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Latest PlayBook Commercial Heading in the Right Direction

PlayBook Ad

One of my friends sent over this latest video RIM has posted on their YouTube page and I have to say I am impressed. This is one of the best BlackBerry commercials I have seen from RIM to date. The story essentially has this guy proposing using his PlayBook over bridge but it is very well executed. Check it out below:

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  1. There is no link for the video.

  2. I saw this right after 2.0 launch and was very impressed

    I haven’t seen this hit the tv yet though

    actually I haven’t seen any playbook ads hit

  3. Keep it coming with the commercials RIMM.

  4. Aw That’s a great ad! Snif, snif… I love it. 🙂

  5. The ad is pretty stupid. It focuses on non nonsensical emotions more than what the product can actually deliver. The emotions should be secondary to the features and here it looks like its playing the primary role. Besides the whole proposal thing is a stale subject to exploit anyways. Might work with some college kids I guess.

  6. A pretty good start. It’s definitely better than the ‘be bold’ ads they currently have. Those ones are embarrassing.

    Personally, I think rim has to start hiring celebrities with personality to bring up the hype for bb/pb. Think Kobe and his nike ads, or steve nash with fifa11/12, vitamin water, etc. I think those type of funny / cool ads would do wonders for rim. Nash would probably be an ideal choice given that hes Canadian too.

    • Pffft forget everyone else

      1 word


      He is canadian and already uses a BB

      It would cost a shit load, but it would bring in a HUGE demographic

      • Great idea!

        All you need is to have Beiber do an endorsement on it, give him a free BB9900 as long as he publishes that PIN at his concerts (just like the Blackeye Peas) and all those kids who don’t already have a BB will be clamouring their parents to get one so they can have his PIN. It would be a great investment spend! 🙂 And the Beibe can reach even more screaming hysterical fans! LOL.

        Or maybe just flash his PIN on a 30 second ad… there would be absolute craziness…

      • If Bieber would do an ad for RIM they couldn’t produce enough playbooks and handsets to fill demand. They should pay him $50 million plus give him a cut of all sales over the next year.
        The guy is huge. I’m not sure there is a bigger star in the world today.

        No I’m not a fan but you have to admire him and his managers.

        RIMM is afraid because they think Bieber is not cool like Diplo. If you just said D-who? then you got my point.

        There are a tons of Celebs that use RIM’s products they need to start playing that up.

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