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SayIt updated to 1.2.0, now BBM Integrated.

BachKhoa University just let us know that SayIt is now upgraded to 1.2.0. They have added BlackBerry Messenger integration. And here is also another treat, a video of SayIt launching computer applications. The computer server for SayIt is still under development, but BachKhoa University is working hard on improving the app.. You can grab your copy of SayIt in AppWorld. Video after the break.

Note: Constructive criticism is welcome by the developer as it is still in development, negative comments do not help. Please remember, this app is made my a one man team, and not a group of specifically hired developers. The more we support the app, the more we will see out of it.

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  1. Bob, I have removed your comment because we have already heard all the negative things about SayIt. I have it running fine on 7.1, and it isnt just speak and it works, you need to learn how the speech engine works.

    It did take me 3 weeks or so to get it to work they way I assumed it would.

    Please bear in mind it is one developer working on the app, everyone wants SIRI and now! you want SIRI go buy an iphone, you want something similar for BlackBerry please support the developer and dont go around crying.

    I now use SayIt almost everyday!

    • 3 weeks to get an app to work right!!!
      Please don’t take this the wrong way, but that’s absurd. I’m an experienced BB user and no app should take that long to figure out. In fact, please name any other app that takes 3 weeks to get to work properly.
      There’s a thread (on another site) with many 7.1 users who have not gotten SayIt to work.
      FYI, I don’t want Siri; I don’t want an I-phone; I just thought that paying for an app would get one that works properly. And why does the developer take down ALL of the negative comments in AppWorld? I’ll read the reviews and they’ll be a few bad ones and the next day they are gone.
      Sorry I don’t buy your comments and I feel bad that this site censors warranted criticism!

      • Actually Bob, it was 3 weeks to figure out the speech engine. I am sorry you are frustrated

        No one has asked to you to buy my comments, or care what I have to say. And here on BerryReview we do warrant freedom of speech, and let users speak their mind as long as it isn’t offensive.

        You clearly ignored my request asking posters to refrain from posting more negative comments. That is your fault, not mine. So you can be mad at me, and that’s fine.

        No one asked you to love the app, but the broken record crying is gunna get old. Didn’t your mother ever tell you, if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all.

        • What you say would “hold water” if the app was still in beta testing. If that was true, then I would completely agree with you.
          And my mother always told me to tell the truth. If I had been given the app for free (like you have), I would have simply deleted it and gone on. But the developer is charging $5.00 for an app that is certainly not ready to be offered to the public. I think it is a wonderful effort by the developer, but my comments were simply stated to protect others from spending money on an imperfect app.
          And since you are defending this developer, why does he take down all negative reviews from AppWorld?

  2. Looks like Say It has a lot of potential. I think once they have enabled auto dialing contacts this will be a big contender to Siri. Great job.!

  3. yeah i agree, SayIt will make a difference, it’s the Siri for BlackBerry, Go SayIt!!! it’s got a lot of potentials and yes, developing an app in a short time period won’t be that easy, still lots of bumps here & there, BUT i highly appreciate those guys who have been working hard in perfecting this app!

  4. Works great since the day I bought it!
    Why’s the guy bob so serious? You wanna fight with this dev?

  5. Her’s some reviews that were recently posted in AppWorld about SayIt. Let’s ee if they’re still on AppWorld in a few days:

    February 03, 2012
    Version 1.2

    By: cliro

    Not only would it not understand anything, anytime I used it it would make it so I couldn’t place phone calls until I did a reboot.. Waste of money..
    Crap app
    February 03, 2012
    Version 1.2

    By: camac

    Doesn’t understand anything. I too want a refund!
    February 03, 2012
    Version 1.2

    By: Gidiano

    This is so bad! I guess these guys try to make money with the Siri hype. Starting this app, pressing a button, saying ” new email”, pressing another button, waiting and get a blank email – oh no!
    Waste of money, I regret I bought it.
    February 03, 2012
    Version 1.2

    By: pcampy

    Don’t waste your money!!

    • All of the above negative AppWorld reviews listed above (and more) have been removed by the developer. SayIt had a 2 1/2 star rating last week and now has a much higher rating since the developer removed all of the bad reviews.
      What a scam!

  6. How is it a scam, it wasnt the developer’s fault that was old version not that good now it is good so it no scam

  7. I posted a review yesterday, as well as at least 3 other people when we went to update the app and was presented with a $1.99 upgrade fee. Really? You charge to fix bugs and add a command? By the time this app is even usable for more than checking the weather and a few other small commands, it will cost people hundreds. I tried to get a refund but no dice. I tried to review it, but I was shut off. NOW, you have got the full power of an SEO EXPERT and VETERAN internet marketer plastering your negative reviews across Google and every other search engine for life! I hope deleting my review was worth it though 😉

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