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PlayBook OS 2.1 & BlackBerry 10 Show Up in HTML5Test Rankings

BlackBerry 10 PlayBook 21 Ranking

We told you before that RIM has been testing PlayBook OS 2.1 internally and now we have more proof pointing to that. Josep @MiBlackBerry noticed that the popular HTML5 ranking website now shows entries for PlayBook OS 2.1. It also shows that RIM has been testing BlackBerry 10 on the PlayBook and smartphones. Right now PlayBook OS 2.1 is taking the lead with 381 points compared to OS 2.0’s 373 and BlackBerry 10’s 364. From what we are hearing PlayBook OS 2.1 will be evolving into BlackBerry 10 with the beauty of Cascades.

Check out the rankings for the HTML5 test here.

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  1. I’d like an ETA of tomorrow

  2. is 2.0.1 the same as 2.1?

  3. on… it shows Blackberry 10 as scoring the same as the Playbook 2.1…. at 381

    also interesting is they show Blackberry 10 under both Tablet and Mobile devices

    Under Tablet it shows OS 2.1 AND Blackberry 10

    Could this suggest that there there are Playbooks with Blackberry 10 running it? I think so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. I have certainly had predictions be wrong before, but I think that we will see OS 2.1 released prior to BlackBerry World in Orlando…

  5. Based on app download logs, it looks like there will also be an OS 2.0.1 before 2.1.

    I am seeing 2.0.1 is US/Canada/UK/UAE.

  6. This is what I like: Apple and Android wayyyyyyyy down the list.

    Score Bonus
    RIM Tablet OS 2.0 »
    BlackBerry PlayBook 373 9
    Opera Mobile 12.00 »
    Multiple platforms 369 11
    Firefox Mobile 10 »
    Multiple platforms 325 9
    iOS 5.0 & 5.1 »
    Apple iPad 324 9
    Android 4.0 »
    Asus Transformer Prime and others 273 3
    webOS 3.0 »
    HP TouchPad 217 6
    Silk 1.0 »
    Amazon Kindle Fire 174 1

  7. Bring on BB10 for my PlayBooks… YYAAAAHOOOOO!!!!

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