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LocalBar 2 Allows You To Sideload Apps to Your PlayBook Without a PC


Yohanes Nugroho is at it again with a new version of his original LocalBar app. The new LocalBar app gets around RIM’s block of the original LocalBar app method by using a proxy to fool the PlayBook into thinking an app is being sideloaded from a PC. Yohanes has provided a proxy that you can run on your BlackBerry smartphone on the same network but you should also be able to do it with any proxy software on your desktop (tinyproxy, etc), router, or other smartphone like Android (Proxoid) devices.

I really wish RIM would just allow direct app downloads on the PlayBook but they seem adamant on maintaining strict control of app delivery. Until then I highly recommend checking out Yohanes’s new LocalBar 2 app. You will still have to sideload the LocalBar 2 app the regular way using a tool like DDPB or directly. The irony is that you can also use the LocalBar 2 app to sideload apps from one PlayBook to another without a proxy but not from one PlayBook to itself without using a proxy.

Check out LocalBar2 directly from Yohanes here and let us know if it works for you! Make sure to download the LocalBarProxy app to your BlackBerry from the same page if you want to use your BlackBerry as a proxy.

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  1. I checked out Yohanes Nugrohos’ site for an explanation of how this works and am still confused. I understand the need for a proxy, but what are the steps to installing the .bar’s? Do I need to have them on the Playbook already and then use the proxy and localbar2 to do the installation? or should the .bar I am trying to install be on my BB phone?

    Any clarification anyone can provide on this subject would be greatly appreciated as i would love to be able to download and install .bars without DDPB

    Proud User & Abuser of BBBold 9930 and 64GB Playbook

  2. It seems that you are to get your phone on the same wifi network as your PB, then run the proxy app on your phone and note the address it says it is using, the run LocalBar2 on your PB and type in the proxy location. Then select your barfile from the list and hit install after typing in your PB password.. I’ve tried all this, however, and it just gets stuck at 0% for me and seems to hang there..

    Anyone have any luck?

  3. Understand the concept and how it works, but I guess my question is where are the .bar files stored before you install them? Do you download them to your playbook and localbar finds them?

    Also, didn’t have any luck installing the bar for lobar2 on my PB using DDPB, it just sits there saying active. Anyone have an idea about why this would happen? I’ve successfully installed many-a-bar in the past.

    Thanks kindly

  4. Yes, you download the bar files onto your PB and Localbar finds them.

    And the file installed fine for me using Hatax’s bar file installer batch files..

    Good luck!

  5. I seem to have fouled up the pc side. Which unzipped file is the localbar2 file? Is it the one called app or the shockwave file?

  6. I successfully installed Skype and Kindle on my playbook. OS All my other apps can connect to the internet except the Apps that i sideloaded . I get a message saying that there is not a network connection ….. any suggestions?

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