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BlackBerry Playbook OS 2.0.7971 now live


We knew it was coming and now the eagle has finally landed. PlayBook OS 2.0 is now rolling out fresh from RIM’s servers for you to enjoy and pick apart on your own PlayBook. Pick up your PlayBook and start mashing that “Check for Updates” button regularly.

Let us know what you find!

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  1. Downlopading here in Sydney now – 396 mb.

    Time 9. O3 PM ish start

  2. wooo…. great… later go home and upgrade it… oh yeah

  3. yep out now in UK

  4. Got it here in Canada now – Yeah !

  5. Here it is! Its-am-coming-in! Been waiting for this – hope it’s good.

  6. 100% – Installing…..

  7. So, after all the hype, what date, what time, what time zone, it has finally arrived.

    I hope it was worth the wait for the Blackberry lovers, but will it be of interest to those of us who do not have a Blackberry phone? I will watch the reviews with interest.

    • Hi Roy,
      Ty from RIM here. I’d argue that the BlackBerry PlayBook functions nicely as a standalone tablet capable of remote PC access, full web browsing, editing documents on the go and delivering HD multimedia, among other things. With the arrival of PlayBook 2.0, there’s even more for non-BlackBerry smartphone users to be excited about. For work, OS 2.0 gives you tight email and social integration for any email account, combining your email and social messages together in a unified inbox for easy viewing. For play, we’ve added more games, Android runtime apps, and the Video Store application, which allows you to watch movies on your PlayBook or on your HDTV via the PlayBook tablet’s HDMI port.
      To learn what PlayBook OS 2.0 is all about, I recommend checking out this new post on our Inside BlackBerry Blog:
      Ty, RIM Social Media Team

      • I agree, there is a lot to look forward to for non-Blackberry smartphone users, even if HD multimedia gets a #fail for the lack of DLNA support.

      • Thanks for the reply Ty.

        What I did not say in this query was that I spend lots of time chatting with a friend using skype video call.

        Unless I have got it totally wrong, the playbook can only video chat with another playbook. So unless my friend buys a playbook as well then I might as well rely on a laptop with a wireless broadband dongle.

        Thanks for the response anyway.

        By the way, does RIM have any plans to offer skype video chat (or similar) to encourage video call users to buy the playbook?

        PS. I have noted lots of playbook users complaining about the lack of skype. Is there a technical or contractual reason for not having a skype video call option, or is it just to force people to use the blackberry video option?

        • Video Chat is only available on PlayBook, yes. But that is a standard trait of other such apps. There are other apps that do “video calls” across platforms, available for PlayBook, too. Skype is owned by Microsoft and guess what they favor… PlayBook can now run Android apps too, so…

      • Why can I not download and read books from a public library? Am I missing something?

  8. Out here in asia too. But won’t be updating till I clear my memory. 🙁

  9. Rebooting now in the UK!

    I really hope it delivers, I opted for the PB instead of an iPad, mainly for BB Bridge so that I could use on the move.

  10. Oups..! A small update already: 2.000.7971

    • On the two playbooks I’ve got going here they both started with roughly 510mb files at 2.000.7971

      Both of my PB’s were running beta 2.0 before this morning. (Vancouver, Canada)

  11. 😀 its amazing!!!! UK…

  12. it’s available now in the UK just downloaded it now going to play

  13. Ok, so where are the new apps?
    All my historic emails downloading! (why)

    Great for communication but I feel we have been cheated!!

  14. So does this mean that the playbook is not too good for those without a Blackberry phone, or those wanting to video chat with contacts who do not have playbooks?

    I know that the playbook is discounted, but if I have to buy a new phone as well, and talk my friends into buying playbooks then it is not such a bargain.

    Can someone please convince me what I would gain if I bought a playbook.

  15. Typing this on PlayBook 2.0! Love the predictive keyboard! Haven’t been able to set up the email etc. yet because I don’t know all the server information but hope to soon.

    Nice improvement now bring on the apps!

  16. I like the new keyboard 🙂

  17. updating now………..

  18. Woohoooo! Downloading in Canada! 408MB

  19. Help, the update keeps saying interrupted, I have restarted this update several times once getting the download to reach 100% then install 100% but then it said once againg update interrupted WTF! I’m close to the router and my playbook is plugged in A/C won’t could be wrong. I can’t get the blacklight to stay on pass 5 mins. I wonder if this is the problem. It only allows up to 5 mins the backlight. HELP!

  20. i dont have android apps or app player on my playbook

  21. I dont see any new android apps , netflix or skype ?
    maybe i expected too much from the update.

  22. Downloaded it this morning when I woke up. Haven’t had a chance to play with it yet, will do that tonight.

    @Brenda, I am sure the servers are all chocked since everyone around the world is downloading. Try again in a couple of hours.

    @Zak, there isn’t going to be an app player like an app in PB OS 2. It is integrated into the OS itself. So when Android apps are ported over it will run just as any other app runs on it. There are android apps in app world so if you download these it will work without you seeing the app player.

    • But, why no one else is having this problem?

      • I don’t think you have a server issue since you get a full download (100%) and almost a full install.

        This seems like an issue for Blackberry support. Remember your device is less than a year old. They should provide service. My guess is they will have you wipe the device and use desktop manager to download the new OS, but I don’t know much and if you call them they may have a simpler solution.

      • @Brenda – I have been having this issue the whole afternoon, it actually got to 99% installing and then it said interrupted 🙁

  23. Downloading now in Sri Lanka

  24. Don’t see the android apps….

  25. i’m having the same problem as Brenda.
    i hope it’ll work. i can’t wait

  26. O.K installed.
    I just didn’t let it fade out and kept my finger on the screen.
    restarting now in Israel !

  27. How setup my yahoo email

  28. Update downloads 100% then gives me a message that d/l was interrupted and to try again. It has done this 6 times already. Blackberry support is NON EXISTENT unless you pay or the unit is less than 90- days old. This OS was the test for me. Looks like I am going back to iPad ot rock and chisel.

  29. No android apps…anybody know why?

  30. Ok, just so people know. There are Android Apps repackaged for the Playbook. They just aren’t differentiated into Android Apps, or Webworks, Native SDK etc. They are all just apps. So you will find some of your favorite android apps if you know exactly what you are looking for. Just search for the name. Plus new ones are being approved all the time so there will be a bunch more by this weekend.

    eg. it is my understanding that the WordPress app is the same app from Android that has been ported over not a newly designed up.

    Also there are a few apps that have android in their heading or description so if you search for android these will show up. But the android title is being edited out, so slowly that wouldn’t even show anything.

  31. Installing now @ SG… a long wait but worth it…

  32. Had the same issues as Brenda when downloading 2.0 but then I made sure it would not fade out and it finally downloaded completely. It is restarting now.

  33. Brenda … same thing happened to me last night but it was late and I thought I’d try again this morning. Bugger! Same thing as you.

    Anyhow it seems that the screen timeout is the issue so I fired up my “Flip Clock” app to keep the screen alive and bingo it worked. You could also just keep ‘tickling’ the screen to stop it from going to sleep.

    This is a long standing issue with the Playbook i.e only having a maximum of 5 minutes before sleep even when plugged into the handy Blackberry Playbook hub/ stand thingy.

    • ….thought this was a clever workaround so I dl’d Flip Clock and ran it while I tried the update for the 8th time. Got the same message after 100% downloaded….”download interrupted…do it again”! I wish someone from BB would get on the forum and help their custoners out while they are still customers.

      • …so I decided to just wipe the damned thing. Update worked after that. Painful upgrade to get it to where it should have been when it launched.

  34. Spent a few hours, still cannot find the build in Android app player.

    • It isn’t present as an app if that’s what you are looking for. If you download an Android app and try run it will automatically launch the app player. For example download “Whack a pussy” and try it.

      • Thanks for your reply. But from a YouTube demo, it shows an app named “Android”, and opened an app from it.

        • That is probably from the OS 2 beta testing. The Alpha testing for the Android runtime had an app that you side load and then run Android apps from. That was before it was incorporated into the Playbook OS as a component.

          • Thanks, that makes sense. How do I download apps then? Via app world?

            • Yes, via app world. Now go have some fun with OS 2!

              • ….seriously? There is a kindle app for android…not in app store. There is netflix for android….not in app store. Guess the ability to run android apps is not really accurate.

                • I think they are holding some stuff back for announcement at mobile world congress next week.

                • Brad, I think you’re really missing the point. The ability to run android alps are mainly for developers to play around with. I’ve converted nearly 20 top paid android apps and it works like a charm. That is the fun of it all. If yu can’t be arsed to make use of the android runtime features go get a stupid ipad.

                  PS I’m using android Google navigation with tethered connection from my 3g phone connection. And yes I downloaded netflix and kindle too..

  35. just popped up on my playbook, downloading now

  36. PlayBook is not discontinued. What you would gain?

    The most mobile tablet. 1080p HDMI. Best speakers on the market. Easiest to use device with most natural approach to touch UI (accepted as better than any iOS or Android by all except the toughest brand fans). Ability to save money on data plans by having only one, not having to have email delivered to/from each. File sharing with your (BlackBerry) phone without any other network. Productivity apps preloaded. Access to most secure messaging in the world (BBM) via the bridge. Ability to listen and control music playback while in the pocket/bag/purse/… Best browser on the tablet market of any. Support for standard media files without the need to convert them. Easy and secure file transfer via WiFi or USB – e.g. just copy that media you have on your PC to your PlayBook, no special apps to use. Unprecedented multitasking when you need it and when you think you don’t. Flash support. Built in support for VPN. Support for both PlayBook and Android apps but without viruses.

    I myself see PlayBook as having everything better than Android and iOS combined, short of hundreds of versions of the same apps I don’t need anyway, that people wrote because they had too much time on their hands but not enough expertise. Yes, the app selection is somewhat smaller than iOS, but it is growing really quickly and all the best apps are already there.

    • I agree with some of the points you make and I’m glad you’re enjoying your PB, but I have to disagree with some of your statements.

      “not having to have email delivered to/from each”
      Wrong. Each PIM suite syncs separately.

      “Access to most secure messaging in the world (BBM) via the bridge.”
      It’s only secure if you use BES

      “Best browser on the tablet market of any”
      Nope. Nice rendering engine, but too many missing functionalities

      “just copy that media you have on your PC to your PlayBook, no special apps to use”
      We wouldn’t have to do this if RIM had implemented DLNA in their media browser.

      “Built in support for VPN”
      Only supports enterprise VPNs. Configuration page is horrible.

      “Android apps but without viruses”

      • >> Wrong. Each PIM suite syncs separately.
        Think Bridge Messages.

        >> It’s only secure if you use BES
        Not true. Ask India, Saudi Arabia, …

        >> Nope. Nice rendering engine, but too many missing functionalities
        I tend to think that the engine comes first. If that doesn’t to the job the rest is less important. For me at least. It has everything I need a browser to have in a tablet and more.

        >>We wouldn’t have to do this if RIM had implemented DLNA
        True, but I didn’t imply that case. If I am home, I don’t view my media on a 7″, 9″, 10″, 12″ or 14″ screens… I view them on my DLNA enabled big screen home theater system or my 30″ monitor.

        >>Only supports enterprise VPNs. Configuration page is horrible.
        It supports multiple types of VPNs and lets the user configure what needs to be configured. Can it be done easier? Not much. If you’re an enterprise user you don’t even see this.

        >>”Android apps but without viruses”
        >> Bullshit
        Really? Antivirus software is among the top 5 most popular apps on Android devices. You don’t have to break your Android device to get infected. You do have to mess with your BlackBerry (and iOS) to let uncontrolled software get in. There is much more security in there.

        >>The PB has been rooted, other bugs could be exploited.
        You have to root it yourself. For Android you don’t need bugs, just your own carelessness (and by that I mean do thorough research before you download anything).

        >> …but I want my bookmarks, some passwords, ad and script blockers, etc.

        Bookmarks exist. Cookies do too. As much as I’d like to not have them, ad blockers are of questionable legality, but check the options in your browser and you will find what you are looking for.

  37. Your comeback on the last one is pretty weak. 😀

    Also comments about BEST only are a bit hollow, I’m on BES so in that sense everything he said is true.

    As far as the browser goes everything you seem to think is important I rate as fairly irrelevant. Your comments are pretty harsh on RIM and sometimes that’s good but really they are just from your perspective.

    • Hehe 😉
      Just like Apple’s screening doesn’t prevent apps from doing all sorts of things without you knowing, I don’t believe RIM’s approach will prevent malicious apps from being downloaded. The PB has been rooted, other bugs could be exploited.

      I agree, this tablet is pretty good if you use it for work AND have BES, but RIM has been trying to target consumers with it (games, game engines, PIM ) and it’s lacking in consumer features. Same for SMEs that usually enjoy the extra layer of security that RIM adds in their products. The PB doesn’t really meet their requirements.

      If I use the tablet as an extension of my desktop, then I want my browser to be as good as the one I’m using on the desktop. Yes, it has to be speedy and has to be able to render pages accurately, but I want my bookmarks, some passwords, ad and script blockers, etc. It’s a mobile device we’re talking about, connected to a mobile network. I don’t have CPU cycles or data packets to waste. The web reader view does help. Xmarks does help, even if it’s not integrated and doesn’t sync with the browser, but all these solutions are made of string.

  38. Can somebody tell me why since i updated to OS about a week ago all ive been having is problems, either with basic apps like file manager, calendar, even contacts or the browser.. ive had my playbook for Months and NEVER had any problems with freezing or anything, but now at least twice a day theres an issue and on top of that now my computer nor my girlfriends computer even recognizes it.. which means now i cannot transfer my files, music or movies back onto it.. any suggestions cuz i been pretty pissed for the last two days especially???? is there anyway to go back to the previous OS??

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