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4G LTE & 3G+ HSPA+ BlackBerry PlayBooks Gets FCC Approval (1.5Ghz + NFC)

PlayBook 4G FCC

If you had any question on when the 4G LTE and 3G+ HSPA+ packing PlayBooks would be launching this should be a clear sign. Engadget spotted both of the devices clearing FCC approval with 1.5Ghz processors and NFC added to the mix. The 4G LTE radios seem to support the frequencies for AT&T and carriers in Canada but no word on Verizon. We have not found much else in the filings but if you do let us know!

Check out the FCC filings for the PlayBook here and here

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  1. I can’t wait! I love my current PB but will gladly pass on to my mother to make room for the new 4g LTE PB.

  2. oh my

    Will carriers offer both? or only 1 depending on their network?

  3. I don’t see the need for it. I know, someone’s going to say they don’t own a BlackBerry phone…but still..

    • I have been doing some more research lately, in Canada we have the ability to have share plans thus eliminating the need persay for 2 expensive data plans.

      In theory if I wanted the LTE Playbook, I would only have to pay $16 bucks per month to share the data with my phone and get a hardware discount

      If I didn’t need a hardware discount, it would be 11 bucks per month to share data with the device

      • If the LTE playbook can fall back to HSPA+ I am going to be all over this

        My wife has a sweet shared plan where we pay 10 bucks per month for 5 gigs of data

        Rogers won’t let us transfer to LTE though

      • I have no issues whatsoever with the bridge. So unless you didn’t need a phone at all, and only wanted a tablet, I can see having it. But if you have a phone…why pay for extra data plan.Course, the discount sounds nice too. lol

  4. That’s great news. My guess is that RIM will probably formally announce and demo the new models during BlackBerry World, the timing looks perfect for that.

    • all previous rumors point to April release

      I think Blackberry World will be ALL ABOUT BB10

      A new gen Playbook would be lost in the shuffle

      • Not sure it will be lost. With a big announcement like that should come with and big update to the current and new PlayBook. With bb7 to follow. Then maybe bb10 three months after that.

  5. Honestly since sprint doesn’t have LTE yet i’ll pass on this PlayBook. Don’t see the purpose of this if I can bridge without additional charges. My only concern is will I have to jump ship back to Verizon if sprint doesn’t get an LTE BlackBerry. I will cry if I ever have to see the day that happens.

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