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Opinion Piece: Does the consumer public want Blackberry to make a comeback? My opinion…yes!

Good morning everyone!  A conversation I had with my uncle last night made me think a little harder about several other conversations I have had with family/friends over the last couple weeks since the last RIM earnings call.  Most people who know me, know that I am a Blackberry addict, so, conversations about Blackberry seem to always happen; however, previous to the last earnings calls, most of those conversations were about the downfall of RIM and how RIM sucked.   Since the earnings call; however, I have noticed a shift.   A lot of people paid attention to the news stories coming out about RIM after the last earnings call  The 3 main points the media was hitting on was 1.  Heins has fully taken control 2.  BB7 sales will continue to drop and 3.  BB10 is the hope of the future.   While us blackberry addicts knew all about the concept of BB10 before this event, the general public was in the dark and had no idea about BB10.  All of a sudden my friends/family are using the word “BB10” all on their own.  They have heard the word in the news that RIM wants BB10 to be their savior.  They know what BB10 is now, if only from vague statements from the press and RIM…. and the result?  they seem…  positively interested and some even excited about what BB10 will bring.   Some who have already switched to iPhone are interested in what BB10 will be.  They seem genuinely interested in a Blackberry that can compete on all levels with the likes of the iPhone.

It dawned on me that by and large, the conversations I am having about Blackberry are changing because of BB10 news and the Playbook.  I for one feel this is a very good sign for several reasons.  It shows that people WANT Blackberry to make a comeback.  It shows that while people are down on current offerings, they are more than willing to give Blackberry another shot with BB10 as long as it can compete.   It also shows me that BB10, without any formal advertising message from RIM, is already gaining a positive momentum through the media/press.

A great many people call the Playbook a failed experiment and I disagree.  Anyone I know who has a Playbook or uses a Playbook, love it.  They tell their friends/family they love it.   They may not love the fact that we are still behind in the app game (although we are catching up week by week), but, they believe the versatility and power of the OS make up for it right now and having games such as Angry Birds on the platform showspeople that Blackberry CAN have the big name apps.  Can versus Will is a whole other issue for another day.  I do not feel that firesale price of the Playbook has done anything to diminish the reputation of the Playbook.  I think the consumer public recognizes that RIM HAD to do this to get it into peoples hands and it was not a reflection that the Playbook was a shitty product.

I am babbling on here, but, the point I am trying to make is, I am getting the sense the consumer public, at least where I am in Ontario, is getting interested in BB10.  Even with their struggles of late, if RIM really can educate people that BB10 is for real, they have a serious fighting chance, because I believe people will be interested in a Blackberry product that delivers on all areas.

Its something competition like Windows Phone does NOT enjoy.  In my opinion the vast majority of the consumer public has little to no interest in Windows Phone, nor do they want to.   Microsoft is doing everything possible to get people to care about the product.  The “smoked by” campaign, the super cheap Lumia’s.  They are trying EVERYTHING and it does not seem to be tangibly working so far.

If RIM can get people thinking and talking about BB10 over the next couple months leading up to release, they may prevent many many people from going out and buying that new Andriod/iPhone 4S/Windows Phone, because they will wait to see what BB10 delivers.  Blackberry World comes at a perfect time to deliver that intro first message about BB10 and I hope RIM executes on letting everyone know the potential of BB10.

Of course, all of this positive momentum will be lost if BB10 does not execute.

Coincidentally, after writing this piece a poll popped up on that puts BB10 second on a list of smartphones one can be excited about, this is ahead of the next iPhone and only behind the hotly rumored Galaxy S III.  This lines up with the feelings and sentiments I have been seeing myself.  Blackberry is far far far from a dead brand and is ripe for a comeback.   Remember, everyone loves a comeback story…. especially in America.

In Thor I trust


What are your thoughts?  Have you noticed any renewed potential optimism in people in the concept/thought/dream of BB10?

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  1. Good article… if you had proofread it a little harder, it could be better 🙂

  2. who cares… people and especially online reviewers/enthusiast sites have always been excited by cool hardware running cool software.

    The ball is in RIM’s side of the court….

    • I care… which is why I wrote it.. and called it an “Opinion”

      sorry you stumbled your way onto this site and somehow was forced to read something you didn’t care about

      can’t imagine how that could have happened

  3. I do agree with the artical. But if BB10 doesn’t blow people away I think people will leave BB like a sinking ship. The introduction of OS7 was a bit of a let down for some as was the upgrade to OS2 on the play book but OS7 wasn’t out very long and talk started about BB10. ( Why would I buy an OS7 phone when BB10 is coming ). Rim has been playing catch up for quit a while now and people are tired of waiting, if rim doesn’t do something incredible this time. People are going to loose interest and go else where. Just my opinion for what it is worth.

  4. I think the main problem is that the general consumer are unaware of the newer BlackBerry 7 capablities and thus compare the older BlackBerry models and only hear about the negative things from media bloggers.
    When I recenlty decided to upgrade to the BlackBerry Bold 9930 from the Curve 8530 , my Brother couldn’t understand why. “BlackBerry sucks, he said.” But later, I showed him the BlackBerry Remote function, general integration with the PlayBook, Universal Search function, swiping between messages, the liquid graphics; and the high qualtiy games, addressbook of the PlayBook and he was quite impressed. “My Iphone/Ipad can’t do that he said.”
    I think the bottom line is RIMM needs to do a better job of promoting their strenghts and informing the general public of upcoming devices. There should be a BlackBerry (Berry Store) constructed to tend to the needs and inform the consumer of their products.

  5. Great article!!! Very good read and I will be sharing this with all of my people.

    In Thor I trust is simply fantastic. Should definitely get it trending on twitter.

    Thanks for your hope and enthusiasm.

  6. I want to ad also that while a proper BB10 info campaign will prevent possible conversion to iOS or Android, it will also prevent buying of current BB7 devices.

    If RIM shows us some BB10 goodness at BB World… kiss goodbye to any potential BB7 sales.

    • I’m not sure about that, since the initial BB10 phones will not have keyboards, I think there will still be a lot of people who will see the BB7 as their ideal second choice. If they had only released the BB7 phones instead of BB6 phones and promoted it better, they would definitley be in a better position.

  7. BB10, my $200 is waiting for u!

  8. Brian imo it’s the ordinary everyday conversations people have that makes or breaks a product or an idea. And the experiences you’ve written about illustrate this point.

    The chats can occur at home, in the workplace, in the cafe, in the school yard – wherever – it’s the multiplication factor that is the determinant as to whether the idea or product gets ‘killed’, ‘accepted’, ‘agreed with’ etc.

    I’m still on a 9700, OS6+, and may get an OS 7 device – but not the BB10 until there’s a keyboard version.

    Thank you for sharing your family’s thinking. (imagine smilies)

  9. Its the two more quarters of crushing results that I worry about. I really hope RIM can begin to show off what is coming (and, of course, I hope that is good).

    I personally do not believe that RIM can produce a competitive product. Pretty harsh words I admit, and I’m not buying another phone until I see BB10 (i.e., not jumping ship) but I have hope not trust.

    Three things worry me. A rather bland OS 2.0 interface, a 3 minute boot time for the QNX OS, and of course the lack of top quality native apps.

    If RIM produces a good product and gets some good Apps , they absolutely can come back and people will support them, but I just don’t beleive they can do it.

    • There are changes that took Place. A: Dan Dodge is now Software lead, and not Tyler Lessard which was the one was dinking around with Playbook OS 1, and 2.0.

      B: TAT, we know for sure is working on the UI.

      C: Major Company’s are waiting for Cascades to Hit before they spend thousands of dollars to create an App. Cascades will make it look 10X better.

  10. I love the enthusiasm evident in this opinion piece. Sadly I think RIM’s time has come and gone. Unless BB10 is truly disruptive, I don’t see how they can regain anything like their peak marketshare. A flashy, awe-inspiring UI is not going to be enough. The OS will have to replicate all the features of iOS and Android plus bring something entirely new to the mobile space. BlackBerry would also have to offer a really competitive app catalogue immediately upon release of BB10. And that’s not even mentioning a competitive media store and a 2012-compatible mapping/GPS solution.

    Bottom line, Thor has to stand up at BB World and make our jaws drop – the way Jobs did when he announced the 1st iPhone.

    I really hope they pull something revolutionary out of the bag for BB10 – but I have been burned by RIM through 4 phone upgrades and am not holding my breath.

  11. As I wrote, its all wasted momentum if BB10 does not deliver

  12. Angy!!! Need a hug?!

  13. Correction – Angry?!?!?! Need a hug?!?!?! 🙂

  14. I pretty much agree with you guys/gals above. But my PB OS boot time is not an indication of anything to go by, it went from one minute on OS 1 to three minutes on OS 2.

    Still alot of gaps missing that should have been plugged month by month. If BB10 doesn’t execute then WinMo it will be.

    Yes the general public doesn’t know anything about OS7 phones. Only big thing BB doesn’t have right now is Skype and Front facing cameras. But an OS 7 phone is “reasonably capable” of everything else.

  15. I equate OS 2.0 release to

    Lets get it working, push it out, then work on refining it

    I would judge OS 2.0…. when 2.0.1 hits…

    • lol… and with that …. 2.0.1 is released!

    • That’s true, they really could not miss another deadline. I think Thor is trying to change the culture, get stuff out on time and work on refinments in parallel to be released later.

      The big issue of course is BB10 must be complete when released. The Lumia 900 got some bad press for a glitch after release, but my sense is if RIM had the same issue it would be a media extrvaganza declaring the death of RIM and that would have unending damage of any hope of future sales.

      RIM is under tremendous pressure to get it right.

      They need
      1. A WOW!! UI that is slick a fluid.This include eye candy PIM Apps.
      2. “THE” Top Apps. OS2 is fine on the game front, except for connected games. I find PB lacking on apps from big time media sites. This is hard because you need buy-in from the media partners. But this is Blackberry, they really need a WSJ App and FT App and a Bloomberg App. I prefer NYT but even I’m willing to admit RIM needs more Business media apps first.
      3. Legendary security (This is the one thing people will grant RIM is better at than anyone else).
      4. BBM, but honestly meh, this apps is of less and less use everyday as people defect to other phones. I really hope to see BBM go cross platform before BB10 comes out. Maybe an annoucement at BB World.

      All of these things are HARD and that is why I have little hope left, but I have hope and so I hang in there.

  16. I don’t want to go to my Blackberry’s funeral. Reading all the articles on the fate of RIM don’t make it sound like it’s going to make it but I’m hopeful.

  17. ”  Anyone I know who has a Playbook or uses a Playbook, love it.  They tell their friends/family they love it.”
    I agree with this statement. I purchased my PlayBook right after Christmas, knowing it was missing some key applications, but I knew it would be updated to include those later. I do not regret my decision to purchase a great OS with quality hardware. Native email etc has since been added and just confirms why I bought it. What really matters is the customer end user, not someone who uses it for a few days. This is the only blackberry device I own, but if BB10 is as good I might consider a phone change.

  18. “ Anyone I know who has a Playbook or uses a Playbook, love it. They tell their friends/family they love it.”

    I’ll back this statemennt up as well. Work provides us with BB phones, so I grabbed a Playbook during the firesale at Telus in January. I absolutely love this thing. There is very little that I can’t do, and I’m looking forward to future updates. I don’t hesitate to tell people how nice this device is – not only in functionality and quality of the screen/graphics, but also the smaller form factor. Hold in in Portrait mode, and typing on the screen becomes a breeze, with all keys in reach of my thumbs. I can walk around and take notes at the same time.

    Looking forward to BB10 to see what it can do. Not giving up on RIM just yet.

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