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RIM Updates App World Device Breakdown Stats (Free & Premium)

App World Stats

We told you last week that RIM slipped in a little stat about the PlayBook making up 22% of paid app downloads in App World. Tim Neil from RIM followed up with us in the comments and confirmed that number and let us know that he has also updated the stats on the App World developers page. It now shows the full breakdown for November 1st, 2011 until February 1st, 2012.

Its nice to see OS 4.0 getting negligible though OS 5.0 still accounts for a huge portion of free and paid downloads. RIM needs to find a way to get OS 7.0 devices into those users hands. Still OS 6.0 and 7.0 keep growing compared to RIM’s last update at DevCon Americas. Check out the breakdown here.

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  1. Jesus H Christ!!

    51% of Free Downloads are onto OS 5/4!!!

    OS 5/4!!!!!!!!!!

    There in lies RIM’s problem

  2. after OS5 innovation has pretty much come to a standstill. App world on phones is in my book creepy (compared with Playbook) with lots of 1995-ish black hourglass, poorly designed apps that come from the worst-on-record developer tools.

    So many people were burnt so bad with Storm1/2 and old Curves, in part because of App world, that they jump ship after a 2y contract, which explains why OS7 devices are not doing well.

    you harvest what you seed.

    Part of the student Be Bold campaign should be students donating to a fund to push RIM to be bold and come up with top-notch phones with quality software…. dual-core phones have been around for a full year now and not having one with a BB logo is a shame.

  3. I wish they could get all those pre-OS5 users to move up to newer phones. As a developer, its a pain to keep supporting them, but there are just enough of them out there that its hard to justify cutting them off.

    • Actually as of the end of last week, I have decided to do just that. I will not be supporting OS 4.x any longer.

      Also I find it interesting that they included PlayBook downloads in the same chart…

  4. Totally agree with you guys, they have to find away of moving these OS4 and 5 users directly to OS7 or at least buying time until BB10 is out.

    I find when ppl speak about RIM devices they are often talking about a BB8520 or BB9000 old slow, sluggish, clock spinning phones.

    BB9000 or BB9810 FTW….even a 9360.

  5. I finally got to jump from OS4/5 to OS7. It’s miles better. The problem is, the OS5 user base is the unhappy group, and the company needs to do what they can to get them all on OS7. OS7 is a transition OS anyway, so why not take a big margin hit and get those users on App world? They can make up profit losses through app sales.

    Playbook 2’s sales are surprising. It shows that despite a small user base of no more than 800k to 1.2M, that (1) expensive apps still sell and (2) good apps sell. $9.99 for dead space is a steal compared to other games and the same title on another system, for example.

    I’ve bought 5-10 Playbook apps already. I have never bought an app for blackberry (probably due to OS5 running so poorly on them).

  6. There are some excellent comments here regarding the trouble RIM are having – much of it self inflicted.

    The black hour glass is a lot more damaging than people seem to realize. I had several of my sons friends in the car the other day and asked them what it was they preferred with the iPhone over the Blackberrys they had been given by their parents and everyone of them said they are sick and tired of not being able to use their phones for a minute or two because the stupid hour class or clock comes up all the time.

    I have to admit I agree.

    As for pricing RIM really needs to get a grip. A $9.99 app costs £10 in the UK, which is a massive currency rip-off.

    RIM constantly amaze me (and lots of other people) as to how they can annoy people for no reason. Take the latest free app giveaway that is only available to Blackberry users in the US. Are RIM so stupid that they don’t realize we all have access to the Internet and so we all know what is going on.

    I want to see RIM succeed as I am not an Apple or Google fan, but alas, it seems RIM are determined to put themselves out of business.

  7. Not to mention the 6-10 minutes to reboot a phone….If you have to update 4-5 apps that is easily an hour. They better come damn good with BB10 and associated phones. I don’t need a billion apps, just premium apps and EXTREMELY good hardware….else I am off to WinMo.

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