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Review: Arctic Charging Station


[Rating: 10]
Pricing: $29.95 (MSRP)

Update: Some users are reporting issues with their Blackberry device. Arctic lists only 9700 as having issues at this time. My 9100 worked fine. The issue is coming from the fast charging mechanism.

One of the newest Arctic products (they are well known in cooling and audio products) line is the Charging Station. Arctic was very kind to send us a review unit right after its availability. The package comes with the Charger Pro 4, 2 USB Power Extension Cables – 2m (6ft) each, plugs for US/Europe/UK, cable ties and a cable organizer.

Setting up the charger was a breeze, it has 4 USB ports. Simply plug the charger to the wall and plug your existing USB cables for your device to the charger and you are good to go. Arctic thought the product nicely. The two extension cables (they are specially designed with minimal power loss) allows you to run cables from behind your desk and the sturdy metal cable organizer hold your cables neatly. I loved the fact that Arctic even thought of including 8 small cable ties with the package, so you have everything neat and tidy.


The Charging Station is rated as 5V – 2.5 A, weighs only 81 gr. (0.15 lbs). With its 4 plugs, it can charge 4 devices at the same time and it does it fast. Most of the other USB chargers are rated around 0.5 to 1A (with the exception of Blackberry Playbook charger, which is also 2.5 A), so depending upon how many devices you are charging at the same time, you can get very quick charging times.


The cable organizer is stainless steel, very sturdy and it V shape crevices can accompany different cable diameters easily. Underneath it is a non-slippery felt material. So when it is on your desk/table, it is not going anywhere.


I like the included extension cables. These are specifically designed for power transfer. A regular USB cable at these lengths loses 2.71 volts, whereas these only lose about 0.23. This converts into quicker charge times.



Overall it is a well built product with lots of thought put into it and it works great with my Blackberry 9100, Playbook and other devices. I don’t have to occupy 4 plugs for my devices and I can charge them quickly. You can get the Charger Pro 4 by itself for $19.95, but for an extra $10, you get the extension cords as well as the organizer. I highly recommend it.

– High powered unit quickly charges
– All in one solution, including extension cables and organizer

– I wish they included 4 extension cords, they work great.

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  1. Any chance of a follow up article with some more detail on this ? How long does it take to charge devices vs. a standard charger ? How long does it take to charge the playbook ? What devices was it tested with ? I don’t mean to be critical, but every bit of info about the product in this review can be obtained from the Arctic website.

    Arctic’s own website says it charges Apple devices quickly, and that it doesn’t even work with a BlackBerry 9700. It doesn’t even list any BlackBerry devices as being supported.

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