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PlayBook Native & Bridge Browser Working Over AT&T BlackBerry Bridge Connection?

Bridge ATT

I am not sure when this changed but its news to me so I thought I would see how many others have noticed it. Originally when the PlayBook launched you were able to browse the web through the bridge browser on AT&T which caused AT&T to push RIM to block bridge app downloads for AT&T customers. Then RIM gave AT&T the option to block browsing over Bridge on AT&T and knowing the wonderful people at AT&T they immediately went about blocking it.

Now with PlayBook OS 2.0 I can suddenly browse over the BlackBerry Bridge Browser again on AT&T through my BlackBerry Bold 9900. Both the native PlayBook Browser and the Bridge Browser are working over AT&T’s Bridge connection and they are super zippy. The only reason I can think this might be intentional on AT&T’s part is because I recently had to switch from their grandfathered unlimited plan to their $30/month for 3GB plan.

If you are an AT&T BlackBerry user and PlayBook owner please let me know what you have experienced!

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  1. I noticed this a couple months ago on Rogers in Canada, I think when I upgraded to 1.07 or 1.06 it opened up browsing on the native browser.

  2. I no longer have a bridge browser icon, however the normal browser seems to be switching to bridged mode when the wifi was off. At least I was reading Crackberry from it this morning over the bridge using “Browser”.

  3. I do not have a bridge browser any more. But bridged connection is really slow…

  4. I always download the rroyy one so I know it works with att.

  5. please help i cannt find my bridge browser icon…and the bbm messenger takes all the time to open

  6. I can open both the bridge browser and the native browser, however, both give me a message that I need the tethering feature on my data plan to access the internet over the bridge. I have the gradfathered unlimited enterprise plan.

  7. I upgraded my playbook and poof—my bridge disappeared from my handheld 9700. AT&T is who I think it is…I don’t know for sure; I used a work around link to download it last time but every time I try and download from the app world to my handheld, an error comes up. Any help on a new way to get it on the handheld?

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