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Another Two PlayBook Commercials Show Off OS 2.0

 PlayBook Ads

We just mentioned one of the new PlayBook OS 2.0 videos that hit YouTube but readers let us know about two more. There is one from ClaroBlogPeru (via BBOS) that really goes all out showing the adaptability of the tablet. The second one is more remenicient of RIM’s previous “lifestyle” commercials so I am not that crazy about it but it does show off the new OS 2.0 functionality. Let us know what you think!

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  1. The first add really shows the capabilities. I’m just not sure where it will be played. It’s too long for TV, but maybe I’m just too old. If they get this on facebook somehow it might be good.

    The only thing with on-line advertising is you kinf of have to be interested already, you have to click on the playbook ad. Lots of American’t won’t even look at a Blackberry product. So a more passive 30 second TV ad is likely what’s needed to drive people to these longer ads.

  2. In the first ad, the last 15 seconds says it all. That’s all they really have to show on a passive TV ad. The ad seen in whole is great, but it would be hard to book a 2+ minutes ad on TV, that would cost hundreds of thousands, but the last 15 seconds or so, is perfect. It recaps everything the PB can do and shows it in writing and provides a perfect tagline: “Who says you can’t take it with you”… add that to “Be Bold” (with a Blackberry phone ad following) and you create a cohesive slogan and image.

  3. The one from Peru is great. RIM really could have the ultimate personal device in its hands if it decides to bring its strength (security, cloud, social integration) to the tablet world.

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