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FileScout & FileScoutLite Celebrate Their 3rd Birthday Today With a Sale


EmacBerrys FileScout & FileScoutLite are celebrating their 3rd birthday since they were officially released to the public. In case you are not familiar with them the premium FileScout and free FileScoutLite apps really tore through the market 3 years ago and rose to become the best file managers available for BlackBerry smartphones. It is hard to believe it has been 3 years since it first launched and there have been many improvements over the years.

EmacBerry let us know that they have put the premium FileScout version on sale for $1.99 in App World along with releasing a new updated FileScout & FileScoutLite (OTA here) for the occasion earlier this month. Here are the latest updates:

  • DevConEurope perceptions have been integrated (Thanks again D.Brown & G.Klaasen)

    This year in Amsterdam I have learned few more things about the BlackBerry JavaVM and how to behave as an app running in a BlackBerry device. After the event I have reviewed a lot of my code and made use of the new knowledge.

    Most of these changes are tiny little ones – which are hard to mention and explain – but the overall handling of the app seams to be much smoother.

    Just as one example here: When you rename a file and the complete file name will be marked. Once you decided to delete the complete old name then cursor position display will be finally correct in this new build.

    Another example is for touch devices where it could had happen that selecting a sub folder would had instantly marked a file in the directory that will be opened – this is finally solved in v2.8.0.2.

  • ImageViewer – The image pre-loading and caching of the ImageViewer have been completely reimplemented and should be now way more smoother and you should see the clock/hourglass way more seldom, if at all.
  • Image Thumbnail generation & loading – Also as consequence of the code review the original thumbnail loading and caching code have been thrown over board and has been created from scratch – I really hope you will notice the difference in the app.
  • Checking the 6MiB file size limit when sending file(s) via BBM™ – Sending files via BBM™ is limited to a maximal file size of six megabytes. When you try to send larger files in the current version of the BBM™ SDK simply nothing happens after you have selected the recipients. In order to avoid this confusing situation FileScout is already checking for the max file size limit and does not display the BBM™ in the ‘Send To…’ dialog if the file size limit is exceeded

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