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SNES Emulator on the PlayBook in Action!!!

I grew up playing SNES. It started with MarioWorld and MarioKart and moved into Super Punch Out, StarFox, Street Fighter 2, and UN Squadron. Needless to say, as soon as I found out this SNES emulator was available for PlayBook, I sprinted for my PC, PB, and USB cable to get the retro goodness rolling! I chose UN Squadron as my first screenshot because it is a less well known game that I absolutely LOVE. Sidescrolling airplane fighting action with awesome upgrades and lots of challenging levels. I highly recommend it.

I already had the DDPB installer ready to go on my PC, so getting my favorite SNES games on my PlayBook was as simple as this:

  1. Connect the PlayBook to the PC via USB
  2. Start development mode on the PlayBook
  3. Frantically find SNES roms for my fave games of all time (found them all here, but google can tell you more I’m sure)
  4. Download the .bar file
  5. Open the DDPB installer
  6. Click scan and enter your password
  7. Add the .bar file (
  8. Click install and wait for it to complete
  9. Find the icon on your PlayBook, open it and allow file access
  10. Add all your favorite roms (.smc files) to the roms folder on your PlayBook
  11. Enjoy hours of SNES awesomeness wherever you tote your PlayBook!!!

Here are some more screenshots of my favorite SNES classics. Let us know what you load up!

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  1. super punchout here i come

    • Such an awesome game. I also just loaded Top Gear 2, Contra 3, and TMNT 4. I am loving this emulator.

      I tweaked the button setup a bit to allow for the thumb roll (running and jumping in MarioWorld for instance). To do this I just moved the x and y buttons closer together.

      I also moved the d-pad and abxy group up a bit to make room for L and R right under and to the left of the abxy group. This makes for easier access to L and R for Street Fighter heavy hits.

      • How do you move the buttons closer together? lack of thumbroll is killing me in MegaMan X2

        • If you haven’t figured it yet, here is how:

          draw your finger from the top to the middle of your tablet and the image will become grey-ish except for the buttons which you can move. You can continue playing by doing the same gesture. However, when you’ll restart the application, the buttons will be at the default places.

  2. Any idea if there is a Gensis\Megadrive emulator yet? We didnt have the SNES over here, only the Megadrive. Mis Sonic and Echo, ooo.. loved quack shot! heeh

  3. where do I get games?

  4. Thanks Jay! I showed this post to my son last night and he was thrilled.

    Instructions were easy to follow and he had a great time playing the games as it brought him back to his childhood… 🙂 Not that he’s that far out of his childhood! LOL.

  5. Just read this:
    Ryan_LR Ryan Robinson
    Chrono Trigger on my #PlayBook through the SNES emulator! So awesome. Who needs the Android emulator when you have SNES?
    31 Jan
    Retweeted by BlackBerryDev

  6. awesome. It would’ve been good idea if the article mentioned where to find the rom directory on the PB. I’ve found “snes9x-pb” in “misc” folder.

    – not possible to save game at this time
    – no game list screen to quickly select the game you wanted to play. you must cycle through each game to get to what you want.

    Same story for the NES emulator on PB. I’m really happy to see working emulators on PB (although not natively).

  7. Kind of new to this. How to I get the rom files onto my PB?

  8. Please add support that will allow us to use bluetooth controller instead of touchscreen (i.e. PS3 six axis, Gametel’s Gamepad, etc.)
    I’d like an option to hide the touchscreen controller if I play with the regular controller in hand.


  9. Chuck:
    either plug the USB cable to the PB and wait for the computer to assign a drive letter to it.
    use wifi file sharing

    copy ROM files to:


    create the directory if it doesn’t already exist. You need to make sure the emulator are installed first though.

  10. I had been working on an NES emulator on the QNX RTOS 16 years ago. The inter process communication system of the microkernel is perfect for multithreaded emulator design. Can’t wait to see native emulators on my playbook.

  11. Anynone knows how we can save the game?

  12. @David: install the latest version and you’ll see the save/load option

  13. @Arlanda sorry but do you know where can I get the latest version? Thanks!!

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