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Update: Latest Leaked OS Versions Add Media Sharing Over Wi-Fi!

Media Sharing

UPDATE:  We recently learned that RIM was listed as a member of the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) and now we have better proof that this will be a feature coming to your BlackBerry.  RIM is/has been working hard to get through the hard transition and it just keep getting better to see some of the work they have been doing make it out to the devices.  Check out the video below.


Video Via : CB
We have heard multiple leaks and rumors that RIM was planning on adding Media Sharing to BlackBerry Smartphones in OS 7.1 but none of the official OS builds have it yet. Some speculated that it would have DLNA streaming but that does not appear to be the case yet. A few regular readers along with Shazoor from let us know that some of the latest OS versions that leaked today have a new Media Sharing feature. Shazoor also shared this screenshot above to show off a few of the options and now we have multiple confirmations that it exists in the latest leaked 9900 OS.

If you have installed any of the other leaked OS versions today please let us know if you notice this setting under options! It functions sort of like a SAMBA file sharing server where you can access, edit, and delete files from your BlackBerry over Wi-Fi. Pretty cool right!

More as this develops. Feel free to send in tips and screenshots showing off the features!

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  1. And how many months might it be before we see this as an “official” release from one of the CDMA carriers? How ’bout it Big Red?!?

  2. Yup I have it now on my 9900

    no idea how to use it!

  3. It doesn’t appear on the Curve 9360. I’ve noticed that the new “Battery Saving Mode” is present on the leaked OS for this model. 😉

  4. Yes it works as a DLNA media server on Bold 9900 .

  5. yes, i have that too on my bold 9900 after installing the latest build, OS. good move, RIM!

  6. I bet he’s not sharing anything over his cell connection…. lol

  7. Would DLNA support require special hardware or is this specifically a software component? Also, I presume this is only for OS 7+ phones and that OS 6+ phones, which are still being sold in stores I might add, will never see this,

  8. Can’t find it on my 9860 after installing Did anyone see it on 9860?

  9. I am shopping for a new TV. Is it safe to bet that my PlayBook and my Bold 9900 will both soon be able to connect to a DLNA enabled TV to stream video? I am guessing yes and so I should definitely be sure to get a DLNA TV.

    What about this idea that the PlayBook or the 9900 may be able to be used as a remote control to access content on my home network? Any further word or evidence of that? Or still just rumors?

    Also. If I am streaming video from a PlayBook or Bold to the TV, is it at all possible to have the audio stream through a Bluetooth headset from the PlayBook/Bold? Or are the audio and video inseperably linked and both sent to the TV?

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