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Plants vs Zombies for PlayBook Priced Differently Based On Country?

Update: It looks like EA has settled on a $4.99 price point for all countries. Its nice to see that getting resolved.

Plants Zombies2

Plants Zombies

Lars pointed out to me an interesting conundrum about the recently released Plants vs Zombies for the PlayBook by PopCap Games (aka EA). When we first mentioned it we said that you could pick up Plants vs Zombies for $6.99 in App World. It turns out that the $6.99 price is only for the US, Canada, and Japan. Everywhere else in the world has a different product page in App World which has a price of $4.99… While I have seen EA pull of this shtick before they usually had the same price for both variants except for variations in the exchange rate. This is the first time I have seen a developer actually charge different prices based on countries/regions. It could be that this is a common practice that I missed but let us know what you have seen!

You can see what I mean at the links below:

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  1. First I was surprised cuz everyone keep saying its 6.99 But I found it for 4.99$ only !
    then I asked and tried to figure out whats the real resone behind that then some one told me it depend about the country because I thought at the beginning that the version with 6.99$ price will have something special like more levels or whatever .

    but I think its really strange (unless for me) !

  2. They both show $5 for me now…

  3. In Qatar and Egypt its 5.25$ (No currency coverstion. We use $ too as AppWorld does not support our currencies)

  4. Price updated in Qatar and Egypt now to 3.75$ only 🙂

  5. Price in Canada has now dropped to $4.99. Glad I waited a few hours before buying! 🙂

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