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RIM’s New CEO, Thorsten Heins, Managing COO –> CEO Transition Smoothly

Thorsten Heins RIM

I have to give RIM’s new CEO and President some serious credit for managing the transition from Jim Balisillie and Mike Lazaridis. Both Jim and Mike had a big hand in making RIM what it is today but out of nowhere we have Thorsten Heins taking the reins as if all three of them were planning this all along. Heins is doing a great job of staying on message with the media and analysts while assuming the new role at RIM. He has even been reaching out to Kevin @CrackBerry to extend his message to the whole BlackBerry user base with a pumped up phone interview.

I am really excited to see what Heins brings to the table at RIM. From what I have heard over the years there was definitely a need for a “Buck stops here” management figure after RIM’s previous COO stepped down. Hopefully Heins can continue on that track along with some solid follow up and clear directions and marching orders for the RIM employees cooking up the next generation of BlackBerry experiences.

Anybody else excited?

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  1. I think he’s do just fine…the analysts/media who think he will just be a puppet can think what they want…hasn’t stopped RIM yet.

  2. Absolutely, the future of RIMM looks well taken care. Here are some things I would like to see Heins do:

    – Bring back the other convienance key (Not as a dedicated button to open just BBM)
    – Leave the trackpad in place, please don’t remove it on future devices.
    – No more hourglass (Blackberry Freeze) on all future devices.
    – Please don’t reduce battery life or make the camera worse just to make the device thinner. Like the moto goes ” No Compromises.” The critics shouldn’t have anything to complain about.

    BTW, Ronen you letter S on Smoothly.

  3. Big time.

    From all the interviews to specially the crackberry interview, he is not only saying the right things, but, I believe him when he says it.

    There is truth and honesty in his voice.

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