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BLackBerry Mini Keyboard Launches Today, Are You Buying One?

PlayBook Mini KeyboardToday is the day that RIM will launch the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard. The keyboard adds more functionality for those on the go to quickly browse, type, and send e-mails among other functionalities.  The keyboard features the following:

  • A stylish convertible case that doubles as a device stand
  • An integrated touchpad for smooth PlayBook navigation and control
  • 128-bit encryption for a secure Bluetooth connection
  • Up to 30 days battery life on a single charge
  • Multi-touch Control – BlackBerry Mini Keyboard comes equipped with a touchpad to allow you to navigate your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Tap the touchpad to simulate a mouse click, tap with two fingers to right-click, and scroll vertically using a two-finger up or down swipe. These gestures make it a breeze to get up and running and begin interacting with the device as well as apps like the Citrix Receiver.
  • Ultimate Portability – The portability of the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard with the convertible case provides a mobile computer solution that’s easy to take with you. An added benefit is the screen real estate available to you when using the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard with your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

The 30 day life on a single charge sounds impressive and am ready to put this keyboard to the test.  This new keyboard should be able to boost your productivity on the PlayBook for just about any task you can think of doing on it. To purchase the keyboard you can head over to the Shop Blackberry store pricing is $119.99.

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  1. I was interested until I saw the PRICE… Are they nuts? People were buying playbooks on sale for $199, and this keyboard is $119, yikes..

    I’m using a bluetooth keyboard now and the charge on two AA batteries lasts around 6 months.

    I’ll just buy a cheaper mini keyboard or use my blackberry bold, thanks. I’ll pick this up when it’s $50

    If it’s the “Multi-touch Control/Touchpad” that’s jacking up the price, can they please release one without it? You’d only need this if your playbook is across the room, hooked up to a TV or something. Then you may as well use your Blackberry, or a $14 bluetooth mouse or some other cheap bluetooth keyboard+touchpad.

    So anyway, I may buy it when it goes on sale (60% off).

  2. Yup! Totally agree!

    Way too much but that’s not the only problem.

    If you follow the link to the store here’s what you get:

    “Due to overwhelming demand, this product is no longer available for pre-order. Please check back on the next stock availability date. ”

    Hard to believe!

  3. I go back and forth. I woun’t make such a big deal about the price. If you bought the 8GB playbook for $199 you want a tablet for home.

    The market here is for professionals that are thinking they might be able to get away with this tablet as a laptop alternative. $119 for those people isn’t a lot.

    • Ya I’m guessing it’s mostly marketed for professionals. And at that price it’s no big deal for them 🙂

      For me, I can’t justify the cost for this particular keyboard. I was hoping to get one for my GF at first, but there is no way she would accept it if she knew the price. lol!

  4. Received mine from The Source yesterday on a pre-order. Looks ands works great. Pairing was very easy.
    I agree that the price is steep even at $99 here in Canada but it is very functional and will replace my laptop. For someone without a convertible case, this is a bargain.

    • Hi Terry,
      Alex from RIM here. I’ve been using the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard since it launched and you hit on a key benefit – increased functionality and portability that lets you leave your laptop behind. In addition to the keyboard itself, the integrated touchpad allows users to navigate and control the BlackBerry PlayBook as easily as using the touch screen on the tablet itself.
      For a more extensive look at the features and functions of your BlackBerry Mini Keyboard, check out this recent post on our Inside BlackBerry for Business Blog: Enjoy!

      Alex, RIM Social Media Team

  5. I was also interested,but i saw it doesn’t support other keyboard types like AZERTY.
    By the time it comes,i’ll surely revise my opinion.

  6. Way too pricey. I went for an apple bluetooth keyboard for $40. Works great

  7. sorry i am a fan and i bought only of the only 32GB Playbooks sold in Bestbuy on 14th st in NYC at launch. i also bought the converter case with rapid charger and sceen protecter. I will not buy anything else, especially at this price. Sorry RIM my money stay in my pocket until i find a sale.

  8. I’d wait for the inevitable price drop, if I get it at all..

    I would prefer not having to use BT as that just adds more drain on both devices. I’d rather it be an actual, connecting, dock.

  9. As soon as they are available here in the UK I’ll def get one…

  10. Bought one but have not received it yet. Should arrive any day. I can write it off so what the heck.

  11. I pre-ordered my keyboard and received it yesterday, it’s very thin and good quality, works perfectly.
    I do not like the case though, prefer to use the convertible case as I will use the keyboard occasionally, probably use a slip case for the keyboard.

  12. Its showing out of stock. Perhaps its Canada only to begin with!!
    If its as good as the BB9900 KB, it would be worth the price..

  13. I can understand where you would like to pay less but that doesn’t mean is crazy with its pricing. A lot of people seemed to have preordered one and have to wait because they’re sold out. Obviously a certain number are willing to pay the freight.

    • Here in Canada, I pre-ordered at The Source locally. It was sent there where I picked it up .
      No shipping charges!
      Wonder if in the US, Radio Shack has a similar policy?

  14. I guess first they are capturing the market of people who “want it right now!” (That was like me who bought the 64gb playbook at launch 🙂 and later bought 3 x 64gb playbooks for my family/friends for less than what i paid for 1 PB at launch. which is awesome. we all use it for video chat now.)

    Once they get more in stock, and run out of people who are willing to buy it at that price we’ll see it drop in price. Just depends on if you want to wait.

  15. I bought the PlayBook during the discount period.
    It is such a waste of money device I tell you.
    I used to think BB is one of those ‘cool hi-fi” brands.
    Everything- software, hardware, UI, App support- about PlayBook sucks. Everything.
    And now they came up with this keyboard for a crappy device. Awesome 😐
    I won’t buy this even for 10 bucks, believe me 😀
    Go get some life BB. I have a suggestion: Sell yourself to Apple, BB.

    #Should have bought an iPad 2 🙁

    • It’s essentially the same that you can find for iPad. So go back to BGR and stop being a hater. There are numerous platforms out there. Phones, Tablets, Computer, TV’s. Do you get this upset when you like Samsung but hate Visio? Better yet…go get laid…seems you may need it.

    • Yuck, where did this troll crawl out from. Looks like they only taught it basic ‘English’ and 80s terminology. =\
      Back to your cave troll.

  16. Add $50 for shipping to Europe…

    Why doesn’t it use the dock connector?

  17. I purchased two on release day here in Canada for me and my gf. They were only available on line or in retail stores at the Source and on sale until April 12th I think for $99. This is not over priced at all. Break this price down. The journal case sells for $60 and for $39 more you get the keyboard as well. This thing is awesome!! First I use it for work all the time and yes it has replaced a laptop for most out of office/board meetings. Secondly, at home, connect PlayBook to 50″ tv and sit back with keyboard and do anything and everything I need to do. And yes, sometimes I will use my BlackBerry and Bridge Remote….but then I get a BBM message or a phone call and its great that I have the keyboard. I’ve stopped using my BlackBerry Bridge Remote at home now. Still use it for presentations at work though. And the functionality of the keyboard using apps like Citrix makes this keyboard/case combo worth even more than the $99 or even the $119 regular price.

    Highly recommend this to anyone that sees themselves using it. If you don’t see a use for it, then just don’t get it. You don’t need to complain about the price or other perceived shortfalls.

  18. And one more thing to add……I just typed these comment using this new mini keyboard and aside from a bit of a learning curve to adjust to any smaller keyboard layout I have found no other issues.

  19. I bought one at The Source on the weekend and returned it on Tuesday. I love the PlayBook (Upgraded from 16GB to 64GB) and love my Torch 9810. The Mini Keyboard is/was a great idea, and the quality of it was very high, but the keyboard layout is awful. I constantly mis-typed. Maybe I could learn to adapt if it was my only keyboard, but honestly, I was faster typing with the on-screen and 9810 remote keyboard.

    And it made the PlayBook much thicker and heavier.

    Anyway, I applaud the effort, but I think it just isn’t possible to make a good 7″ keyboard. I tried to like the Mini Bluetooth keyboard, but found it painful to type. Sorry, RIM.

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