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BlackBerry 10 TK2 Victory Concept Is Full Of Win

It’s been a tough year for RIM, there’s no denying it. Thorsten Heins is shaking things up, cracking tons of eggs and scrambling the lot. There’s no way of knowing yet whether he’ll end up with a nice, fluffy Canadian Bacon omelet, or just a pile of broken shells and a big hot mess.

Despite the uncertainty, the RIM faithful are rooting for them to wow us with BB10. We eagerly devour every snippet of news, any vaporous hint of a whisper that even smells like BB10. I therefore present, for your desperate, rumor-mongering, drooling viewing pleasure, the drop-dead gorgeous BlackBerry 10 TK2 Victory Concept, whipped up by Guy Bridges, Digital Homeboy.

“A clean and minimalistic design, uncluttered in the hand.”

The Victory’s design is a sweet, sexy serving of slim, with no hard buttons except for volume keys on the right, a recessed, centered Power/Mute key located at the top backside of the device, and, of course, the fabulous Cadillac of Keyboards from the Bold series. A soft, textured rubber backing offers comfort and security in your hand. Micro USB and 3.5mm stereo ports are located on the bottom edge of the Victory, leaving the profile sleek and clean.

I know for a fact that, given the chance, I would absolutely rock this device, possibly without even putting a case on it. It hurt me to put a Commuter on my precious Agent 99, but I had to make sure she stayed safe. I’m not so sure I could bear to cover up the Victory like that.

Rather than re-post the entire blurb here, I recommend you check out the full article at DigitalHomeboy.

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  1. This seems like a great concept. RIMM needs something like this to revive the US franchise. They need to deliver the BB10 slider, full touchscreen, and touch/qwerty anbd have the curves for the smaller countries.

  2. I have to say that bigger isn’t always better, let a phone be a phone and a tablet a tablet.
    Also, the lack of space below the keyboard would make typing very unstable…there is a reason for making a lower lip below the keyboard.
    And the thickness…if it’s real, why didn’t they call it the Blackberry Blade??
    I like the concept but it’s not flawless…just my opinion.

    • I appreciate your feedback and opinion Amir, remember this is just a concept! I made a clay mold of the TK Victory with the distributed weight of ~130g before finalising the design and can say that the balance is there not hindering on the typing experience.
      The lower lip especially on the 99 was spaced for carrier branding behind it lays 2 screws! There isn’t a “they” just the DigitalHomeBoy and Blade sounded too violent for my taste.

      • Hey Digital Home Boy, first of all I’d like to congratulate you on your design…seriously because it won the minds and hearts of a lot of people.
        Second, why is blackberry Blade a bad idea?
        We have bold, torch, curve…and since it’s the thinnest of them all, the word blade makes the most sense, right?
        It’s not like I’m going to shave with it….:D

  3. I love it, I really hope they make something similar to this or EXACTLY this!

  4. It has the looks good but not as functional as a 9900, few things come to mind are the weight is not evenly balanced, missing chin area (below the keyboard), no bezel gesture area (like playbook) and lastly hate it or love it Blackberry menu buttons and the track-pad

    • BB10 devices won’t have menu buttons because there are no menus and everything is done with bezel gestures.

    • Thanks 49er, if BB10 is successfully done well then theoretically this mobile would far exceed the already aging 99’s performance.
      Looks like you didn’t visit and read the lengthy details before commenting! The Lotus glass is curved to the sides as well allowing for a close edge-to-edge screen. The curved framing is swipe-able like that on the PlayBook. On the last note, we already know a trackpad and keys will be gone from BB10 devices, why do a conceptual device and and include yesterday’s technology?

      • I wouldn’t exactly call the Bold 9900’s aging, since it still surpassases the competetion in terms of functionality. I think what is lacking is the applications, which are on the way. Even on the PlayBook, I find myself wanting a trackpad (physical or virtual) for the selection/copying of fine text. I don’t see the trackpad as old technology, since it is still used in laptops and netbooks today.

        • Ok, maybe I exaggerated on the aging comment, lol. I agree with selecting type being difficult as well. Maybe I’m too much of a forward thinking innovator calling everything old after 6 months. On laptops it is much more needed, hopefully the future looks bright on this front.

  5. It grows on me more each time I see it. BUT, nice as it is I still prefer the 9900/9930.

    In fact, there’s only two things I would change on the 9900/9930:
    1. Make it about 1 key width wider, spreading that width across all the keys.
    2. Give me back my left convenience button!
    Other than those 2 niggles, my 9930 is perfect (well, ok, PERFECT would also have LTE).

    • Absolutely agree with you! I’ve managed to get around the lack of the left convienace key with the app extra keys, but I still miss that key.

    • Hey David, give it a couple more days!
      On the 2-note, the soft-based keys for convenience keys gives you 12 options with complete customisation! Do you really want your 2 now? Hmmm…

      • Yep…I prefer physical keys over soft keys. My ideal has call, menu, escape, hangup/power, vol up, vol dn, mute, lock, and 2 customizables.

  6. Love it, any QNX device is always going to jump to the front of my line in terms whether I’d even consider buying it. Neither Android or iPhone have any respectable offerings in that market, hence the reason there really is little temptation to jump platforms. Quite simply, I need a physical keyboard. That said, this design looks spectacular.

  7. The writeup is quite impressive as well, its not just a conceptual drawing but contains all the specs and is compared side-by-side to the Bold 9900 and Porsche P9981. I hope RIM is paying attention…if for nothing else, feedback only. I still have some concerns about their commitment to QWERTY keyboards since there have been no such BB 10 leaks.

  8. For some reason I think RIM have these guys make these concepts to see how the 75 million subscribers react to it. Personally its a beautiful beast along with those specs that’s the BlackBerry that would put apple in there place.

    • Thanks for the compliment. I just want to re-assure you that I have not been approached by RIM, nor am I contracted by RIM. I’m a BlackBerry Fanboy like the other 75 million users!

  9. I like the concept, just one thing. I would like to see rim prioritize battery life over this thin phone craze (even worse the trend towards non-removable batteries).

    Even if that means bulking the device a bit, I don’t think it’s a bad tradeoff… The 9900/9930 would have been a better device with the AF camera + slightly larger battery, and they ditched both to reduce the thickness…

  10. Wait a minute, is it 4G or does it make video calling?????????

    • 4G, LTE, 3G, 2G you name it, I packed it! FFC is 8MP with call-to-call video with Skype capabilities. Dude read the details on the website,, I poured hours on the write up.

      • I think with the fuel cell patent RIMM obtained, battery life on future BlackBerry 10s won’t be a problem. I just hope the design they finally come up with remains true to the BlackBerry concept (like the Victory) while offering innovative features.


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