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Review: Keyport – The Ultimate Keychain Alternative

Review: Keyport – The Ultimate Keychain Alternative
[rating: 9]
Price: $39 for the Keyport, $5 per key blade, other inserts also available

As our phones continue to get more advanced each year, the other two most common items we carry on a daily basis, our keys and our wallet, don’t seem to be progressing quite as fast. Or so I thought until I stumbled upon the Keyport, an item which should interest any fan of technology and gadgets. With my keys having torn a hole in my coat pocket and items dropping into my coat’s lining, I was on the lookout for a keychain alternative especially one that would no longer scratch up my phone. I now present you with the Keyport.

At left you can see my keys prior to Keyport, and with the Keyport. As you see, the Keyport provides a much nicer look, and is more organized and compact. With a skin made from stainless steel, and at approximately 2.8 x 1.2 x .6 inches and 2 ounces, the Keyport fits nicely in your pocket and has a solid feel to it.

The Keyport is sold as an empty shell with 6 colored nodes. You are then able to assign these colored nodes to your keys or other inserts you purchase. Inserts include keys (including car keys, high security lock keys, etc), a USB drive, an LED light, a bottle opener, or a barcode insert for your store discount cards. The back end of the Keyport opens and after inserting the colored node of your preference into the key or other insert, you simply slide it into the Keyport.

Being limited to 6 slots I didn’t intend to insert any barcode inserts into my Keyport, opting to install an app on my phone to store these instead. Realizing I use 4 keys on a daily basis, I decided to go with 4 keys, a USB drive, and the LED light.

Keys: Key blanks are $5/piece. A Key Photo ID form is available on Keyport’s website. I took a photo of my keys on this form, once for each side of the keys, and uploaded it to their website. Prior to uploading I blacked out the very tips of the keys for security, as they suggest you do. Within a few hours I received an email that the proper blanks for my keys had been identified, and shortly after that the order was shipped. Once I received the Keyport, I brought the blanks to my local locksmith who charged me $10 total for the 4 keys to be cut and voila, they worked. Note that high security lock keys require you to send the key in to Keyport.

USB Drive: Keyport offers 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB USB drive options at $19, $29, and $39 respectively. The USB drive works like any other and takes up one slot in your Keyport.

LED Light: The LED light ($10) has proven to be quite bright and very useful for finding the key hole when entering my apartment, although I would give this up if needing to insert another key into my Keyport.

As previously mentioned, there is also a bottle opener and a barcode insert for store discount cards available for the Keyport.

Thoughts: While it appeared to me that too many steps were required to set up the Keyport, the process was a lot quicker and easier than I had anticipated. Taking photos of my keys and uploading the images took minutes, and Keyport identified the keys and shipped them out the same day. Having the keys copied at the locksmith was also a quick 10-minute stop. This along with the price seem to be what may cause hesitation. At $88 ($39 for the unit, $20 for 4 key blanks, $19 for the USB drive, and $10 for the LED) you may be inclined to stick to your keyring, however after the  initial setup, future keys will simply be $5 for the blank, plus a few dollars to have the copy made.

Having used the Keyport for some time now, the keys slide in and out quite smoothly and I have found using the Keyport to be really convenient. The Keyport can withstand up to 20 lbs of twisting torque, and feels strong when turning the keys in the lock. I find myself playing with the Keyport quite a bit, and showing it off a lot as well. Overall, I would recommend purchasing the Keyport for its convenience as well as it’s cool factor.

See below for some additional images.

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  1. a gadget for everything.

  2. Very cool! Thanks for the review!

  3. Very interesting concept, I like it.

  4. I bought one!!!!!! very easy to do….

  5. Wait, you still have to get the keys cut yourself? I thought they cut them, and what you got was a finished product.

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