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What Do You Want RIM to Improve or Add in PlayBook OS 2.0?

PlayBook 2.0 Question

RIM has reiterated many times that PlayBook OS 2.0 is just a stepping stone to BlackBerry 10 and the future of the BlackBerry platform. They recently released PlayBook OS 2.0 and I already want more. We are hearing multiple reports that RIM is already running PlayBook OS 2.1 internally but I wanted to reach out to the community and ask what you want RIM to improve in the current PlayBook OS 2.0. I have my own list of improvements like a password manager in the browser but let us know what your list is in the comments and we will compile it and pass it along to RIM. Lets see if we can make it happen!

What do you want RIM to improve or add to PlayBook OS 2.0?

PS: I believe that small refinements are also key areas for RIM to improve as they build out BlackBerry 10 so feel free to share them! For example, there is the much requested ability to update all apps at once in App World or editing bookmarks in the browser.


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  1. Make the browser download manager a separate process so that if the browser crashes you don’t kill all your downloads.


    Do like WP and have each browser tab be a separate process so you don’t kill the entire thing every time it crashes.

    Add in plugin support for the browser. The browsing experience will never be very good without one of these two, preferably both:
    1 – adblocker
    2 – Ability to manually toggle flash elements on and off without having to disable flash entirely…

    • Skype.

      • Ok if skype will be work on playbook blackberry would be the first one

      • A short list ( even a phone has this features and a PB has not)
        1. Full Sync to Outlook.
        2. A REAL pdf reader, not that included joke.
        3. Ability to send/receive files through Bluetooth.
        4. A custom way to organize music, videos, books and files.
        5. Improve Docs to go or change the excel software.
        6. An app tha open most of the audio/video formats.
        7. APP World differenciated for PB.

  2. Lots of potential improvements…
    – Better tools to clear notifications (rather than having to go into the various apps to clear the notifications).
    – Still get quite a few app crashes / apps refusing to open
    – Improved features within bridged apps (ie. why can i select/delete multiple messages in mail app, but not bridged mail app).
    – Better handling of various mail system invite messages.
    – App world notifications need to clear out when you finish updating the app that requires action.

    • You wrote:

      You can do this now. Click the icon in the bottom right corner of the left pane, then select all the emails you want, in any order you want. Then hit the red x at the bottom of the left pane.

    • “why can i select/delete multiple messages in mail app, but not bridged mail app”

      Actually you can, tap the white/blue ticked icon at the bottom of the list of messages … and there you go (portrait mode is a must here 🙂 )

  3. support arabic language…. PLZ

  4. I would like to see a way to reset Android App Player rather than having to reboot every time an Android app hangs or open up a page in browser that kills all open apps.

  5. – App world is still laggy and slow, despite the refresh. I’d prefer if they went ahead and redesigned it entirely on native + cascades (along with all the other Air apps onboard), but that might be asking too much for an incremental update.
    – DLNA capabilities (client/server)
    – Add actual printer connectivity for the excellent Print-to-Go app.
    – Lock screen animations (nothing too crazy, it would just feel more elegant.

  6. The ability to plug in an external drive or camera into the USB port and have the PB be able to access the files/pictures.

  7. Browser plugin support, as mentioned by papped, so we can make our on-device browsing less painful after being used to Firefox and/or Chrome on the desktop. (also a password-saving keychain would be useful for similar reasons)

    Actual IMAP folder support for the “native e-mail” app that I’ve found almost worthless due to a lack thereof.

    And finally, a *released* and usable native API for doing non-game apps. (i.e. Cascades actually available)

  8. Ability to synch contacts and calendar through BB Desktop Manager. Until I get that, the next PIM elements are almost entirely useless to me. That alone would make a smashingly great improvement in my quality of life.

    Second favorite: Let me organize Favorites in the browser as I wish (drag them around), rather than only appear in the order they’re saved.

    Besides that… yeah, little tweaks and debugs, obviously.

  9. Sync OUTLOOK !

    • This is my #1 WISH

    • This seems to be the number one complaint. Just make it sync. If I can do it with my BB Torch, I should be able to do it with my PlayBook. This is not a new technology. I get the feeling that RIM is ignoring this, just to infuriate users. Not a great marketing philosophy.

  10. Will be fine to see top 100 apps and not to stick with top 25 forever
    And arabic language for god seek full rtl is that to much to ask

    • I agree about featuring more than just the top 25 apps. Occasionally I going looking for a specific app but a lot of the time, my purchases are just apps I see featured or new releases. It would helps overall app sales which I’m sure devs would appreciate.

  11. I know that RIMM is working so hard to get more apps for playbook, I hope they can get not so many but the popular and much needed apps for playbook, apps that other platforms are currently enjoying, to Bring the TOP 50 apps of each catergory to playbook from other platform is enough for us playbook users.

    I am wishing for RIMM success

  12. An icon to show when you have a VPN connection. Allow owner info to show on the password screen.

  13. 1. Zinio – I will get this soon I hear
    2. 10″ version
    3. More GOOD apps, less filler.
    4. BBM
    5. Better battery life

  14. I haven’t seen any improvements in the music and video player.
    Music player: rate songs, lyrics, create smart playlists, equalizer
    Video player: support more video formats, I have always to convert my videos before download them to the playbook.
    DLNA support
    Cross platform video conference: pc, android smartphone, ios, mac
    Applications: Skype, Netflix
    Web browser: create tabs, password saving
    Wifi printing

  15. – Sync Outlook
    – Better PDF reader with reflow options

  16. Support Vietnamese keyboard

  17. Sync Outlook agreed! Tasks and Notes

  18. where is the universal search feature folks? A real TOOL not a “TOY” should have a UNIVERSAL SEARCH!!

  19. Really make it very easy to get Android apps on PB. Stop being so arrogant RIM, you have no reason to be. The top producers are not making BB apps and allowing us to get Android apps on PB and making them work well only increases the value of PB. Running everything through a laggy app world does neither RIM nor its customers any good.

  20. skype, skype, SKYPE, SKYPE!!!!
    see the 100s of request elsewhere

  21. I would like to see the following:

    1) Transfer my contacts and calender from my BB phone to Playbook using bridge feature or desktop manager

    2) Use BB phone via bridge to play games. How cool would it be if the phone could be used to play need for speed when connected to a big screen TV?

    3) More and better apps. I find app world lags

    4) Skype or another application that allows making calls (great for when traveling)

  22. Being able to sync contacts is a MUST. A native tasks and notes application would be wonderful. A search function similar to desktop search would be a nice addition also. Did I mention syncing contacts? Yeah, definitely need that. Some tone type notifications would be great also I think. Bookmark organizer also. The ability to drop some files via a thumb drive might be nice for moving some things quickly too. I could probably keep going on too but others want some things too so I’ll stop for now. Your turn….

  23. Synch with BIS just like our devices and the ability to also synch everything with our devices.
    Connect with our DSLR cameras.

  24. I think it still missing many basic things that can make it a lot better. I don’t understand why the PlayBook can’t read an animated image that is saved on the device correctly. 
    There should be more intergration among different apps. Like sending a picture via email while viewing it or without having to go to the email app and attach it.

    Better battery life and make the file browser app more useful

  25. Universal Search

    A list view of Apps like WP7 has. Why are we still stuck on icon grids? Give me an alpha list view of all my apps.

    Integration between the browser and other apps. Email a URL, Tweet a URL or Facebook etc.

    Ability to save a shortcut to the home screen and have it work like an app like iOS does. No chrome and in its own process.

  26. Chinese and china native apps

  27. Text messages visible via bridge so don’t have to pick up phone to view
    Use bezel area to scroll up and down so I don’t end up opening unnecessary weblinks when browsing reading.
    Tighter integration between playbook and phone. If bridged, why not be able to dial and put on speaker via playbook. Could function as extension of phone just like bluetooth connection between phone and car (can do all this with my car system and phone).

  28. Port device bookmarks to pb when bridged.
    BBM wouldn’t be a bad idea now that pins are available, I suspect this will come with sim based pb’s.
    Thick email client that allows mail flow via bridge.
    Lots more, just can’t think of them right now, it’s just lots of little things to round off the product.

    • It seems my native email issue could be related to coverage, hence thinking it does not function correctly based on the send and fetch errors.

  29. I would like the following:

    1. Universal Search – voice search would be a plus.

    2. Video/picture editing.

    3. A print screen option.

    4. Widgets

    5. Tasks, Memopad and BBM.

    6. The ability to email, facebook, twitter pictures, video from the application itself.

    7. Pattern lock option.

    8. BB Traffic.

  30. I’d like:
    1. A to-do manager
    2. A note taking app
    3. BBM
    4. A password manager

  31. – Browser bookmarks organizer, rename, folders. Seriously!

    – Android Player kill feature

    – DLNA (both directions)

    – Music player needs ability to enqueue songs

    – AppWorld ability to delete an app from My World forever

    – Video, handle AC3 Audio in mkv files so no need to re-encode all the time

  32. Sorry but I would like to have Skype with videocall and bluetooth open

  33. With the 2.0 update I leave my mobile somewhere in the bag coonected via bridge (its easier to ready mails on the playbook). But I cant initiate calls or receive calls on my PB. I miss feature that interact both devices the BB and the Playbook:
    – push calls to phone (dail from contact list or browser on the playbook) or simply dial numbers from the PB
    – take incoming calls on PB

    Further more it would be good to have a scroll functionality. Its quit often that I accidently typ the ad banners when scrolling thru pages. There could be either some wipe gestures on the right or the site should be reduced to avoid the interaction with the content.

  34. With the 2.0 update I leave my mobile somewhere in the bag coonected via bridge (its easier to ready mails on the playbook). But I cant initiate calls or receive calls on my PB. I miss feature that interact both devices the BB and the Playbook:
    – push calls to phone (dail from contact list or browser on the playbook) or simply dial numbers from the PB
    – take incoming calls on PB
    – display text messages received on mobile

    Further more it would be good to have a scroll functionality. Its quit often that I accidently typ the ad banners when scrolling thru pages. There could be either some wipe gestures on the right or the site should be reduced to avoid the interaction with the content.

  35. I would like to see some more supported audio-codecs …
    A streaming radio site like is not working on my playbook … As a matter of fact, all streams in windows mediaplayer format are not working …

  36. and better bluetooth A2DP support … Jabra Halo Headset is conecting, but the volume can not be changed … Playing at its loudest … 🙁

  37. Introduce:
    bookmarks management and folders
    USB host
    arrow keys on touch keyboard
    better file manager (more complete)
    file and folder encryption
    Skype (or desktop client for BB video chat)
    quality GPS navigation software

  38. Inline PDF viewer in the browser (like Safari on iOS).

    Bigger close widgets in the browser tab view (like how the widgets were enlarged when viewing running apps)

    Swipe up on a browser tab thumbnail to close it.

    Better standalone PDF viewer. Make it as smooth as the browser in 2.0. Make the pages continuous (again, like PDFs in Safari on iOS) instead of having to swipe sideways or tap the sides. Don’t limit page turns to one page at a time.

    One the whole, the browser in 2.0 is awesome. Well done.

  39. I’m easy to please. The only thing I want is to be able to print directly to my printer wirelessly using WIFI or Bluetooth. WIFI preferably.

  40. SYNC OUTLOOK-this is a must-why RIM did not make this possible is so short sighted-they say the Playbook is for business than make it so

  41. Improve/fix bluetooth pairing with Microsoft mice.
    Improve/fix bluetooth pairing with iPhones.

  42. support Arabic language !

  43. Here’s my list (in no particular order):

    1 Proper browser bookmark management
    2 Ability to mount SAMBA shares
    3 Notification profiles like on the phones – with separate tones for different events
    4 Support for more VPN types including Microsoft VPN
    5 Print to a network printer (w/o a companion app on a PC)
    6 A real File Manager
    7 SMS Bridge
    8 USB host support
    9 Tab key on keyboard – or gesture to take it’s place
    10 Folder support in Music, Videos, Pictures so I can organize things and find them easier
    11 In App World, rather than have a Top 25, sort the list by popularity, rating, price, release date
    12 DLNA – client and server

  44. Sync pim to phone
    Message and appt. history in contacts
    Link contacts to appts. and todos
    Todo manager
    Pdf bookmark support
    Browser bookmark organization
    Printer support
    Improved copy and paste between apps

  45. Sync the mail, contacts, and calendar between PB and the BB phone without this Google stuff – full integartion between all BlackBerry devices
    Make my PB see my home network without a need of a plug-in on the Windows side
    See USB drives

  46. Just got a playbook really enjoing it but in the short time i have had it the following glaring application are missing and should be standard on any tablet.

    SMS Function send and recieve.

    Calls answering and dailing.

  47. The Ability to browse files on network shares from the playbook. I sideloaded an Android apps that does it so why not have it native?

  48. I want one thing that make the PB different from all other Tablets in the market is a JAVA plug-in, so we can use the PB as a true remotely working tool. Because right now we can’t browse any website that using the java applets.

  49. Chinese input!!!!!
    Rmvb player

  50. I meant the comment from Mikeg
    The Ability to browse files on network shares from the playbook

  51. better flash performance, better flash memory management, fix flash bugs, better browser stability.

  52. USB support

  53. Here is what is missing:
    – DLNA client. Every tablet should have that, especially the ones called PlayBook
    – More video profiles support. Downgrade to stereo on the fly.
    – Real browser, like Chromium with support for extensions and a ‘normal’ bookmarks manager. The current one may score high in HTML5 benchmarks. There is more to a browser than that
    – Full device encryption. It’s a tool, not a toy, remember?
    – Sync data between BB and PB. I don’t want to have to sync to an external source. I want my contacts on the PB.
    – Full VPN support with usable configuration screen. I’m sure most users out there don’t know if their consumer VPN is a Cisco Double Edge Crossfire III with integrated Mega Firewall with Super-Key protection. Make it simple to configure and support standards like OpenVPN. Consumers want to be able to surf using public hotspots.
    – SyncML support
    – PGP / S/Mime support
    – Improved remote control keyboard. What we have now is not usable in real world situation. Only works well for demos.
    – Print to printer
    – Pay devs to build the missing apps that people want.
    – WebWorks that is a 100% compatible with mobile frameworks like JQM and Sencha
    – Youtube 3D support
    – FreeBSD ports system so that we can compile missing QNX components ourselves or at least a package repository…

  54. The Playbook works the way I want it to, but there are more than a few things or improvements that would make my experience a whole lot better.

    1) In the Messages application when I go into the “Select” where you can select multiple emails I want the ability to move multiple emails into a separate folder (so long as all of the selected are from the same account of course). Marking as Read/Unread, Deleting, or Flagging is not enough.

    2) In the browser when I open a new link I want to be able to stay on the current tab rather than switching focus to the newly opened tab. It becomes a real pain when I have 6+ tabs open and then I have to swipe down and scroll to the left just to get back to where I was.

    3) In the browser I want to see small tabs at the top rather than having to swipe down to see them. Swiping down and seeing them more fully should still be an option. Not everyone would want to use screen real estate for tabs, so it should be an option you can turn on/off.

    4) Sometimes when I have a lot of programs running all at once the Playbook will close one of them as part of its memory management. I want to be able to choose which to close, or at least see when I’m getting close to the memory limit so I know not to open anything else without closing something first. It really sucks when it closes the browser and I had 4 or 5 websites open because when I restart the browser it takes a while to open all the sites again. An OK option would be to mark certain apps as a priority so those would be the last to be closed automatically by the PB, that way you could set the browser or whatever app you prefer to take priority over all other apps.

    5) In the messages app. I want to be able to tweet, not just send a twitter pm.

    6) When I open an app folder and select an app I want the folder to automatically close rather than having to close it manually the next time I view the app grid. I’m sure not everyone wants that behavior, so it should just be an option (by folder preferably).

    7) On the homescreen top menu (with orientation lock, bt, wifi…) I want there to be a volume icon where I can adjust the volume using the touchscreen, or mute it with just a click.

    8) When I press one of the volume buttons and the volume level display appears on screen I want to be able to adjust the volume using a slider on the touchscreen. Having to hit the volume up or volume down button 16 times to go between mute and full volume is an unnecessary pain.


  55. This is great stuff keep it coming! I will compile it all and send it over to some of my contacts at RIM.

  56. 2-way Gmail/Hotmail email sync.

    When I delete an email from my Playbook, I don’t want to have to delete it again from gmail or hotmail.

    Calendar syncs both ways so why not the email as well?

  57. A native Twitter app built using Cascades.

  58. At this point, PB doesn’t allow developers to run background services when apps are closed. So, without this feature, most of Chat apps/reminder apps/system status apps become unusable. You have to open them (or keep them always open which is a resource hog) to use it.

  59. – ability to listen to music or video via bluetooth (extra points for being able to answer calls)
    – ability to see everything on pb as icons or detailed list
    – ability to use usb port to attach/drive external devices
    – ability to print directly to printers via wifi or bluetooth
    – ability to customize app world (want to be able to select how many top apps I see…10, 25, 50, 100 or by star ratings
    – ability to hide or lock apps or folders or a specific file

    I need for my pb to have everything my phone has and then be much much more. Make no mistake, I love my PB but have high expectations from RIMM. Please stump these iTrolls and analyst that steer the markets based upon their “expert” opinions.

    Full Disclosure: I own RIMM stock. Maximize my shareholder value already!

  60. Skype is a must on BB Playbook.

  61. Improvements needed for Playbook 2.1:

    1. Sync and Grab Contacts, calendar, etc via blackberry bridge and make them permanent on PB; I bet 60-70% of users can care less about the entreprise “security” thing. Plus, the security should be turned off if no entreprise use is in place..
    2. There are quite a number of file formats that PB does not recognize natively in emails, or file manager: tiff, epub, etc -moving free ebooks from an email attachement should be easy -right? How about making that file manager to look like a file manager and not a kids app?
    3.Yahoo messenger, skype and msm messenger -native, together with bbm
    4. Intuitive search, like on Blackberry phone. (App store search sucks! as well)
    5. Book Store and book reading app -separatelly from general apps.
    6. Streaming service for videos/ movies a la Amazon instant movies.
    7. Basic notepad app (not via bridge) for tasks and to do things that does cut and paste.
    8. GPS comercial application -or bring the one from Blackberry.
    9. Code scaner.
    10. Make the phone a game controller to PB via bluethooth.
    11. Ability to send documents to a real printer.
    12. Improve PDF reader -too basic right now.
    12.Ability to manage updates for apps in bulk -like automatic, manual, etc.

  62. Skype.
    USB Mass storage Device capability.

  63. Support back/next swipe gestures from the bottom bezel,

  64. 1. Better file manager. When I download or save a file, I want to be able to specify where!!!
    2. When attaching items to an email I want to be able to select more than one at a time
    3. OS 7 shows the brief history of communication with given contact in the contact details window. Why doesn’t PlayBook do the same????
    4. Shared calendars for us Exchange Server users. PLEASE!!!!
    5. Access to appworld from tethered connection. Seriously….. I don’t see how this isn’t an absolute no-brained and probably one small detail that could be keeping some developers from getting their apps on appworld.
    6. More integration of Dropbox, SugarSync, and other cloud services. I want Dropbox on my PB to work EXACTLY like it does on any other device. Open, edit, save and go on with my life.
    7. Password vault syncs with BB OS7 password vault. Think “Bridge Vault”


  66. Nice! You can clearly see which are the most popular missing features from all this comments. But I think doing this kind of stuff is not optimal. My suggestion for RIM is: create a unified moderated channel for giving a powerful voice to your customers. Like
    As for the features I wish improvement:
    – media: cascade music and video player. The current apps are just plain boring and limited. Add support for more media formats like .ogg and .flac (you already have the ANE for that!).
    – gaming: integrate scoreloop with Messages and Contacts app. Flash 11.2 and Air 3.2 (the one with GPU acceleration for mobile).Better WebGL support since so far all demos I tried simply doesn’t work.
    – android : nice move! It’s getting quite popular so please continue improving the Android Player. All interesting high quality apps I tried hangs most of the time. And this will unease the good developers. Make it the most reliable and optimized as possible.
    -browser : enough with technical features! It’s one of the top already! Now give us better usability and stability.
    -keyboard : make it possible for other companies to create and sell custom native soft keyboard. I like the current one but I would love to have more options.
    – business : Better integration with cloud services like Skydrive, Dropbox and etc.

  67. What I’d like to see in new OS 2.1 (in order of preference)

    1. Media player for browser
    2. Ability to remember password
    3. Tab system for browser
    4. Better media player for Playbook
    5. Ability to reset Android (without rebooting) if it hangs on application


  68. Browser – Bookmark/Favourite folder management
    DLNA Support – server and client please
    Email – Ability to see more than 30 days emails (all email option should be provided like on IOS or Android mail clients)
    Proper 2-way gmail/hotmail sync
    Print App to network printers
    Browse to SAMBA shares
    USB Host Mode

  69. Ability to print directly to printers via bluetooth or wifi
    Being able to sync contacts is a MUST
    SMS Bridge
    Arrow keys on touch keyboard
    Paypal Here (it’s coming to Android and Iphone, do not want to be left in the dust again as for Skype, Netflix,..)

  70. A touch more polishing and the PlayBook would sore above the rest.

    1. Calculator needs commas. This might sound trivial for already such a great calculator but big numbers are awarded to read otherwise, please polish this app
    2. Skype: like everyone else wants, but clearly Skype doesn’t
    3. Outlook synchronisation: strange it was not there in the update
    4. File manager: touch basic to be actually useful
    5. Bluetooth and/or wifi physical printing
    6. Fast way to forward pictures or files: ie hold figure on item and then get a choice of what to do with it like phone
    7. Bbm: if can’t be integrated with phone, why not have standalone service
    8. Allow browser’s title bar to disappear: browser is great otherwise
    9. Universal search
    10. A way to watch itunes videos without stripping drm or strip itinerary so of its monopoly if you are not in US then it’s even more important
    11. And finally, USB support for DSLR cameras and those who want to view files on flashes

  71. I’ve not read everyone’s stuff, so I apologize if I’ve duplicated your idea.

    We need BBM (of course!), BlackBerry’s Autotext, universal search with history!, VoIP services and video chat like Skype!, twitter app, whiteboarding apps, form apps, more great databases, and more note-taking apps that incorporate text with free hand sketches! I also want a way to print from my PlayBook to a particular IP address, so I can print within my LAN.

    A serious cloud presence from BlackBerry would be ideal too to sync contacts, calendar, and to facilitate file sharing. Can’t be so reliant on Google, Yahoo!, and others.

    Oh, I’d also like to use email in portrait mode to make typing easier!!!!

  72. A fix to the annoying Rogers/Yahoo email setup issue.

  73. 1. I want the notification app to specify. What message and stuff. It did it b4 2.0
    2. B4 2.0 app world wasn’t laggy. Why is it now
    3. Native apps

  74. -Laggy OS, make it smoother
    -Make it so that it easy/smoothly transitions between Landscape and portrait mode
    -USB Hosting
    -More CODEC Support
    -Yahoo Messenger/Skype/MSN Messenger/ OoVoO
    -Kindle/Google/Nook App
    -A REAL Voice Guided App like Garmin without the need of internet
    -Ability to Zoom while recording video
    -Better File Manager
    -Ability to organize Favorites in folders
    -Amazon Prime/HULU Plus/ONLINE/ROKU Remote/Sling Player/Silverlight
    -TextPlus App/
    -Native BBM with the ability to video call or make voice calls thru BBM
    -Ability to receive Texts when Bridged
    -Integration with email/calendar from the phone and PB when Bridged so that we don’t have texts, emails, BBM etc going to different devices or multiple devices at the same time
    -add more email clients on the email setup screen for easy setup e.g.Yahoo, MSN, Outlook
    -Better Quality Android Apps
    -Addition of importace to contacts or ability to show who’s online
    -ability to setup folders for DocstoGo, pictures etc
    -ability to create groups in emails and sync outlook contacts without exchange
    -better Adobe PDF that has search, bookmarks and annotations
    -KOBO needs more improvements e.g.highlight, annotations etc
    -Browser needs tabbed browsing
    -ability to run multiple Android apps at once
    -ability to continue playing “YouTube” videos while you switch apps
    -PrintToGo- ability to ACTUALLY connect and print to a wifi connected printer or thru USB
    -Missing PowerPoint
    -Ability to clear Notifications
    -Support for iCal Calendar Sync
    -Ability to Sync to iTunes
    -Universal Search addition
    -Separate contacts between email, FB, etc..
    -Typing needs ADD TO DICTIONARY option
    -Autocorrect/word suggest missing in App World
    -ability to make Playlists for videos and Music stored on the PlayBook or when Bridged
    -Ability to transfer files/Media between phone and PB and vice versa
    -RIM’s own Cloud Storage
    -App world needs UPDATES tab in MY WORLD
    -ability to “Dock” the Dock, so ONLY the wallpaper shows
    -ability to set it up so when woken up/turned on user selected apps and websites load automatically
    -Sluggish when switching apps and touch screen still not as responsive as an iPad
    -Built in QR Code Reader
    -Ability to Cloud Sync with Microsoft, Google, iCloud
    -Social Feeds App like on the Phones
    -A Dock with REAL functionality besides just charging e.g. Built in full size USB ports, Full size SDXC Card Slot and HDMI Out

  75. – samba browser
    – universalité search
    – background app running
    – use audio control offre pb when issus plugged with hdmi or bluetooth
    – use bridge for control playback music
    – ability tout view photo/music/audio/playlist note présent in cellphone throught PlayBook appartement directeur (not file app)

  76. Don’t laugh. Change RIM or it’s OS to a Android OS system. The playbook will still be for work. Everything we want is in the android system. Hey, I’m not a tech. person just don’t like the lack and short comings of the book.

  77. a usb port

  78. Improvements in bridge to give improved Blackberry phone integration eg. access to SMS and Whatsapp and other native phone apps, and of course the big one lots of people want – Skype.

  79. I’m a technical dunce, so this request may sound a bit duncy, but is there any way to get android apps like Netflix and Kindle and others to run on the PlayBook OS? I’ve emailed both N and K (and a couple others) and asked if they would be interested to add PlayBook, and have gotten the usual polite supplies, but they don’t seem that interested. I think PlayBook will continue to lag in popularity (though I understand this isn’t BlackBerry’s forte) until some of these more popular apps become available on the PB. My 16Gb is a great machine, but I find myself falling back on my little 5″ Dell Streak for many applications, such as reading, bible software, and entertainment. I use the PB mostly for reading email and the internet.

  80. Reader mode landscape with larger fonts, similar size as BB news app when you view an article.

  81. Forms Fill for web sites … i.e. fill in name, address, phone number, etc. a la ROBOFORMS (which doesn’t seem to support Playbook for this feature)

  82. . wifi voip (skype + other protocols)
    . usb connecting to hard drive-camera-pendrive
    . offline gps maps with voice navigation
    . swype
    . better handling of images in word and support for open ods
    . a proper file manager for both PB and handset
    . linux friendly

  83. 1. IMAP support for Gmail.

    2. Password manager

    3. An ad-blocking ability

    4. More capable file manager.

    5. Better bookmark ie being able to put bookmarks in user order, list view being able to be set as default.

  84. Video Player:
    – More video and audio codec
    – 10bit videos
    – Streaming from windows share/samba

  85. I could at last test an mkv video, I’m adding subtitle support in my previous post.
    Even if there’s no styling or color I’ll be OK with it.

  86. I have 700 emails on my playbook and I want to remove 600 in one go and I cannot figure out how to.
    I need help

    • Where does this go?

    • Jim, I think the fastest way is to manually select and then delete. To do this, swipe down from top within the message inbox and you should see copy, select, etc. I agree, they should add the delete all prior option that’s available on the devices.

  87. Skype or Majic Jack

  88. 1. Sync with Outlook.
    2. The ability to delete emails from PB w/o deleting from server.
    3. Did I mention “SYNC WITH OUTLOOK”?

    What were they thinking???

  89. Huh? I think mine syncs. Never noticed an issue. Maybe there is some delay but I haven’t really noticed a problem.

  90. No, Playbook does not sync Outlook emails, calendar, contacts in a non-enterprise (non-BES) environment via BlackBerry Desktop Manager – or any other way I know. – RIM has promised “a software fix” for the problem, which I presume means a new Desktop Manager version (the version 7 that got pulled within a day of release).

  91. OK. I’m on BES.

  92. Can you please add ARABIC LANGUAGE.

  93. Support AC3 audio in AVI

  94. Following Application Should present in Blackberry Play Book:
    1: Yahoo Messenger with Video and Voice Chat
    2: Google Talk
    3: Skype
    4: Blackberry Messenger without connecting Blackberry Bridge
    5: A Switch Off and Switch On Button should be in separate place (Always when I Increase or descrese volume I found by mistakly it is touching Power button.
    6: One serious draw back on App Store I faced
    When I start downloading any app which is larger one and some how inbetween If network fails and App world automatically cancel all downloads and if I am at 98% and network fails I need to restart it and reload everything from start, Solution should be something like if fails need to pause there it self and Resume back after connecting back to Network.
    7: Multiple downloads will get crash App World
    8: There is no way to report errors on Blackberry Playbook
    9: Web application with flash chat always crashes

  95. Since two weeks I own a PlayBook and I miss the following:

    – Folder support for IMAP (Honestly, how can you write a mail client with IMAP support and forget THIS???)
    – DLNA / UPnP client
    – CIFS client
    – Skype
    – PDF reader (the included one is a joke)

    I’m using BlackBerry phones since years and was always happy. Also because RIM has constantly improved them. But the PlayBook is disappointing me because of the missing features. I hope RIM will improve here soon!

  96. Add ability to synch Outlook Calendar and Contacts with PB via DM as can already be done with BB.
    Add Skype.
    Add ability to synch BB Calendar and Contacts with PB via Bridge.

  97. 1. A direct sync with Outlook1
    2. A volume / mute icon in the top of screen bar near the battery icon – i hate the stiff push buttons
    3. A better alarm clock feature
    4. Skype
    5. A better PowerPoint program that can play slide shows exactly like the saved file on my pc – transitions and effects..

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