MobileVoip App Lets You Make VoIP Calls Over Wi-Fi Using Certain SIP Services

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Finarea has released a relatively nice looking VoIP client that supposedly works with 55 or so different VoIP providers. My gut feeling is that these VoIP brands look awfully similar to be actual different companies but the service actually works. It allows you to make VoIP calls over Wi-Fi connections (no 3G VoIP support) and it seems to work for most. There are some people complaining in the reviews but I had a friend try it and call me and he had no problem.

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The MobileVoip app is free in App World but you need to buy minutes from one of the VoIP carriers supported by the app. Check out the details here in App World.

Kudos to Shahzoor for pointing this one out!

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  1. Actually it works over 3G as well, I have made successful call over 3G. they might have a threshold on signal strength, which they may prevent you to login, but it definitely works

  2. Does anyone have suggestion on SIP providers? There are so many of them, and god knows which one is worth using and which one is a waste of money.
    I am waiting for my 9930 from VZW and I hope I can use one of these to make calls overseas to various countries. Since I generally talk while I am on the move, it is essential that VOIP to work over 3G or EVDO.

    • Huseyin, If you have the signal strength for 3G where you are travelling and this app is doing the trick over 3G it’s then a matter of finding a provider that offers good rates to the countries you dial. Most providers here in the states offer unlimited plans in the US, that’s the easy part. I’d suggest finding a provider that lists their international rates for countries you make the bulk of your calls to. Send me a note directly and I’ll make a suggestion from our provider partners.

      [email protected]

  3. Huseyin, if you need SIP provider suggestions check out the service quotes here:

    Takes about a minute to fill out the form, there’s no obligation, and you’ll get up to 5 quotes from various providers.

    • Thanks Nathan,
      It looks like the quotation is generally for business level VOIP services, I am guessing that the results will be business-focused services. In my company, I am probably the only one thinking about this and I would consider this personal use (eventhough calls overseas will mostly be business related). I am not sure if this suits the VOIPsupply’s range of providers.

  4. Any one idea for mobile voip dialer for blackberry 9220,pls send details

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