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Cascades UI Engine and Qt Application Framework Being Covered at DevCon Europe


It looks like we definitely will not be seeing the Cascades User Interface Engine and Qt application framework come out of closed NDA beta before DevCon Europe. As I mentioned before both the Cascades UI Engine and Qt framework are key to more native SDK apps (instead of games) for BlackBerry 10 with a consistent UI. I know a few developers who are using closed betas of the engine and Qt framework seems to be the real clincher.

What is truly intersting is that RIM is going to cover both the Cascades UI Engine and Qt App framework in 4 different sessions at BlackBerry DevCon Europe. I really hope they make these sessions public afterwards because quite a few devs are interested to hear what RIM has to say. RIM has touched upon it a few times including a few mentions and displays at DevCon in San Francisco but I want to know more about the features like the Photoshop integration for “streamlined designer-coder workflow.”

Here are the sessions in case you were interested:

  • DEV337 – Introduction to the Cascades UI
  • GRP311 – Focus Group: Cascades User Interface Engine
    • This focus group covers the Cascades User Interface Engine and Qt application framework.
  • DEV389 – Panel: Exploring the Cascades User Interface Engine
    • Come to ask your questions about how Cascades works, and the future plans for the platform.
  • DEV338 – Streamlining Designer–Coder Workflow with Cascades
    • This session highlights the importance of collaboration between pixel designers and visual programmers, and previews an automated export tool for Adobe® Photoshop® that ties into an automatic import developer tool for Cascades.
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  1. Ronen,

    There was an “Introduction to Cascades SDK” session at DevCon Asia in december, and it’s online on DevCon-on-demand:

    • True but they supposedly didn’t share anything more than they said at DevCon San Francisco from what I heard. Having four sessions on the topic is sort of validating the March release rumor I am hearing.

  2. Ow, if they plan to use Qt for applications than I’m in.

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