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RIM Shows Off Cascades UI Cookbook App & Confirms Qt Framework

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We have seen RIM demo the Cascades UI engine for awhile now but signs are pointing to a release very soon. A few devs who are on the private beta program have good things to say about it and the Qt framework based UI standard. RIM showed off another demo app using the TAT Cascades UI engine for a cookbook during the keynote.

Cascades Cookbook

I was hoping RIM would put up a high quality video of the demo but until then Kevin @CrackBerry has posted up a cam version that you can check out below. Personally I am hoping RIM releases this to devs in the next month or so…

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  1. They’ve been teasing us with this for a very long time now, so I hope something comes out soon. Without Cascades, there’s really no standard UI framework for the NDK. And thus, without Cascades, the NDK is useless for anyone but game developers.

    And no, no matter how many times companies like RIM try to tell me to, I’m not going to do app development in HTML5/JS.

    • All they show us are variations on the same animated controls, and how well their physics engine works.

      I am wondering how much of this is an actual framework, and how much is eye candy that will get in the way of a functional, usable app…

      Don’t get me wrong, the physics engine stuff does look very showy, but I’m really looking for details on how to build an app in this framework WITHOUT animated widgets and images that bounce all over the screen.

      On the other hand, we do have QT…

  2. The functional apps on my phone are email, calendar, browser, notes, facebook and twitter.

    What sells other phones is eye candy. Since most of the use of my phone is email, I want it to be sexy, that’s what sells.

  3. Like the potential of Cascades. They need to get this out pronto. It adds a layer of sexiness to the PlayBook.

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