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Ekboo Encrypts Your BBM Chats for Total Privacy & Security

Ekboo encrypted chat

I tend to not discuss national secrets over BBM but there seems to be quite a bit of demand for encrypted communications. As we mentioned before BBM conversations are not encrypted but are rather scrambled using a key that is found on all BlackBerrys. Ekboo has decided to take things quite a few steps further using RIM’s BBM SDK to create some serious privacy protection when both of you have the Ekboo chat app installed using their BBM plugin.

Here is a breakdown of some of the features:

  • 512 bit RSA encryption
  • You invite friends to chat over Ekboo and it automatically exchanges encryption keys on the fly
  • It still has the read/delivered notifications of BBM
  • Textbombs let you send temporary messages for a preset time and then are automatically deleted. You can make a single message delete or the whole chat.
  • Remote clear chat lets you delete the conversation off your friends device remotely
  • A Panic button lets you select a key to hold down which will cancel and close all your current conversations
  • You can put a pin lock code on Ekboo to lock others out
  • When you reboot every conversation is automatically deleted

So what do you have to pay to be a super spy? Ekboo is asking for $14.99 per user in App World with a 30 day trial available. More details are available at and they say encrypted file transfers are coming soon. I am hoping this will be used for good purposes like allowing users to bypass government oppression and censorship instead of nefarious purposes… Let us know if you plan on using it and what for.

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  1. Wicked plugin!
    Me and a couple of my mates have downloaded the trial version.
    The textbomb feature is absolutely wicked, you can send messages and these are deleted after a couple of seconds. Nobody can find out what was written ^–^

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