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Review: Seidio ACTIVE case and Seidio Desktop Cradle

Last week I got a pleasant present from Seidio, It was their ACTIVE case and Desktop Cradle for the 99xx.  Both of the products are new for the 99xx from Seidio, are geared toward the everyday user.

Let’s start with the Desktop Cradle.  It is a stand alone cradle that can be used with one of their cases or external batteries.  This is a huge plus, because a lot of other cradles do not offer the compatibility, with either a case or extended battery.  It also just plugs right in to your existing charge or usb cable you would use.  A little light on the back lets you know it’s plugged in, which I found to be a bit of annoyance when using it at my bedside, but on my desk was not an issue.  It is a good weight and size, the density of the cradle and as well as the 2 non slip pads on the bottom make it very stable.  If you drop your phone in from around an inch up, it lands perfectly and starts charging. It also comes with an insert plate to use without a case on your device, which is removable for when using the cradle with a supported case.  Such as the Seidio ACTIVE case.

The Seidio ACTIVE case is a great 2 piece case, which offers everyday protection for normal wear and tear.  It has a soft rubber bumper that slips on to the device, and then a hard plastic body guard that clips on to the device securing it all in place. This adds a bit of shock protection if dropped or slips out of your hands.  I do not recommend dropping it, but mine has slipped out of my hand while removing it from my pocket a couple of times, and the phone has survived quite nicely.

The case protects the device quite nicely, the case is snug, and doesn’t fall off.  The overall physical aspect does not make the phone feel bulky, and maintains the sleek profile of the phone.  The rubber gives it a very nice soft grip, when you’re holding the device, even loosely, it feels snug and secure.  The one benefit is that the volume, convenience, and lock button work perfect with the case on, unlike others were you almost have to wiggle it to get the button to work.

There are a few things I would improve on,  I would want the case to have port covers, even though it does offer good protection, it leaves the ports open for dust and lint when used in a pocket.  I would have also liked to see a camera cover; with that being one of the only openings on the back I found dust also liked the gather on the lens.  I had to clean it a few times before using it, but it was not a major hindrance as I often check the lens with or without a case on.  The last thing is not something I would change on the case, but include in the packaging. I would put in a screen protector, it isn’t a must have, but something I look for.  Now when ordering from Seidio you can always add one of their high quality screen protectors to your purchase. As well as an optional holster, I think it was smart to leave the holster out of the equation, because a lot of people are buying this case to be used in their pocket or purse.

Overall Seidio has done a great job. The week and a half I have been using a case it has been great.  And the desktop cradle also works well and it has become a new fixture on my desk.  You can get your own ACTIVE case or Desktop Cradle directly from Seidio.  The ACTIVE case comes in 4 colours as well.  If you are looking at getting the optional holster, grab the combo and save your self some money as well. Please note with the cradle, that it does not include the power/usb cable, but they can optionally be included in your purchase.  Check out more great products from Seidio as well as the ACTIVE case and Desktop Cradle by visiting them at their website.

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