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Hold Off on Upgrading to BlackBerry Desktop Software v7.0 for PCs

Desktop Manager 

In case you have been considering updating Desktop Manager on your PC to v7.0 I highly recommend holding off for now. We have been hearing reports of multiple problems with Sync and connections working on the new version. Users who have been calling RIM support have been told to wait a few days for the fix and @Bla1ze has confirmed as much on CrackBerry. If you have upgraded to v7.0 and are having issues you can downgrade by downloading the older version from carrier sites like T-Mobile here.

Let us know what you have been experiencing!

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  1. The biggest sync issue I’ve run into is that the “ASCII Importer / Exporter” feature of DM 6 is now gone. The only sync source the app now claims to support on my system is “Windows Contacts”.

    This is incredibly annoying, as I now have to populate my “Windows Contacts” (thankfully I figured out how) from the ASCII files (at least Win7 still supports importing from a CSV file there) before I can sync the data over to a BB.

  2. I never synced my stuff on my Blackberry, I pick and choose the files that I want especially movies and my pictures have to be compressed…

    • They’re not talking about problems with syncing media files. The problems are with syncing Outlook contacts, calendar, notepad, and tasks. While you can also sync media at the same time you do not have to at all if you don’t want to. I personally, have very little need to sync media.

      The problems with version 7 of Desktop Manager are many. Syncs that can take hours and can only be aborted by killing the task, multiple entries in the calendar, no ability to sync anymore, etc. Myself, after trying for hours to endure the “Preparing Sync Preview” message eventually uninstalled DM7 and installed DM6. Now DM6 claims it’s missing the RimDeviceManager (even though it’s there) and RIMs idea of a solution is to create a new Windows login and try running DM from that login instead!

  3. Thanks for keeping us all updated. I read the initial reviews and held off on updating after seeing all the problems everyone was having. Thanks for staying on top of this!!! Saved me hours of agony 🙂 especially since I use the sync feature alot for my Outlook.

  4. Boy, wish I had not just hit the button when the upgrade was offerred! Yes, HUGE problem with Outlook sync. Installed 7.0, tried removing it, got a “1316” error, tried a System Restore, big mess. Seems the sync function only looks for default files in Outlook, no option to point to other Contacts/Calendar etc.

    • I have the same issue. I can’t uninstall so no downgrade and system restore does not work either – Let’s hope it works soon again as I use BB Outlook sync a lot

  5. Got to say thanks to those who tried it.

    My take on every update from RIM – wait for the feedback from the other mates 🙂

    Has worked well for me for some years now.

  6. Yes, very frustrating problems with syncing my outlook calendar. After my first sync I had multiple entries that were duplicated so I did another sync right away to see if it would fix it and then it deleted a bunch of entries from my phone calendar. So, I tried it a third time and it brought those ones back, but this time it tripled some of the entries that were doubled before. Very random and frustrating.

  7. Its not just the sync problem. It installes but crashes on startup. Uninstalling and reinstalling v 6 now does not work anymore either. V7 is a terrible downgrade from 6…. Stay away !!

  8. I downloaded 7.0, and every attempt to sync my Blackberry with Outlook failed. I was upset enough to buy a new iPhone 4S on eBay. Thanks for your link to the previous version of Blackberry Desktop! I’ll use it until my iPhone arrives.

  9. I’ve installed it and haven’t had any problems at all.

    I don’t use sync however.

    I’ve backed up my 9700, and opened each of the categories without any problems at all.

  10. I made the mistake of pressing the upgrade button on the first morning it flagged upp on my machine. Synchronising my Organiser files ie Calendar, Contacts, Tasks etc is a vital part of my working process & day.

    What a mess, Blackberry has cost me a fortune in lost working hours. Along with trying to work, I spent four days sorting this out. Re-installs, system restores, deleting all traces of Blackberry files etc etc, all failed. Finally found v6.0 (602_b045_multilanguage.exe) on the AT&T site. Still had probs with that until I did a full reboot of the Blackberry ie Remove the battery & leave for at least 2 minutes. Even then, still had problems with bad syncing to clear up .

    Lessons learnt:-
    1) Never trust BB updates again, leave them for at least a week or two, to see what issues others may be having.
    2) Always save to & back up My downloads of known versions of software that has worked ok.
    3) Do a full reboot of the BB, as above.

    This has really damaged RIM’s credibility as far as I’m concerned and I certainly wasn’t going to pay their support desk $49 for the privilege of sorting out a mess of their making.

  11. Had the same problems with Desktop Software v7.0 with a 9800 and Windows 7.

    It kept for hours with the “Preparing Sync Preview” message after it did a series of sync stuff, only way to stop it was with windows manager.

    I solved the problem by uninstalling the program from windows, rebooting the PC and installing the 6.0 version from this link:

    I’ve did not check the box that make automatic search for new software, and everything works well.

  12. thanks for the update.
    However I do have a problem with my blackberry bold. Some of my contacts disappear and I don’t know why. I’ve asked around and 3 out of 5 users also experience the same problem as I do. I tried backing up the contacts on my device. It said successful backup. But when I tried to look for them to double check, I couldn’t find them. Grrrrrr. Hope you can shed light on this. Thanks

  13. when are the sobs going to fix it!!! 7/17 no fix!!!! no wonder they are crap and are ging out of business!!! cant wait to those dumb crackheads fold! fu rim, I bet ur execs are giving engineers rim jobs!

  14. Is it safe to upgrade now?
    I am tired with the way it works now, some items do sincronize and others don´t.
    Does somebody know if it’s safe to upgrade with a BB 9800, Torch and Windows 7?

    • Yes upgrade. Program runs fine. I have Win 7 and a 9900 and it runs fine. My son has the 9800 and it runs fine on his phone too.

      Always back up all your data before you upgrade and if you find you have some glitches just come back to the forums somebody can help you out! 🙂

  15. Latest version of DM finally syncs with Outlook. No issues so far, about 2 weeks of use. Outlook 2003, Windows XP, Bold 9900

  16. I’m using it with my BlackBerry 8120 and have had numerous synch problems with Outlook. Going to try to go back to BlackBerry desktop version 6. And angry.

  17. I wish I read this before I made the mistake of butchering my contacts in both my Outlook and my phone with the new version! It wasn’t so much that I wanted to upgrade to the latest and greatest, I simply wanted to install Blackberry Desktop after reinstalling Windows and I made the mistake of using 7. As of July 29th, 2012, the contact synchronization is terrible and reverting back to 6.10 B038 resolved my issues.

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