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Over 1 Million BlackBerry PlayBook Users – BlackBerry 10 Carrier Acceptance Starts in Summer


Thorsten Heins confirmed on the call today that there are now over 1 million BlackBerry PlayBook owners out there. RIM says they have shipped another half a million PlayBooks in the last quarter. That sets the record straight on that for now. It is also pretty impressive if you think about that compared to how many app sales the PlayBook drives.

Another interesting update by Thorsten is that BlackBerry 10 devices are still scheduled for later this year. On top of that the BlackBerry 10 devices are scheduled to go the carrier acceptance this summer. Thorsten also said that he has seen the latest BlackBerry 10 builds and he was very impressed with what the engineers have done since he started.

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  1. Cool re PB sales volume.

    Current model PB won’t be able to take a full (right word) QNX upgrade will it?

    New PB need to be released for that?

    • The PlayBook is QNX based. I’m pretty sure that BB10 will run on the current platform. No need for another device.

      I think RIM has learned that they need to support some older devices — at least all recent ones. I think you can count on BB7 being the last OS that is not backwards compatible with older devices.

  2. Can anyone back out sending phones to carriers in the summer to ultimate release date? I guess they miss back to school? That;s when I usually buy a new phone.

    • your question confuses me lol

      • I think kiddo2050 is asking how long from technical acceptance/testing by carrier to launching the device.

        I am sure some one has an answer but i am wondering if it is meaningful. Remember for BBOS the carriers had to test everything – the whole os – since the radio stack is integrated. With BB10 that is not the case. The radio stack will be independent (hence future os updates not at carrier mercy and will be like the PB). I am hoping the period is consideraly shorter!!

        • That’s good information about the radio stack not being integrated. I do like the modular approach.

        • In the end the real good thing is that if they are carrier testing in the summer it means the device is done basically by that point other than some UI changes and apps

          This also leads me to be even more hopeful that Heins will be holding the first BB10 phone at BB World on May 1.

          • Let’s hope you are right but this may not pan out. They may have the radio stack designed and that part of the software, which is what the carriers care about, ready for testing. While that happens they keep on working on and refine the full OS. In my mind this is a good thing because the two go in parallel. For the old os the whole design had to be complete before testing so it was a series activity which in turn increased the time to bring os refresh to the market. And as a result the market and consumers punished them for not innovating fast enough like the competition – the issue was not that they were not innovative it was the java os constraint that hobbled their progress + lack of focus. If they had focused their energy on delivering bb10 from the day they bought qnx I think we would already have those phones on the market rather than seeing 7.1. Don’t get me wrong I am not suggesting that they had not started – they may very well have – but it was not with urgency and focus and ultimately I think that was their biggest mistake as TH alluded in the call yesterday.

  3. I think Playbook should have 2-3 million by now but still, RIMs price cuts got the platform sales moving which is good.

  4. When you hear that the Asus Transformer Prime has sold only 80 000 and has only 2000 more orders, it puts the tablet market into perspective

    • The big difference is, Playbook is the entire QNX eco-system. A million users of QNX is nothing for developers, Playbook need more mass to get attention.

  5. Being broke sucks!!!! When bb10 comes out I won’t b able to afford it until the summer after! However on the plus side I will be able to get a bb7 phone which prices r slashed so bad. I have a playbook. Its amazing one of the best purchases ever. Come on RIM. I seriously hope u guys can pull through.

  6. It is good new for RIM

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