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RIM Q4 Earnings Call Q&A Highlights: Word of the day = Partnerships


Well the earnings call just ended and I have to say that Mr. Heins seems very very focused and knows what he wants.  What does Mr. Heins want?  Partnerships.  Over half  Q&A was talking about Partnerships.  It seems very very likely that we will be seeing BB10 on superphones made by another manufacturer…. like Samsung.

Here are some highlights:

  • Will not give up control of hardware;  however, that doesn’t mean they need to make it themselves, it could mean they give another company spec benchmarks and that company makes the phone
  • Heins seems very in favour of partnerships to push BB10
  • RIM will not be sold, its not on the table (para phrased)
  • Stronger investment in enterprise
  • They want Blackberry to be the next Apple basically, they want people to lust for a Blackberry
  • Heins impression of RIM  at day 2 of being CEO is very different than his position 10 weeks in today, partnerships focus is evidence of that change
  • Heins says he has a clear focus on the next 1-2 years of rim
  • Heins feels that with BB10 RIM can grown into new consumer markets (CARS!!!)

Overall Heins said all the write things and then some.  RIM is going to be a very lean, mean fighting machine and he wants to make it more enjoyable to work at RIM (Ice Cream Lunches?)

He noted in his opening speech that the structure of the company is changing to allow, among other things, the talented people in the company to bring out positive change themselves and to foster innovative ideas within the company.

In the end though, it all comes down to execution and I for one have faith in Thor


*** Upon further thought, I wanted to ad that these Partnerships that Mr. Heins is looking for, could also take the form of software partnerships ala Amazon taking over the Music/Movie stores *****

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  1. So… stronger investment in the enterprise (Fusion) and consumer segments (me too products)… What about SMEs which want reliable, secure (real), user friendly solutions compatible with open standards at a competitive costs? The BES-Exchange-Windows combo is not a winner.

  2. Any reason why QNX couldn’t be THE vehicle standard?

    Think everyday cars as well as emergency/police services.

  3. With Dan Dodge taking over it’s looking more like QNX is taking over RIM/Blackberry. I think that’s good.

    I really dislike BB10 as the OS as it screams Blackberry and they should playup the fact that they have a totally new OS.

    Recall many of RIM’s consumers are still on BB5. The typical person is clueless about what is going on with RIM’s phone (except likely that they hate their phone).

    I’ll be watching the launch of Lumia 900 and the few month following closely. If MS and Nokia can’t make that phone a success, I doubt RIM will be able to do anything. If on the other hand Lumia sells well there is hope for BB10.

    I hope Lumia does well because honestly neither iPhone nor android phones appeal to me. If I switch it would be to Lumia.

    • As Ronen has called it….a “reverse takeover”

      RIM bought QNX, QNX took over RIM

      I really really think RIM is in a better state than Nokia/Microsoft

      I think if Microsoft/Nokia can do well then for sure it gives good hope to RIM, but, if they do poorly, it doesn’t necessarily go the same way as RIM

      I also hope the Lumia does well as Nokia/Microsoft is my fall back brand

    • I don’t think Blackberry has a BAD name in the sense that they did something wrong or hurt someone lol… Blackberry is just simply synonymous with “no apps”

      I think its very easy to show the consumer public you have apps

  4. I suppose they can’t do much about the name change of BB10 at the moment, although we’ve all kicked around initials for it and for most parts anything might have sounded better because it would have differentiate somewhat. But the truth of the matter is, that it’s still a Blackberry brand and must have that in it’s name, just like Microsoft Windows. You don’t think if Linux Windows or Apple Windows…

    It’s taken a long, long time for the Lumia 900 to come to North America. Didn’t that phone launch in the fall of last year in Europe? Even blackberrys launched sooner in Europe and Asia then the Lumia.

    But I think there still is a future for Rim and it’s going to be in the diversification of usage, i.e. car electronics, and even strategic partnerships, maybe with Sony if not Samsung. Why do people think it has to be Samsung. What if they partner with Sony, and have Sony put out their hardware? Sony has their own phones and tablets just like Samsung and Sony does a better job in designs.

    Samsung is already the sole producer of the Apple A5X chip they don’t need any more business from anybody else imo.

    • How about QNX os on samsung appliances?

      Washing machines already talk to drying machines. Imagine if all of your appliances would communicate togther with a qnx device.

      Ex. A qnx fridge coule let you know remotel what your grocery list is.

  5. Sony sounds good to

    Samsung is just the hot name due to all the rumors.

  6. I’ve been pretty impressed with Lenovo lately. I went back to it when I bought the x1 what a joy!. And the new Lenovo Yoga seems like the best new windows 8 ultrabook/tablet.

    Good design and they can maunfacture cheap. They really did a good jo with the Thinkpad brand it has remained the defacto high-end business laptop, they didn’t mess that up.

    Plus a Chinese partner might help RIM enter the Chinese market (in a big way – I do know they are there but it’s pretty small given the size of that market). Heck I would sell them a big part of the company. Maybe US government would block the sale given RIM’s importance in security – too bad IMO.

  7. lol

    Canada won’t let RIM go to China

    not even worth pondering

    • Honestly I think it’s more the US than Canada. I think Canadians have the ability to see that all sensitive stuff could stay in Canada (and I’m talking a minority share not a majority). It’s the US that would go crazy, Americans are more childish.

      • I get what you are saying, I am just saying the Canadian government would never let a Chinese company take a controlling interest in RIM, so it would never get to that level of having the American government get all uppity about it

  8. One potential problem I see with handsets is people with iphones or other device are stuck in a 2-3 year contract.

  9. Blackberry has been like Novell in a lot of ways. They both make and have made good products. Other manufacturers make similar products that compete but seem to have a flashier public “persona” with more ads and seemingly higher public acceptance. But the reality is that you will still find plenty of people still using older BBs and very happy with how they perform for them. You also see Novell quietly running in the background, dependable and steadfast, just not talked about so much.

  10. I have absolutely hated that RIM has seemed to be stuck being average despite the obvious inclinations to be astronomically great as a company, provider of service, and market performer. However, I’m glad to see the small changes that I believe will lead to much better times. It will definitely take a much stronger marketing campaign, particularly here in the US to drown out what I know to be ridiculous Apple/Android hype.

    In the meantime, while these so-called “analysts” continue to buy into the hype, while undervaluing my beloved RIM…I’ll continue buying shares of RIM and patiently wait for Apple/Android bubble burst.

    Disclaimer: Born and raised US citizen, but also born to see the reality and see beyond the BS!

  11. Chatting with people at work today I don’t feel good about RIM. My colleagues are like ya it’s all over for RIM, they are bankrupt etc.

    I just think you don’t want to buy from a Bankrupt company. BTW I know they are not bankrupt but if people feel this way then the acarriers are going to say, do we really want to invest in pushing BB10 it’s pretty risky.

    MSFT sure they have no market share but no one thinks they are going bankrupt. I think RIM is caught in a bad box. The need a phone now but it won’t be ready and they can’t bring out a phone until its polished. They just seem trapped.

    I knew all this was coming but my heart sank when they annouced on crackberry that there would be 2 more quarterly earnings reports before BB10. these reports just kill RIM.

    I think they better get a working version of the phone out for Blackberry World people need to see that phone soooooooooooooon!

    • There is very little risk for carriers to push something. They only do it when its to their advantage, ie, discounts from RIM.

      They will still have all other products so its not like they will stop selling iPhone or Android products. They will just push the item that gives them the most profit, which, RIM could make BB10 do for them.

      Its just like any other retail store.

      Carriers WANT Blackberry if Blackberry can give them an offer they can’ t refuse.

      • It will be interesting to see what they do to sell BB7 products.

        Likely discounting phones to almost free and even discounting the service fees.

        It will hurt the bottomline in the short term, but, at least keep people Blackberry users

        I don’t think RIM is any trouble in the next 6 months, even if they did nothing else to try to push BB7 phones before BB10

        thus, in the end, it comes down to BB10 product and marketting

        remember, Blackberry does not need to be 1st place, or even 2nd place.. heck not even 3rd place to be successful

        The whole point of the streamlining that Thorsten is doing is to reduce costs. With reduced costs, you don’t need to make as much money to make a profit

        I think they said that there cost cutting program would end up saving over 1 billion dollars in costs per year

        Thats crazy. Think about it.. They only lost 100 million in Q4 and thats only “paper” loss. They still added I think 200 million to their bank. So lets say that drops to 250 million loss… that will be offset by the cost optimization program….

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