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PlayBook Dev Team Now Working on Refining the PlayBook Browser


We know that RIM was pushing hard to deliver a solid browser in PlayBook OS 2.0 that blew past the competition in speed and standards compliance. Now we have started noticing that RIM is making some big steps into integrating and improving that browser. I have been hearing from sources at RIM that the browser team is already working on adding features to the browser now that they have met their performance goals. (PIM apps are also improving!)

The nice part is that we have seen a couple of public confirmations of this too. Michael Clewley, the Senior Product Manager for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, has confirmed when asked during a community event for a password manager and bookmarks editing that:

In OS 2.0 the team spent a lot of their time focusing on the best in class web performance experience.   It’s a top mobile and tablet browser on! They’ve now turned their attention to also improving the browser chrome for better manageability experiences.

On top of that RIM has started seriously contributing their WebKit fork back upstream to the WebKit source. You can see it in their daily changelog along with recent posts on the WebKit blog. Either way I am simply waiting for an ad blocker and password manager for the PlayBook browser. 🙂

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  1. Is the browser team essentially still the Torch Mobile team with some additions by RIM?

  2. One thing I’m missing is a “Find on the current page” command. This is a bigger gap than an ad blocker or password manager as far as I’m concerned.

  3. What’s browser chrome? (… improving the browser chrome..”) hemight mean polishing it, but I would say adding things like bookmark organization is more than polish.

    • The ‘chrome’ is the UI of the browser basically. At the base of the browser is the webkit rendering engine which renders the website, and the chrome is all the grey stuff at the top basically. So ability to type a URL, bookmark button, etc. Right now from what I understand, the current UI for the browser is AIR, so if they’re re-doing it, hopefully it’s done in Cascades which would make it a lot more stable than it is now.

  4. How about the ability to share links from the browser? The iPad and Android browsers have this by default.

    I simply want a little button that will fire up email to automatically share the page I’m on. Adding LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter would be gravy.

  5. how about fixing the browser so it lets you select ANY file rather than certain ones?

  6. Ronen: Best in Glass? I think RIMM should focus on securing the browser against hacking.

    • Hey Daniel,
      Yeah that was not my misspelling but I fixed it 🙂
      In terms of securing the browser it is pretty solid on the PlayBook in terms of security and in some ways better than desktops since it runs as a different much less privileged user that does not have access to things like email.

  7. Now that Marketing is happy (Top HTML5 score! Yeah!), let’s make

    _developers happy_
    – by fixing the performance issues
    – by fixing the visual glitches
    – by fixing the incompatibilities with standard APIs like Google Maps
    – by making the browser a 100% compatible with the most popular frameworks, just like Safari

    _users happy_
    – by releasing an extension framework. It will be less work for RIM in the long run if other devs can work on extensions and people will get extensions they actually want… Nobody needs yet another password manager and form filler, but the No1 extension is Adblock.
    – by finally have a “Find” functionality
    – by delivering a bookmark manager that deserve its name
    – by offering more options like blocking the HTTP referer, 3rd party cookies, etc.

    In other words make it a world class desktop browser.

  8. It would be nice if I could touch the top of the browser page and it would auto scroll to top, just like it does on iOS. I find it annoying that I have to continuously slide my fingers. Back and forth just to scroll to the top of a long page.

  9. I want to be able to organize my Bookmarks, ability to save online videos, ability to tap on a pic and be able to save it, needs add to dictionary option for words, make the browser download manager a separate process so that if the browser crashes you don’t lose what you were downloading and don’t lose the entire thing when the browser crashes. Also add pluin support- adblocker, ability to manually toggle flash elements on and off without having to disable flash entirely and FINALLY Silverlight.

    • I forgot to add- Idk if this would be a browser issue which I doubt it but for some reason the PlayBook doesn’t see or is able to connect to some wifi signals. I think from Linksys types or WPS.

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