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RIM Details Some of the Improvements in PlayBook OS 2.0 Browser for Developers

PlayBook Browser

RIM has taken the BlackBerry PlayBook browser a huge step further in PlayBook OS 2.0 but they did not detail most of the updates. Now the web team has done a nice job of detailing why web developers can “now build stable web apps” as apposed to previously. They have also shared some of the nice perks and feelings as to why they think this will take HTML5 and BlackBerry WebWorks further.

Here are some of the new technologies they have baked in:

  • Support for WebGL, including 3D context and native binary data. Take advantage of Open GL ES technology and 3D graphics in your BlackBerry application content.
  • Updated Web Inspector is now designed with better debugging support. New features such as settings menu, network panel, contextual menus and pretty print JavaScript® make it easier for developers to debug and optimize their web content.
  • HTML5 canvas is now hardware accelerated, meaning it is designed for faster performance and higher frame-per-second (FPS) rendering of 2D graphics content.
  • CSS3 accelerated animations and transforms are now smoother thanks to high quality service improvements to graphics rendering for the engine.
  • Added FileReader API, which is designed to search, retrieve and display files from the BlackBerry Tablet OS shared folder, and helps integrate camera pictures, videos, music and documents from the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet into your web applications.
  • Improved HTML5 support including new form fields (keygen, output, meter) and input types (text, search, tel, url, email, datetime, date, month, week, time, datetime-local, number, range).
  • Enhanced XmlHttpRequest object adds support for text and array buffer response type

They also shared some of their Torch mobile and browser development teams sentiments in their blog post which are quite interesting:

“I know many web developers who now use the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet as their mobile development and testing environment of choice. The support for remote Web Inspector is simply awesome, and a year after we introduced it, remains a defining aspect of our approach to mobile web development. We have made it even better!”

– Laurent Hasson, Technical Director, Web platform

“Personally I’m most excited about all the graphics and animation improvements (CSS3, HTML, canvas, WebGL). I think we’re most proud about being able to bring the full web to tablet – proper implementation of the standards and specifications coupled with a rich, touch-friendly user experience.”

– George Staikos, Vice President, Web Technologies

Check out the full details here in Adam’s post on the subject

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  1. Looking forward to see what people will do with WebGL 🙂

    HTML5 canvas is slightly better. I’m getting 45fps. OS 7 does 21.
    CSS3 transitions are smoother. There used to be big jumps at the start or end of the animation.
    And check out this demo of Alice:
    click on the pendulum button, bottom row.

    Now we need more APIs (compass, bbm, notifications, steal addressbook) and node.js

  2. How about some of the update for the average end-users like the ability to edit bookmarks and the like would be nice.


  3. Seems like the bug reports are coming in and devs are not happy. RIM pulled a fast one by shipping an OS that nobody had tested and there are more than a few problems with rendering or event management…

  4. >>Seems like the bug reports are coming in and devs are not happy. RIM pulled a fast one by shipping an OS that nobody had tested and there are more than a few problems with rendering or event management…

    That is a pretty irresponsible comment to make.


    • Sorry if it makes you feel uncomfortable. It’s the truth.
      The last beta of OS 2.0 didn’t break WebWorks apps, but the final release does. Nobody got a chance to play with that version.

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