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Print for the PlayBook Prints from Your PlayBook to Your PC

Print Print2

When RIM released PlayBook OS 2.0 with Print to Go they allowed users to print from their PC’s to their PlayBook but not vice versa. Now Daniel Bigham has followed up with another one of this very useful utilities called Print for the PlayBook. You have to install the server on your Windows PC (No mac support) and then a client app on your PlayBook. It then lets you print files from your PlayBook to a printer connected to your Windows PC as long as Windows supports direct printing of that file. So far it has worked for me with taking screenshots in any app and then printing the screen though other files and document types are also supported.

Check out Print for the PlayBook for $0.99 in App World

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  1. Like any great developer, Daniel saw a need and filled it.

  2. Why is everyone making apps to print to your PC. Why can’t we just print straight to the WIFI printer. I very seldom use my PC for anything any more. Tablets and phones do so much these days I have no need for a PC except to print out a document.

  3. it stinks i want to print to my printer dopes not through a pc my electric bill is to high i dont want to turn on my pc to knitswits! what am i supposed to do carry my desktop pc with me everywhere and my printer so i can print to it, yeah ok i’ll carry my desktop pc and printer and playbook to the library so i can print, dopes i want to print to any wireless printer, develop it geeks!

  4. This is a welcome application if ever there was one.
    True, it would be nice to print directly from the PlayBook to ANY printer wirelessly, BUT this works beautifully and I’ll continue to use it regularly until it’s either further developed or someone else comes along with a better app.
    Printing directly from the PlayBook to my network printer is something I can now do and I’m very happy Mr. Bigham came up with this one. Kudos to you, Mr. Bigham!

  5. Why can’t you print directly to the printer? Because this requires a driver. Drivers are written by the printer manufacturers for their own printers. When the manufacturers start developping PlayBook drivers, then such an app might be possible.

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