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BlackBerry PlayBook Best Selling Tablet Last Week In Canada

ScreenHunter_02 Mar. 02 17.06The BlackBerry PlayBook is selling in Canada, enough to be the #1 Selling tablet at both Best Buy, and Future Shop. RIM let us know about the news earlier today and they also mentioned it on Twitter.  The combination of the PlayBook OS 2.0 update, and lower prices is driving consumers to get their hands on the device. I have done some traveling and each time somebody sees me using the device they ask about it. The first thing they usually say is that the UI looks cool, and the swiping gestures look easy to use. The PlayBook saw a rocky launch, specially from critics who love the idea of bashing RIM each time they have a chance, but is good to see most of those negative news changing slowly. Things can only get better for BlackBerry now that we know that PlayBook OS 2.0 will be the foundation for BlackBerry 10 devices. 

RIM also sent out the following information about the growing interest from developers:

We’re seeing some strong interest from Android developers, too – close to 6,225 apps have been submitted to BlackBerry App World as of February 29, 1,827 apps have been approved and there are over 3,000 pending review.

BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 offers users new features that include the integrated email client with a powerful unified inbox, social Integration with Calendar and Contacts apps, the updated BlackBerry® Bridge™ app, improved mobile productivity, and new apps and content.

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  1. Go rim go!

  2. Way to go RIM!! The Playbook is awesome, great to see it catching on!

  3. Do that in the US and I’ll be impressed.

  4. We don’t know the numbers yet but there must be some good up take in the US market. The PB has been selling out south of the border as well. I’m looking forward to hearing The product numbers soon.

  5. Hello I’m from Italy and I both a playbook and I love it but please I ‘m sure that applications like Skype or Tango or fring too are so much importants for that amazing tablet soon. Blackberry doesn’t loose other time to think that. And I’m sure that playbook will be a famous wonderful tablet in all over the world.

  6. What do you think in Canada about the future of this tablet? And what about Skype?

    • I think it has a strong future based on my personal experience with it plus I also know of several die-hard ipad fans who switched to Playbook once they actually got one in their hands for a few hours.

  7. I’m from Saudi Arabia… Last weekend my friend want to buy a playbook so bad… He was impressed With os 2… So, We went to jarirbookstore, stc branches, extra… (we went to 8 stores) the playbook was sold out!!!! And I find a lot of people asking for it! I was surprised tbh.. RIM fighting < Korean style

  8. Still to many bugs with the update. Even if RIM brings out a great new tablet nobody will pay more than $199 for it and they can’t make them for that.

    • The only bug I experience is the android player which will not load an app every now and again. They need to fix that.

  9. PlayBook before OS2 really work great for me. Got access to all my emails without a BlackBerry phone. It is very portable and versatile. OS2 makes it even better. Best Value tablet

  10. I am really impressed with the playbook and OS 2.0.

    I have a ipad 1, but because of the size and lack of websites I could visit I found I it was not getting used all the often.

    The playbook is the perfect size to take with and has replaced my note pad at all meeting and as my mine email client as I can download and review word, excel documents and, watch great video presentations.

    When their is no wifi hotspot when I am out and about (which is rare these days), I just connect to my BB and I am on the net.

  11. Playbook is a nice tablet, It is very handy for professionals in their day to day activity. The release of Play Book2.0 OS which integrates native email,calendar and using Blackberry phone as remote is quite nice.

  12. Mine works great, fast, smooth, lots of new apps every day. RIM signed almost 7,000 new devs in just about a month so I’m expecting more quality apps.

  13. Kinda sounds like the PlayBook is picking up around the world, job well done RIM. Keep it up. By that I mean, RIM supply the people with there Skype app. If that’s out of the question, could you please supply us with a web site that our PC and MAC friends could use their Web cams with our PlayBooks? Thank you in advance.
    That’s what it’s going to take to get Skype to our PB.

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