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BlackBerry PlayBook Prices Back to $199 (16GB) $249 (32GB) & $299 (64GB)

PlayBook sale again

Turns out that the price/sale change we noticed earlier today was not a mistake. RIM has corrected the dates bringing the sale back to what it was before they brought the price to $299 across the board. They are now back to selling the 16GB PlayBook for $199, 32GB PlayBook for $249, and the 64GB PlayBook for $299. This is all in the lead in to the PlayBook OS 2.0 launch along with a new PlayBook in the works with a faster processor speed.

Check out the deal on ShopBlackBerry. No coupons necessary this time! Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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  1. While shopblackberry is listing this as a sale price/expiry date, both Future Shop and Best Buy are showing $199/$249/$299 as the new regular retail price for an indefinite term, not a sale price.

  2. Guess that makes my ebay screamin’ deal not so great. My Best Buy isn’t even carrying PlayBook in store anymore. All accessories were on clearance as well.

    Why do I feel like I’ve been conned…

  3. So I was wanting an inexpensive tablet to just surf the web, go to Face Book and some forums when I go to lunch from work, so I ordered a 16GB, referb playbook for $169 bucks, now they are $199 new. Im wondering if I did the right thing now. Should have it in a couple day. I hope im pleased with it. There is a 30 day return policy with BestBuy, so I guess im covered. Any opinions on the price?

  4. laura: Where I was seeing the new list price was the Canadian Best Buy /Future Shop websites, it might be different elsewhere or could be incorrect.

    chrisF: Personally i’d say you paid a very reasonable price and you purchased for all the right reasons: An easily portable web browser that doesn’t freeze up with a good battery life, and while it’s nice if it does something more, there’s no expectation of it.

  5. Thanks for your vote of confidence Chris. I plan on buying something more expensive and capable later, just not right now. Since im new to this device, does anyone know if I can download a movie to it, and play it?

    • The video has to be DRM free for you to either sync or drag and drop into PB from your computer.

      Unless you download directly from on line source.

      Just letting you know.

  6. Don’t misunderstand my above comment… it’s an awesome device, really. I’m extremely happy with it… just could have gotten a better deal waiting. Anyway…

    “Watch videos wherever you go with your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet. Your tablet plays high-resolution videos and supports a variety of video formats, such as AVI, ASF, Fv4, MP4, and WMV.”

    Good info here, too:

  7. RIM must have an updated PlayBook in the works that will soon be out! They must really need to clear out the old stock!

    I would have thought the prices of the existing PlayBook would drop once the new one is out, but it looks like they want to continue the hot sales! Getting more PlayBooks in the hands of consumers and developers cannot be bad!

  8. Thanks PB Forever, I dont mind purchasing or renting legally, question is, is there a way to do it legally? Are there apps for it?

    • ChrisF, yes there is as long as you own the DVDs personally, PM me and I’ll send you the link to the site I downloaded my software from. It’s not a spam or a scam 🙂 so don’t worry and it works great. I ripped two movies onto my computer and synced it up to my PB before I went on my vacation. It worked great.

      • Do I need to join a forum to PM you? I recieved an email from best buy on my order, telling me its back ordered, and may not recieve it for a couple weeks. If the price on new ones has droped, why does Best Buys web site still have the higher prices?

        • Just click on the PM under the reply and that’ll put you on private message email to me.

          Best Buy most likely doesn’t keep a lot of them in stock and just order based upon customers coming in and asking for it like you do. Probably the best way and fastest is to directly order from Rim. And I’m not sure why Best Buy would have the higher price.

          I ordered mine from and got delivery in three days time via Fedex. I’m pretty sure if you order directly from Blackberry you’ll get the deal price and they didn’t charge for shipping, just the regular taxes for your state/province.

          • I did that and it took me to the berry forums. Went to the link, nice website, I can buy straight from there, nice! Now im wondering if I should just spend a little more and go 32GB, or just wait for my 16GB referb from BB, decisions decisions! Is 16GB that small, that I would fill it up that quick with videos, pics, movies? Any opinions?

  9. Ok, got it working, I registered.

  10. Drop price will not bring in buyer if the new os can’t support android app.

    I think blackberry should provide a way to automatically pack android app from android marketplace to blackberry marketplace. And at least have a plan to attract or award
    android developer to port over their apps. Rim is making the same mistake by assuming people will like and support their new os. Rim never understand they can’t stay at home and wait for develop to bring their app to them. They need do something other than just give a os ready for android app.

    Gary from

  11. I noticed that dropped the price of the 16 GB model to $199, just this morning. With free shipping and no tax, I had to cave.

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