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PlayBook OS 2.0 Seems to Use SwiftKey X Keyboard & Fluency Engine


When I first played with PlayBook OS 2.0 with Jeff Gadway I knew the predictive text engine looked familiar. It looks like there may be a reason for that according to an Easter Egg spotted by Kevin @CrackBerry. SwiftKey X is a very popular third party keyboard for Android and the new PlayBook OS 2.0 keyboard has the same predictive wording where it suggests the name of Phil Collins and Ben Medlock (The CTO of SwiftKey).

SwiftKey IMG_00000033

I looked in the legal notices for PlayBook OS 2.0 and did not notice any licenses for SwiftKey X but that could mean it simply did not need a written license. What is interesting is that SwiftKey X is really just a proof of concept project for their parent company TouchType Ltd and their core technology which is their Fluency prediction engine. It could be RIM only incorporated the Fluency prediction engine and not the full SwiftKey X keyboard.

According to their product page for Fluency here are the features:

  1. Superior prediction performance – around 84% of words are predicted within two or fewer characters
  2. Intelligent next word prediction – nearly 1/3 of next words are predicted without any character entry
  3. Dynamic learning and personalization – predictions rapidly tailored to individual writing style and vocabulary
  4. Mistyping correction – reduces high input error rates made on small mobile keyboards
  5. Dual-language predictions – the world’s first keyboard that allows text entry in two languages simultaneously
  6. Fast-growing language coverage – our technology allows support for new languages to be deployed fast (14 as of Jan ‘11)

It is that last feature that really has me excited. There are quite a few PlayBook owners that are hoping for more language coverage ASAP!

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  1. Glad they went with SwiftKey and not Swype – from what I have heard from Android users SwiftKey is favoured over Swype. Especially on the 7-inch form factor.

  2. Good to see they went with one of the better keyboards.

    Problem with Swype is that it doesn’t work very well for tap typing, which more PB users are going to be familiar with than swyping. Also, swyping on that large of a screen just isn’t as necessary.

  3. Too bad it doesn’t support 2 languages at the same time and tap-to-correct in all apps.

  4. Swiftkey X is awesome. I use it on my droid phone and tablet. I would like to see RIM have the spit keyboard to PB. Typing is a breeze with thumbs.
    Here is what I’m talking about.

  5. It’s funny, I find Swiftkey horrible on Android. The way it corrects words by splitting them in half is pathetic. Smart keyboard is much better for that or the default ICS keyboard.

  6. Love the improvements and additional functions of OS 2.0. However, I would like a universal search option added to the onscreen keyboard, as well the ability to access my top dock icons without having to swipe the app up. It would also be nice if they including a Sirius radio app as well.The extra control of swiping speed from 1 open application to another is wonderful and the prediction text is very helpful. The acquisition of Gist is evident in the messages, contacts and calendar. It’s great to see all of your contacts even if their not in your contact list. All in all, a terrific upgrade, well done RIMM.

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