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RIM Delays Annual Analyst Meeting Until After BlackBerry 10 Launch

Thorsten Heins RIM

RIM has been holding an annual Capital Markets Day for analysts and large investors for awhile now. It has always oddly been part of BlackBerry World (Previously WES) but now RIM seems to be changing it up. They told Reuters that:

"We decided to make BlackBerry World more focused on customers, developers and partners," RIM spokeswoman Tenille Kennedy said on Tuesday. "We will hold a separate session targeted at the interests of the investment community later this year, once BlackBerry 10 is launched."

Personally I think that is the right move since you cannot truly talk about RIM’s future until we see BlackBerry 10. What do you think?

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  1. Totally agree with this move. If BB10 sucks, nothing else will matter… they’ll be toast.

    Might as well get it out the door first so that the investor conference can either be a rebirth story, or a funeral.

  2. Translation: We’re so screwed right now and we want to have something — anything — to show analysts.

  3. Translation: There is no point on debating the past and we want the investors/analysts to look at what the platform will look like from here on.

    Can’t you bloody ready, Allen? ¬¬

  4. That’s pretty rude Deigo.

    I agree that it’s a good move. But I also see it as they don’t have any good news financially to report on.

  5. This is what I’ve been saying to evey post on Crackberry that’s up on investing or RIM stock. What is said now just doesn’t matter and guess what analysts and investors don’t matter either until BB10 somes out.

    RIM has enough cash to bring BB10 out regardless of what analysts say. They may not like to hear it but they are irrelevant.

  6. I think it’s a very good move on RIMM’s part. They need a device to demonstrate the future of BlackBerry.

  7. Lol not surprising, I have been saying for several months there is no point talking about Blackberry future concretely until BB10 is out.

  8. I am telling you right here

    If Thorsten stands there with a slick BB10 phone at BB World, it will be a game changer

    Its looking pretty strong we will see generally how BB10 will look, which is great… and having the dev phones will give us a look at the screen at least

    I am just hoping they pull a Playbook reveal

    Remember when the Playbook was revealed? That was awesome!

  9. I’m not going to be bothered even if there is no BB10 at BB World. RIM may be moving to a mode of showing the phone off just before it’s ready.

    To me this annoucement signals the new RIM. If it was Jim B they would have been too scared not to meet with analysts and Jim would have over-promised

  10. Be BOLD!

  11. I am glad to hear this.

    RIM also needs to cut down other activities. Too many trade shows; too many conferences. The many unnecessary activities and events not only exhaust RIM’s own staff, they also exhaust the customer and developer communities, make them directionless and clueless.

    RIM must concentrate resources and energy on building Quality; let Quality speak for RIM, for BlackBerry; Let Quality lead the BlackBerry team as well as its customers and developers.

    RIM marketing has been OK on the selling side. The problem of RIM marketing is with vision and product positioning. The many public activities and events don’t help in resolving these problems.

    On the R&D and production fronts, the quality of BB has been dropping alarmingly. RIM’s new CEO, Mike, and other RIM board members must work closely together to reverse this trend before it is too late. Cutting down unnecessary public activities and events makes it possible for RIM’s teams to concentrate on building Quality.

    RIM’s board and the new CEO made a good decision here.

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