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BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Will Be a Global Launch


Now that we have a basic idea of when PlayBook OS 2.0 is coming (current internal target is February 21st) many of you are wondering how to prepare. As we mentioned in our interview with Jeff Gadway this update will range from 400MB to 500MB so be sure to do it over a high speed connection. Gadway also let us know that the launch of PlayBook OS 2.0 will be a global launch and RIM is planning for the crazy load that will hit their update servers all at once from everywhere in the world. If you are updating from a device running the latest OS 1.0 you will have about a 400MB update and if you are just turning on a new PlayBook you are looking at about 500MB. This is because OS 2.0 is a drastic change of the kernel and not an incremental update.

While we are on the topic of international rollouts I asked Gadway if PlayBook OS 2.0 will come with more language support including RTL languages like Arabic and Hebrew and I am waiting to hear back. Hopefully that will be included in this release though he didn’t know off hand.

Let us know if there are any other questions you had about the rollout that we can try to get answered!

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  1. Is a wipe required before updating?.

    Backups taken on 1.0 will restore on 2.0?


  2. On vacation with limited access to high speed connection. This might need to be a test of OS v7.1’s Mobile Hotspot Connection! 😉

    • No worries there, I had no Internet at home for a couple of days and had 4 devices connected to that Little Fighter. I was even surprised it allowed me to VPN from my laptop to work, no glitches. Good stuff.

  3. I WANT ARABIC Support 🙁 Although I don’t type in Arabic a lot I still read many arabic newspapers 🙁

  4. I hope Chinese is included…

  5. I have a beta 2.0. Will I need to downgrade or wipe to upgrade to release version?

  6. Do remember to backup!!!

  7. The entire PB universe updating all at once? I sure hope they are truly prepared for this!

  8. Here in Aus we’re hours ahead of Nth America …. so hopefully it will be released so that we can download our upgrades well before Europe and the rest of the world wake up.

    Eastern Standard Summer Time in Aus is +11 hours Greenwich Mean Time. (GMT)

  9. Has anyone confirmed for sure with RIM that a downgrade is not required for Beta 2.0 users and if so, how it is done properly for those who aren’t absolutely sure?

  10. How do you register to this site? I see I am showing as Not Registered on my comments.

  11. Got It!!!!

  12. All I hope is that update server able to serve the users requests. Global Launch sounds fantastic!! But that requires lots of load testing…I hope RIM is considering that.

    Best of luck to all PlayBook users.

  13. Can someone layout a the downgrade procedure for me and those who aren’t sure. From Beta 2.0 just in case required? Please

  14. i need to know if Arabic & Skype will be available on OS2

  15. IS CHINESE included in OS2.0?? Pls RIM just support the Chinese lang both for input and docs!!!

  16. thanks.
    i also wonder about hebrew support in the new os. i hope they’ve included it.
    do let us know if you hear back from him.

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