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BlackBerry Desktop Software v7.0 B44 Officially Released for PCs

Desktop Manager

RIM released BlackBerry Desktop Software v7.0 in the Beta Zone back in November of last year. Vodafone then sort of released it on their website in January but RIM was nice and hush about it. Now RIM has officially made Desktop Manager v7.0 official on their website and available to all for download. This version is 7.0 B44 and was just released today along with a bunch of knowledge base articles about it that you can find below. I have not found the change log for this release but it is supposed to improve sync to desktop apps.

You can pick up the updated Desktop Software v7.0 software here or here and find the new knowledge base articles below:

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  1. I’m attempting to download 7.0 B44. Unfortunately, the Blackberry site is returning the following message in response to any request to download desktop manager for the PC: “file not found.”

    Kudos to Blackberry for releasing knew software, but at this point, does anyone have any suggestions on how to download a version of Desktop Manager? I have a Playbook that is giving me the 4 flashing red LEDs of death and the only hints online involve upgrading the OS via desktop manager.

  2. Downloaded and installed just fine. Unfortunately, have been syncing for an hour and a half now. It still says that it is Preparing the Sync Preview. Have never experienced anything this slow. It does NOT look promising.

  3. Forgot to mention, I tried to backup my PlayBook before syncing my 9900. This version also refuses to backup my PlayBook which has never been backed up using the desktop software. It has failed since the day that I got it.

  4. I downloaded 7.0.43 at the instigation of my installed version (6.0.B38, IIRC – auto update).

    Spent 3~4 hours trying to get past “Preparing sync preview” message.

    Tried installing 7.0.44 over the top of 7.0.43.

    Still didn’t work.

    Un-installed 7.0.44, leaving ‘User preferences’ on the PC.

    Re-installed v.6.0.B38 (thank God I keep everything … ).

    Syncs just fine.

    Beautiful product (Torch 9810).
    LOUSY software and support. Not even a phone number in Australia!!

    Half of the s/w I have downloaded from Blackberry App World doesn’t work; or work properly.

    The device does not work as seamlessly as my old Palm PDA Tungsten E2 (went for a short swim in a swimming pool, about 2 seconds – doesn’t work anymore … ).

    It SHOULD all work much better, IMNSHO.

    I am still trying to find a database manager that works properly!!

    Just not good enough for one of the very best devices of its kind ever made, IMHO.


  5. Cant export contacts to CSV file

  6. Scandalous!

    In France, the update to DM came out yesterday.
    Of course, I clicked “update” as it promised great new features…
    a) It needed a download of Microsoft files concerning C++ SP 2008. OK, so half the userbase will have gotten lost at this stage…
    b) Then it froze at the stage “Preparing preview for synchronisation results” or in French “Préparation de la prévisualisation des résultats de syncronisation”…I gave it 3 shots, each for more than one hour. This is where the other half of the user base gives up.

    Hours and hours of time wasted
    No Sync Outlook to BB
    No updated data on Bridge on Playbook
    WTF is all I can say. This problem has been around for months.

    No wonder people are jumping ship to Apple. I am placing all my hopes on the new german CEO to turn this company around…..

  7. the file extension of backup file has changed from IPD to BBB

  8. Honestly guys, why release software that OBVIOUSLY has bugs in it. I am having the same problem as the others with the sync preview just hanging forever! I have been a loyal BB user for the past 15 years but honestly, I am seriously considering moving to Apple. The Beta testing is there for a reason, but when you release a new product, make sure that its damn well tested thoroughly as this is just rubbish!!! Now I need to bring back version 6 which was working just fine. Complete waste of my time – thanks BB!

    • “Preparing sync preview”.

      I wasted 2 hours with the new version.

      Is BB attempting to committ corporate suicide??? I find it hard to believe that they would look for another black eye!

  9. Totally unacceptable!

    This is not a minor bug, but makes the whole desktop software useless. It takes ½ hour to run the sync preview and even if I select to duplicate the entries does not actually execute the command.

    The change of CEO at RIM has had no effect on the quality of the software. RIM will not be around for much longer with this level of performance.

    I was lucky that I had the previous Version 6 install file still on my laptop and have quickly reverted back to it.

  10. Obviously we’re all having the syncing problem w/V7. Where can we get the older Version 6 for 64bit Windows 7?

  11. I downloaded here in Sydney, Aus, yesterday – trouble free download, and trouble free 9700 back up.

    I also walked through the various folders – and again trouble free.

    However – I don’t use sync.

    I like the fact that there are now thumbnail previews of all the pics and videos – I don’t recall seeing that before.

  12. this software is not working as expected so waiting for updated version. but it is still good apps.

  13. bb has taken 6.0 off their site!!

  14. Blackberry has no answers to the hot smelly detritus they released in Desktop Manager Version 7.0. The bug-ridden Version 7.0 freezes. Blackberry has no answers other than it’s going to take 5 days….

    I asked them to roll back the version to Build 6.1.38 and they said that they cannot do that. Why? Silence!

    I’ve had it with these morons!!

  15. Wow those are some serious problems you guys are having. I have not run into any issues for awhile though I have heard of others having some. I know they have all hands on deck for PlayBook 2.0 early next week which is probably why they needed to get this out the door. I will try to run down what the issue is. Have you tried reporting it in their Beta Zone?

    Desktop Manager is an interesting product because it is still developed by the old handheld Java team though it works with QNX. My guess is it will probably change drastically once the QNX team catches their breath and takes it over.

    • problem is theres some very simple escape routes that just do not work so when the program freezes at the stage “Preparing preview for synchronization results” the cancel button does nothing and the only way to stop it running is to use windows task manger kill task , and even then it has updated nothing >>>>

      this renders the whole purpose of desktop manager useless for me and its supposedly a release version not a beta ??

      shame on you Rim , its the push i needed to move to apple i guess …….

  16. Hi everybody, i have a serius and extrange problem whit the Desktop manager, i just have updated to the v7.0.0 B60 last version never work either.

    My problem is that the program begins pops the logo and after that them pops the window where you have to see the options of the program and it just dont show nothind i tried reinstalling / uninstalling everythind and nothind works, i cant see nothind

    my pc is a desktop all in one HP core i3/ 4 gb ram / whit w7 64 bits

    i really dont know what else to do

    • I refuse to move to version 7 , everything i need is in version

      unfortunately all links to the earlier version seem to have disappeared now.

      possibly try updating your java and flash plus all Microsoft updates and try again, or maybe then contact your provider and possibly R.I.M.

      Personally I am moving to another platform as soon as my contract allows, R.I.M just don’t care anymore :/

  17. Hi guys, trying to download the latest softwear to the fone. This is supposed to take 2 hours…. its now been 2 days and it keeps crashing on 9% i go away tomoz and really need to get my fone back working. I have taken out the battery but as soon as i turn the phone back on it starts the backing up data again… but stops at 9% Some please help. x

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