader software.”
    I haven’t updated mine yet cause I use it as an ereader quite a bit. Has anyone else had this problem?

    • Yes – ever since I updated I can’t use my “Book Reader” app but my Kobo app that came pre-installed seems to be fine. Unfortunately the books I want to read are in the Book Reader app…NOT HAPPY! Any info on when this app will be updated would be appreciated.

  19. Anyone else notice that the predict text and autospell check no longer works in BBM on the Playbook since the latest upgrade?

    • I noticed that it only works sometimes. Unfortunate, since it saves time.

    • hi yes same here!

    • I contacted bb support. I ended up having to do a “Security wipe” (under settings, security). When you are finish with the wipe restart is just like when you first started the playbook after purchase. This did fix the problem (well it has been 2 days and it has not repeated).

      Before doing this you have to do a full backup with bb desktop. After the reboot following security wipe you then restore from the backup and all apps and settings are restored. If you look for apps before restore, all those you downloaded or purchased from app world will be listed under “uninstalled”, so you could manually reinstall from there, but the restore does the job along with getting all your settings and app data back in place)

      It was pretty straight forward…the longest part was bkup and restore.

      If you do it, make sure you have your WiFi passwords at the ready because you do have to reset your primary wifi (after restore all the hotspots are remembered, but I haven’t tried one yet). The only complication I had was I had to manually reset my calendar to allow sending Gmail invites to recipients….rather than via the native local calendar…but that was no buggy, it just wasn’t automatic.

      Lastly, the newest version of OS is automatically installed during this process.

      Hope this helps.

      • This fixed the problem with the predicitive text and spell checker not working automatically?
        I read on the Playbook support page that RIM was “investigating” this.

        • It did–I first emailed them and the proposed solution did not work–I couldn’t finish executing it. I then spent about an hour on the phone with them and after about 40 minutes it was escalated and the csr came back with this solution. They called me back to make sure I was managing OK (I was, it turned out to be surprising straightforward).

          Perhaps what they are working on is making sure it does happen with future updates or even fixing this one for those that have not loaded it–but this fix most definitely corrected the predictive text problem for me.

      • had same issues after latest update yeaterday, tried everything finally did the security wipe, reinstalled apps (ie book reader), did a restore and everything works find…note if you have alot of stuff it can be time consuming however if you’re only worried about your books and movies etc , most likely you have them already on your computer so reload the playbook like you did initially – will save alot of time…. good luck and thanks

  20. Since I have gotten my MUCH BELOVED Playbook, I have seen so many sites bashing this wonderful addition to the Blackberry ‘family’. To be honest,its Blackberry’s fault for not providing a great ad campaign for this innovative addition to the product line. I even did a blog about it last week, here is the link

    This was a WONDERFUL opportunity for Blackberry to create a really cool entry into the tablet market. The Playbook IS NOT an Ipod, but a really awesome “tablet-like” addition to the service that many of us business professionals depend on. (sorry for the link, but this topic is such a hot topic right now)

  21. Anyone knows if the sideloading is it still supported?

  22. Scrolling on my browser has been freezing a lot. I open a page and can’t scroll it. Or I can, but it freezes after some time. Then I can scroll by pinching and dragging, but that is annoying.

  23. Copied word to word from

  24. Hello,

    anyone can we try the video chat on playbook, only as test

  25. After the update my playbook does not pick up Wifi anymore.


  26. when are they goona let the blackberry playbook connect to an ad hoc wifi connection

  27. I just wanted to add that I’ve had the same problems with WiFi disconnecting or acting flakey. I also find my email will not connect reliably to my Gmail hosted account. It will connect if I restart the tablet but not after it has been on for a while. Also, I had difficulty connecting via BlueTooth to my Ford Sync system. The WiFi issue only started with this recent 2.0.1 update. The Bluetooth issue is similar to what it was doing back before the big 2.0 upgrade. It was fine after the 2.0 upgrade but then started failing again after the 2.0.1 update.
    I’m going to try a security wipe to see if that helps.

    • I too have had the WiFi problem, but relatively rarely.

      Since I did the security wipe the problem I had with the auto-correct is “mostly” gone–probably 80% reduced. I do find an occasional reboot is required for a number of little glitches, but I have had that issue with most operating systems where I basically keep them up 24/7 which I do with the PB. Nonetheless the problems you mention are ones RIM needs to make improvements on for sure and soon–they are too frequent, annoying and are a reliability issue–can I rely on the device to perform when I need it to. It is a shame, because otherwise I think the OS is really user friendly and powerful.

      • I didn’t know about that auto-correct problem until I tried typing something for the first time this evening. It was excellent before the update but now it’s almost unusable… so slow. I’ve yet to try the security wipe.

        • Just a note that I did the backup/security wipe and it seems to be much better in this first hour of use. I’m much happier.

          • It will be interesting to see if yours is still performing well after a few weeks. Mine gradually deteriorated after I did the security wipe a few weeks ago. I Just did another one and it seems to have improved again. I hope RIM comes up with os fix for what appears to be performance degradation over time that seems to be temporarily fixed by a wipe.

  28. Does anyone have problem with setting up emails account after the update?

  29. More info: I tried to set up the emails account on two separete playbooks recently updated to using Rogers Yahoo and Sympatico email account and it failed every single time. I rebooted the playbooks many times with the same result. It is always something like server (for Rogers Yahoo) not reachable or (for Sympatico) not reached. It is very frustrating to say the least. I thought the update is supposed to make the Playbook better and not the other way around!

  30. I have a sympatico account, initially had some trouble setting up the account post update but all I did was leave the smtp name & password out….I have mine setup so the emails remain on the server for future download to my notebook – however if I delete from my playbook, then they will also delete from the server, which is how I want it to work…. all works fine for me….
    Good Luck

    • Tried your suggestion and others I found on the Internet and still no luck. Don’t know what I would try next.

      Thanks for your time.

  31. Problem resolved after rebooting my Internet modem and wireless routers.

  32. can someone please tell me if the os server can be removed, simply because the new update is SO BAD, please i would appreciate it

    if anyone knows how to downgrade it, it would be good,

    • If you are wanting to downgrade the OS simply hook up the playbook to the PC fireup desktop manager while it is rebooting and it will let you choose which version OS you want to install.

  33. “can someone please tell me if the os server can be removed, simply because the new update is SO BAD, please i would appreciate it”

    To my knowledge the answer is NO. When you do a security wipe it installs the updates version, no choice is given (I would have chosen that when I did my security wipe if the choice had been there (I di mine a month ago so may be they changed something, but I doubt it.

    I agree the update was a step backwards. The alleged improvement was for faster access to SOME websites, I noticed no difference on that, but many problems since the update. Alas, I love the basic OS and I am a RIM cheerleader, but this update demonstrates why they just may not make it.

  34. I am just wondering if others have similar problems, weekly since update 358 and feel similarly about their experience with PB OS 2+

    1. Email:

    1. needs an undo and autosave function

    2. Needs a spell check button with a user dictionary

    3. When you use something like Gmail, you have to do a work around to be able to send invites to meetings. Without the workaround only the native local pb calendar gives thebinvite option.

    2. Keyboard

    1. Get rid of .com button it has extremely limited use and results in typing errors due to realignment of the keyboard when it pops up. In addition, it is often not present when it might be useful…it is also a pain because it is mostly a US accomodation, pb is supposed to be a world product.

    2. For 2 thumb typing I find the space bar could be a little wider…personally I never use the Web button…it just takes up room.

    3. It is difficult to place the cursor by touch exactly where you want to correct text…not sure how to solve this, though removal of the Web key and the bottom right corner which is empty may provide opportunities.

    3. OS

    I really like the overall system and navigation, but there are definitely signs of a less than fully tested system.

    1. On the 358 update, there are all sorts of niggling problems that pop up inconsistently but regularly and get worse over time. I have had to do 2 security wipes in a month..these help but don’t fully cure all problems and cure some only temporarily.

    2. For example autocorrect sometimes just stops working/disappears…a reboot is needed to bring it back…happens in all apps.

    3. Email client simply shuts down in the middle of doing something (this started happening after about 3 to 4 weeks after a wipe to correct a myriad of niggling problems…another wipe has corrected this, but I only did it yesterday.

    4. Input from the keyboard slows down to a crawl…type a letter and it appears seconds later…this started with timing and correction similar to 3. Happens in all apps.

    5. Sometimes words are underlined with the squiggly red line as if spelled incorrectly, but they are correct. there does not appear to be a way to add new words to the dictionary or to add or recognize Canadian spelling (NOTE: as per 2 above autocorrect just stopped working, inexplicably)

    4. Browser
    1. Still slow on some sites…358 did not fix the problem

    2. You need to make the bookmarks editable and allow folders

    3. Some character in the ascii set are not recognized…they are in other browsers.

    Thats enough for now. i love the PB, but these problems are serious, especially the performance ones that needed reboot or security wipe to partially correct. if you read forums, i am not alone. i don’t wish it, but without a fix, pb will fail (lack of caps here is due to auto correct fail) and i assume the problems will cross over into bb 10. 358 update should never have been released. in my view this was extremely sloppy work. in my use (with this update) it is doubtful anything was really fixed and a whole bunch of problems seem to have started or gotten worse. again in I think this is is reflected to on this forum …the update is regularly panned as a disaster.(i originally wrote this to RIM, but could find a way to send it without great effort).

  35. how can i use skype plzz tell me

  36. my android player in not working on play book version

  37. I am user of playbook. I think i have done The biggest mistake of life when i buy this tab.aap world is the reason behind it. Just think what happen when your friend have good aaps than ur tab only because of android. I hate rim and love andriod .rest. U people think who are thinking to buy this hated tab .

  38. My camera stopped working 🙁 it says camera in use please close any other instance of the camera and try again…..

  39. Just bought a playbook yesterday. System will not download the OS update – sorry will download it – taking a minimum of 90 to 120 minutes (543 mb) , but will error when installing it. Have tried it again, and again, and again. Took the first BB Playbook 16GB back to the store and tried with another and still no download/install. Have wasted going on 2 days and still can’t use my playbook. I can’t begin to tell you how angry, mad, frustrated – BB Helps Answer – try again. I have wasted more time than the bloody thing is worth, returned one which means the store loses the sale as it was opened and I thought it wasn’t working (never assumed it was RIM/Blackberry that wasn’t working – silly me). And the blackberry playbook doesn’t even have a 3g network. I now understand all the IPAD bragging – oh and the [email protected] just sends back a reply stating really “piss off” and go to a blog. What fabulous customer service – not surprised RIM is losing so many customers!!!! I have a corporate BB curve phone that I love – never imagined that buhing the playbook would send me off my rocker in frustration! Shame on you RIM!

    • I would try doing the update through the BlackBerry desktop manager using the USB to connect it to the pc if that doesn’t work than you may have a defective device, as I remember RIM had this issue with a batch of devices. Also make sure the device is fully charged.

  40. is it possible to down the os2.0 to a desktop pc and then install on the playbook, as wifi is not stable

    • You should be able to make sure you have the latest desktop manager installed. I haven’t tried with a beta OS but works with official OS. Connect device via USB then click on check for updates it should also work to downgrade an OS

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