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Another First Image of a BB10 Phone Emerges! (London)

CrackBerry just posted another image of what is supposed to be the BlackBerry London running BB10.  Nothing new is known, but it is nice to see a pic of the device.   If they are trying to capture the North American consumer, it might just work.  To me it looks a lot like the Droid X, or as CrackBerry says, a ‘phonified BlackBerry PlayBook’ .  No news on what the screen is, or what camera’s it is running(yes this is very important to people), but it is rumoured that they are testing  both the TI OMAP5 and Qualcomm chipsets. Supposedly the London is for the UK market with a Laguna and Lisbon model headed possibly earlier to the US for Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. These would ring at around 1.5ghz, so the spinning clock should be a thing of the past.  With this leaking, more will probably arise in the next few days.  Let us know what you think.

Source: CrackBerry


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  1. Game Changing!

  2. Wish they had kept the trackpad and put a steel band around it. Hope they’re still tweeking the design. But this looks better than the first London picture.

  3. Can anyone say Dev Con or MWC slides?

    That design looks very very fully baked


  4. Its hard to really gauge, but, it looks REALLY thin

  5. I like the thinness, almost like the Razr. Not too keen on the all black, like to have had some matte silver and another poster mentioned that the track pad is missing (which I love)… it’d be nice if they kept it, but realize it would look kinda weird on the screen.

    This just looks too much a like a Droid phone with a BB logo on it imo. It’s tall and thin so more like a Droid and Apple phone merged.

  6. Everybody has diff tastes but I really like the all black and honestly given that I have the same reception issues with my new 9930 as with the old one I say although the metal looks good, it might be a fail. It’s def a fail on the iPhone (death grip).

    Nokia ditched any metal on the lumia 900 and brags about reception it could be that metal just doesn’t work well on a mobile phone.

    Love it, if the screen is amoled dark dark black and it’s really this think I’d say they nailed it. If the touch typing on OS2 is good I might just ditch my wait for the keyboard version and go with this.

    Also….. no trackpad.

  7. Hey, guys….Just imagine this will FULL TAT goodness. Awesome!!!

    I hope the new UI is also minimal, very scandinavian… love that style.

  8. Looks awesome. Still insisting on a QWERTY keyboard so I’ll be holding on to my 9900 till the FULL lineup arrives!

  9. why do people believe this stuff? they just keep releasing these ‘exclusives’ that never pan out. It looks like BGR and CB are going back and forth pumping out fake news. I’d bet money this phone is never released and we never officially hear the name london. It could be half a year before we actually see anything. RIM is obviously going to release a full-screen device at some point, watch the blog sites and how they will say ‘so this is how the london ended up after tweaks’. So lame

    • Chill, we deserve to be happy once in a while.

      • I’m sorry but it just pains me to see this. I don’t know how this doesn’t hit people in the face. Measure the height of the phone from top to bottom then compare it to the one lying on its side. It should be sticking way out behind the standing one. Its sad CB puts its name to this. Don’t think these ‘leaks’ help RIM in away, sure helps blog sites with hits.

        • The phone on it’s side does look stretched and also I think London is likely a code name, so the odds on this being real might be fairly low. However, we know the phone is supposed to be essentially a playbook so it is interesting to see different takes on what it might be.

          On the sticking out behind, that doesn’t bother me. Advertisers wouldn’t think twice about cutting the image out if they thought it wasn’t pleasing to the eye.

          My guess. This is an early prototype marketing slide aimed at internally discussing how the device might be marketed. Hence the London name.

          On the leaks helping RIM. I’d say not much can hurt RIM these days.

  10. it probably also has to deal with seeing how people react to the leak. The original leak with the silver ends and more drastic edges didnt get too great of press. In this newer leak all of those are missing and got better reviews. just my thought but either way im buying it

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