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Possible Prerelease BlackBerry 10 Images Show Up With Widgets & More

 blackberry 10 Possible Pics 2  

RIM has been pretty cagey about what the different experience will be for BlackBerry 10 when it finally comes to phones in the second half of this year. Kevin @CrackBerry scored a new slide deck from a tipster that was supposedly prepared for one of RIM’s external agencies as a briefing for BlackBerry 10. The screenshots of what BlackBerry 10 will possibly look like superimposed on Torch 9860s & 9810s seems to be the highlight more than the other content. The screenshots show off something like a mix between Androids widgets and Windows Phones widget tiles with details provided on similar tiles.

blackberry 10 Possible Pics

The images also show folders on the homescreen and redesigned icons that look very slick compared to the current crop. Also notice BBM and Maps highlighted along with newer apps like cut the rope and a calculator that looks like the PlayBook app. The unified mailbox (universal inbox) also makes a show in the screenshots and looks like a cleaner version of the current design. Check them out and let us know what you think!

blackberry 10 Possible Pics 4

blackberry 10 Possible Pics 3

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  1. Saw this over on Crackberry.

    I would say it is OK, but I really think TAT will do better than this. I know RIM think it’s corporate but it isn’t a mobile phone is like a car, it’s something personal and if RIM gives a little wow I think there is room in the market for them. If they do business boring I don’t see why people would switch (back) to them.

    It’s fine for me but my whole family is on BBM so I’m likely staying no matter what, but I’d like to see a departure from icon based phone like Windows Phone did.

  2. I have a feeling that “tile” slide is potentially the app switcher view. Like the app carousel on Playbook.

    Swipe down to see that screen.

    That’s would be cool

    Overall I think the design shows a ton of promise.

    To think they have another 6 months to polish and enhance

    • Please explain, BBA Brian, why you like the app carousel on the PlayBook. What’s the difference with just having organizing your favorite apps on the top? With respect, I see no difference, and it actually is more restrictive. On the PlayBook 1.0 UI, with one tap, I can see my 5th, 6th, and 10th favorite apps. Perhaps you can help me understand what benefits “docking” an app brings.

      Isn’t it too much like Apple and Android, with less flexibility?

      • The carousel shows you what is open and active. I am referring to the BIG SQUARES at the top

        in 2.0 there is a launch bar at the top and it is just that, a launch bar, it doesn’t show you what is open or not.

        Just to clarify….

        Carousel and launch bar are two separate things

        so which one are you referring to?

        • My misunderstanding. I thought you were referring to the docking of apps. Certainly, the carousel of apps needs to show user apps, but we should also be able to see what’s running in the background so we can kill all processes related to a badly performing app.

          For example, ScoreMobile (NOT a badly performing app!) might update itself with a background process not displayed in the “carousel” of running apps. What if I want to stop the background process for performance reasons?

          • Yes that is what I meant.

            The carousel on the Playbook shows you what apps are running and lets you force close them

            that feature is awesome and I hope the “tile” picture is more of the same thing just in a different format due to the smaller screen

  3. Another OS with a grid of icons just like iPhone has (and bbos before that). I think this looks fine, but why is an icon grid so popular? You can’t read what the apps (text is small or truncated) are, you have to remember what icon is associated with what app, there does not seem to be a way to alphabetize them. IMHO, Windows Phone 7 is doing it much better with their lists. Really looking forward to trying PB OS2 in a few days to see if my mind can be changed.

  4. That’s a great news for all BlackBerry lovers. I hope RIM will release this new device soon enough to catch the competition. I want every success for BlackBerry.

  5. It’s encouraging. They’re playing catch up on most fronts, but with that release, it looks like the skin is going to be OK.

    I’m more worried about how their going to address all the current shortcomings that plague both the smartphones (spaghetti menu, too rigid, missing emails features) and the PlayBook (insecure, missing key apps outside of the PIM).

  6. Can CB post the entire 14 pages from RIM? They may be looking for commentary from users.

    Of the four images above, I don’t get #1 (blah!) and #2 (what?). The others are self-explanatory.

    • What I am hoping is that the above pictures are snapshots of the overall experience.

      On the Playbook you can swipe up and have the whole screen by icons. Just like pic #1

      When you swipe down it shows the Carousel of all the open apps

      I am hoping the “tiles” is what happens when you “swipe down”

      when in the tile view maybe you have 4 tiles per screens and you can scroll to the left and right to see other apps you have open

      Maybe even they let you customize how many tiles to show… “2,4,6,8”

      then when you want to go back to the basic app grid you swipe up again.

      with some pretty transitions that would be AMAZING and separate them from everyone

      also keep it consistent with Playbook overall UI

  7. Sorry, that should have said BR (oops!).

  8. This has potential. TAT needs to add their magic – Maybe make the open app tiles look like playing cards, with the apropiate sound effects when you close them/toss it away. I would like to see live streaming apps that preview stocks, appworld, weather, calendar and horoscope that you can click on to get more info. They should also move the top dock icons to the swipe down menu (like the Blackberry News) to allow you to access them no matter what app your in.

  9. I hope they bring back hardware UMA

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