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Free WiFi Manager Turns Wi-Fi On & Off Based on Your Location (CellID)

WiFi Manager WiFi Manager2

There have been a few Wi-Fi managers for BlackBerry that turned on and off your Wi-Fi connection based on your location but I think Wi-Fi Manager by PingDev is the first free one. Joseph let us know about this app and I have to say it works like a charm. You install it and then set up your location ID’s when you are in the location you want Wi-Fi to be on for and it just works in the background.

NOTE: When you install the app you will NOT see it as an icon on your homescreen. It integrates tightly with the Options/Settings on your BlackBerry. You need to go to the Options and the select Third Party Options (on BB7 Devices) and there you will see the settings screen.

You can pick up Wi-Fi Manager free in App World and let us know how it works for you!

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  1. I’ve been using this one for a few months now and it works great.

  2. This is NOT the first free one! Check out LittleBrother by @emacberry Software: or

  3. Ronen, thank you for this post this is great very small install size, works amazing!
    Def a keeper a must have app for anyone who forgets to turn on or off the wifi.

  4. This is something that should be built into every mobile phone and tablet. Also using SSID when there is no cell signal or GPS to determine location and adjust other settings would be great too. Using this I won’t have to keep switching wifi ON when I get to the office and then forgetting it on, draining my battery when I leave office. 🙂

    Will get it for my 9700 right now.

  5. But little brother is showing beta?

  6. I installed it, but it looks more like tracking/locating software rather than just wifi auto-sense/switch app.
    It has options to send e-mail when the device leaves certain area, or when it arrives certain location, looks like this is the main purpose.

    By other settings, I meant stuff such as ringtone, sleep timer, screen etc.. For example when I am driving and not connected to charger, I would love a way to keep the screen ON no matter what. (It’s OK if it drains the battery) I would like to see what is playing on Pandora without having to tap or grab my phone. This is not something related to littlebrother, but just an idea of what else can be incorporated.

  7. It’s a little rough around the edges but I’ve been using this for a couple months now and I swear by it. Took a day or two to add all the spots where I wanted it to enable Wi-Fi. Only downside (not the programmer’s fault) is that sometimes the area you’re in will have a different Cell ID depending on whether you’re connected to 3G or EDGE. So if there’s a chance the area you’re in has weak coverage spots you might want to manually switch your phone between 3G and EDGE and add each of those Cell IDs to WiFi Manager to ensure you stay connected regardless of what band you’re connected to with your mobile carrier.

  8. Shaun, I just arrived at my office, and wifi did not turn on as per the sector settings I chose. In the sector, coordinates automatically populate, so it should have identified the location and switch, but it didn’t. Any idea if I missed anything?

  9. @Huseyin: Not sure. As long as you chose to “Add Current Location” within the app while you were at work, it should remember it as a location where WiFi should be enabled. Also make sure the box at the top of the app is set to ‘enabled’.

    Consider going into Menu>Location Info in the app to see if the CellID for what you’re connected to at the time and the CellID of the location you added earlier are the same. It’s possible your carrier has multiple CellIDs in the same area so WiFi Manager isn’t activating WiFi because you’re not connected to the CellID it’s waiting for. I know at home I’ve actually identified and added SIX CellIDs so far that I’ve had to add to ensure WiFi is always enabled.

    Good luck!

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