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RIM Hits 25 Million+ Global Social Media Fans

BlackBErry Communities

If there is one thing you could say about RIM’s interaction with their fans in the last few years is that they have become way more social. Two years ago you would have been shocked to see VPs and RIM employees taking part in forums and BerryReview comments. Now it has become commonplace for RIM to engage their fans where they are. That is not to say that RIM does not have more they can do but it is encouraging to see them announce passing the 25 million+ global social media fans on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and their blogs along with other global and regional social networks. Here is how they break down globally:

  • Europe Middle East and Africa:  2.2 million+
  • Latin America:  4.4 million+
  • Asia Pacific:  4.2 million+
  • Corporate / North America: 16.3 million+
  • Total: 27.1 million fans and followers globally

If you have not already seen it I highly recommend checking out RIM’s slick BlackBerry Communities page which is for North America. You can also find them on their BlackBerry Worldwide Facebook page. To give some perspective RIM also sent us a list of their social rankings from a few sources:

BlackBerry Social Media Rankings

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  1. The rankings are more interesting than the numbers. It seems Wall Street clearly doesn’t care about social networking.

    On the plaus side this might indicate that a really impressive BB10 device could go viral.

    My latest thought is that if BB10 doesn’t offer anything more than a catch-up to iPhone, that’s OK as long as RIM prices it right (like $100 less). Playbook should have taught RIM a lesson in this regard.

    TH says he doesn’t want to be another Android producer because of low profits and that owning the whole infrastructure and your own OS creates value. Yes, true, but right now that infrastructure is generating very little value beyond BBM so please price products accordingly and raise prices as network adds more value.

    One lesson in the basic economics of networks is that their value is rising exponentially in the number of users in the network. Job 1 for RIM is to get as many people on BB10 phones as possible and that means low prices. PLEASE!

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