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Mobile Fusion AND PlayBook OS 2.0 Launching Feb 21st According to Leaked Docs

PlayBook Feb Launch 

The team at Engadget got an interesting little leak this weekend. According to some documentation one of their anonymous tipsters sent out BOTH PlayBook OS 2.0 AND Mobile Fusion will be launching on February 21st at 4:01AM (No time zone specified). While we already told you that the PlayBook OS 2.0 was pretty much solid for the 21st it is new to see that the Mobile Fusion management server for the PlayBook will also launch on the 21st.

PlayBook Feb Launch Mobile Fusion

In case you don’t know Mobile Fusion is the piece that allows enterprise IT departments to remotely manage BlackBerry PlayBooks and make use of the BlackBerry Balance functionality. RIM made no indication of this launching so soon. According to these leaked docs Mobile Fusion will be launching on Feb 21st for the PlayBook and will be able to manage other devices like iOS and Android devices in March.

Pretty cool deal. So anybody going to stay up until 4AM on Tuesday?

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  1. Where will it be 4am?

    Which country and what time zone?

  2. it doesnt say but my guess is EST

  3. Thanks Ronen – is that in the US – that time zone?

  4. Ok – so that means here in Sydney I’m 16 hours ahead …. which means that we get OS at midnight on the 21st.

    Or 00 00 hours on the 22nd of February.

    Thanks again Ronen. (imagine smilies)

  5. Doesn’t matter…as long as by Feb 22 my PB is running OS 2.0!!!!

  6. OMG I can’t wait! I’m the only person who I know that has a PlayBook, everyone has just become sheep and baa’d on over to iOS, what’s with the I in apple stuff anyway :/ apple should be called iSTEAL because that’s all it is, old stuff made pretty and polished then marketed and hyped until the next iOS devices which seem to release monthly. Don’t you think its funny when one iPhone rings in a room 20 people pull out their phone to see if its theirs ringing, haha nothing so special about everyone having the same phone and that’s why I stand by BlackBerry as I always have! I think the PlayBook is amazing if you know how to use it and its better looking then any iPad, also has the potential to be more powerful too but it seems BlackBerry don’t advertise anymore, here in the uk most people don’t even know what one is as I have Never seen one advert for it! Not one!

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